Universal May Go With Blu-ray & More News on IGN PS3 Podcast

On the IGN Play B3yond podcast it was stated right at 7 minutes 15 seconds that Universal studios is reconsidering their stance on HD DVD and are considering going Blu-ray. They also discuss other PlayStation topics such as Paramounts decision is a mistake, Madden issues, what should be included in Home, Upcoming Lair Review, Call of Duty 4 PS3 version vs 360 version, God Of War 3,& more.

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nomuken3806d ago

Well if this happens HD DVD is DEAD.

Hatchetforce3806d ago

Ha. I stated earlier in one of the other Paramount threads to watch for Sony to go after Universal hard. I am guessing they did.

cdzie13806d ago

Universal has been HD DVD’s biggest supporter, releasing over 100 titles on the format. Their corporate vice presidents have been open that they remain committed to the HD DVD format. Not to mention these guys had other facts wrong.

Bottom line: these guys don’t know what they’re talking about… forget it..

Rageanitus3806d ago

But all that is needed is Warner brother to go exclusive one side.

Warner brothers is the juggernaut of movies.

Omegasyde3805d ago

I don't think Universal will just jump sides and only got with Blue-ray. THey will go neutral like Warner Bros perhaps? Its a win win for the consumer but a loss for HDDVD. Universal then could re-release the movies in Blu-ray and more money.

Its all about the "scrill".

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EZCheez3806d ago

If (and that's a gigantic if) this is a possibility then it really is the only news that could possibly upstage the Paramount announcement.

I really doubt it though because i'm pretty sure some of the senior guys that work at Universal are also heads in the HD-DVD Association.

However, it would really, really kick ass. For me, that is.

Siesser3806d ago

Yeah, I thought Universal was strongly entrenched into HD-DVD. It would be great if they went both ways though, because Universal is the one studio who's lack of support affects me. Not because of their movies, mind you, but because NBC is Universal. I want HEROES.

LeonSKennedy4Life3805d ago

Heroes is good...

But who really cares when Blu-ray gets LOST???

ReBurn3805d ago

I don't watch Lost. But I do watch Heroes.

Optimus Prime3805d ago

HEROS! love that show. only one more month till that show starts back up, its going to be delightful. while we have to wait for lost to start next spring... sheese.

Bloodmask3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

"HD DVD is the most recognized brand name worldwide for high definition packaged media and we now have a strong group of companies behind it, from hardware manufacturers to studios and distributors."

Ken Graffeo, Executive VP, HD Strategic Marketing, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Hatchetforce3806d ago

Xbox Will, old as dirt. Welcome to the town of Yesterday's news.

Xbox 360 Will3806d ago

so that when Universal goes Blu-ray you won't cry as much!

Hatchet your comment is not even worth a response.

Hatchetforce3806d ago

Xbox Will,

You say my comment isn't worth a response...yet you gave it one. How nice.

Ri0tSquad3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

What the hell is HD DVD? Lmfao years down the road ppl are going to be saying that. But I can understand why ppl feel the need to protect it and bash on blu ray because if it fails it becomes a paperweight basically 200 bucks wasted. Even if Blu ray loses its name will still live on for about 10+ years by PS3. But when blu ray wins well then gamers basically win seeing that all M$ has to do is make a blu ray add on for about 200 bucks.

Gizmo_Logix3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Did you miss the point of that "old" link, completely?

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s8anicslayer3806d ago

thats a nice stab in the back by universal, i saw a post on another site that mgm was going blueray, being that mgm universal is together it would make sense on universals part!

Fighter3806d ago

Sony owns rights to MGM, that is why Bond was made by Sony pictures after they purchased MGM a year or two ago. I THINK Sony sold MGM to Fox right after but still own certain MGM rights.

Omegasyde3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

um big poppa .. Sony owns like a giant stake in MGM. MGM has been exclusive already and is one side that can't switch sides.