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Submitted by drtysouf21 3091d ago | podcast

Universal May Go With Blu-ray & More News on IGN PS3 Podcast

On the IGN Play B3yond podcast it was stated right at 7 minutes 15 seconds that Universal studios is reconsidering their stance on HD DVD and are considering going Blu-ray. They also discuss other PlayStation topics such as Paramounts decision is a mistake, Madden issues, what should be included in Home, Upcoming Lair Review, Call of Duty 4 PS3 version vs 360 version, God Of War 3,& more. (Culture, Industry, PS3, Tech)

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nomuken  +   3091d ago
Well if this happens HD DVD is DEAD.
Hatchetforce  +   3091d ago
Ha. I stated earlier in one of the other Paramount threads to watch for Sony to go after Universal hard. I am guessing they did.
cdzie1  +   3091d ago
Universal has been HD DVD’s biggest supporter, releasing over 100 titles on the format. Their corporate vice presidents have been open that they remain committed to the HD DVD format. Not to mention these guys had other facts wrong.

Bottom line: these guys don’t know what they’re talking about… forget it..
Rageanitus  +   3091d ago
nope Im a big fan of blu-ray
But all that is needed is Warner brother to go exclusive one side.

Warner brothers is the juggernaut of movies.
Omegasyde  +   3091d ago
I don't think Universal will just jump sides and only got with Blue-ray. THey will go neutral like Warner Bros perhaps? Its a win win for the consumer but a loss for HDDVD. Universal then could re-release the movies in Blu-ray and more money.

Its all about the "scrill".
EZCheez  +   3091d ago
If (and that's a gigantic if) this is a possibility then it really is the only news that could possibly upstage the Paramount announcement.

I really doubt it though because i'm pretty sure some of the senior guys that work at Universal are also heads in the HD-DVD Association.

However, it would really, really kick ass. For me, that is.
Siesser  +   3091d ago
Yeah, I thought Universal was strongly entrenched into HD-DVD. It would be great if they went both ways though, because Universal is the one studio who's lack of support affects me. Not because of their movies, mind you, but because NBC is Universal. I want HEROES.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   3091d ago
Heroes is good...

But who really cares when Blu-ray gets LOST???
ReBurn  +   3090d ago
I care.
I don't watch Lost. But I do watch Heroes.
Optimus Prime  +   3090d ago
HEROS! love that show. only one more month till that show starts back up, its going to be delightful. while we have to wait for lost to start next spring... sheese.
Bloodmask  +   3091d ago
"HD DVD is the most recognized brand name worldwide for high definition packaged media and we now have a strong group of companies behind it, from hardware manufacturers to studios and distributors."

Ken Graffeo, Executive VP, HD Strategic Marketing, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
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Xbox 360 Will  +   3091d ago
Companies change their mind
Hatchetforce  +   3091d ago
Xbox Will, old as dirt. Welcome to the town of Yesterday's news.
Bloodmask  +   3091d ago
Companies do change their mind
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Xbox 360 Will  +   3091d ago
Bloodmask I'm glad you know
so that when Universal goes Blu-ray you won't cry as much!

Hatchet your comment is not even worth a response.
Hatchetforce  +   3091d ago
Xbox Will,

You say my comment isn't worth a response...yet you gave it one. How nice.
Ri0tSquad  +   3091d ago
What the hell is HD DVD? Lmfao years down the road ppl are going to be saying that. But I can understand why ppl feel the need to protect it and bash on blu ray because if it fails it becomes a paperweight basically 200 bucks wasted. Even if Blu ray loses its name will still live on for about 10+ years by PS3. But when blu ray wins well then gamers basically win seeing that all M$ has to do is make a blu ray add on for about 200 bucks.
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Gizmo_Logix  +   3091d ago
Did you miss the point of that "old" link, completely?
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s8anicslayer  +   3091d ago
thats a nice stab in the back by universal, i saw a post on another site that mgm was going blueray, being that mgm universal is together it would make sense on universals part!
Fighter  +   3091d ago
MGM was purchased by Sony pictures
Sony owns rights to MGM, that is why Bond was made by Sony pictures after they purchased MGM a year or two ago. I THINK Sony sold MGM to Fox right after but still own certain MGM rights.
Omegasyde  +   3091d ago
um big poppa .. Sony owns like a giant stake in MGM. MGM has been exclusive already and is one side that can't switch sides.
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mccomber  +   3091d ago
I'll go ahead and continue to not hold my breath on this rumour. Not as persistent as the MGS4 on 360 stories, but just about as likely at this point.
gsx-r  +   3091d ago
Well well well....
the plot thickens... ;)
Xbox is the BEST  +   3091d ago
Ahhh NO!!!
Sovannah Phum  +   3091d ago
can't wait to watch eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and other countless universal classics on bluray! if this rumor is true.
KeMoBLUE  +   3091d ago
of cousre they'll go blu-ray
they realize how succesful blu-ray is not by getting paid by the blu-ray group unlike the HD DVD group which had to pay for paramount exclusivity.
spammy_nooo  +   3091d ago
i've noticed that on the paramount thread, many people were complaining about the situation. this one on the other had has people cheering in general.

i wonder if this represents the 'wars' situation at all?
Rooftrellen  +   3091d ago
I've made pro-bluray statements that get double digit agrees, but when I make a pro-HD DVD statement, it gets about as many disagrees.

I think all that says is that because PS3 comes with bluray, anyone who buys a PS3 will have a reason to defend bluray, even though HD DVD is cheaper for those of us who don't have a lot of money to throw at movies, and generally people agree that HD DVD has a slight edge in picture quality, though its not much.

What people don't realize is that such a huge show of emotion over their format will draw people away from it.

After what I've seen in the last 24 hours, I can safely say I will never own a bluray player, even if it wins the format war, because I'm not ready to dedicate my life to defending my format, as seems to be the custom when you get a bluray player.
Omegasyde  +   3091d ago
please jusitify how HDDVD has a slight edge is picture quality? Especually when they are both are 1080p and support Deeper black and Super White?

No offence but its sounds like a Cloudy statement. I need proof. THey are almost equal except that HDDVD has more extra options. Also prices of movies are about the same from 20-25~. The only price difference is the player. But once you get over that, wouldn't you stick with the format with more movie selections?

Honestly if the situation was switched and Tosiba and Sony switched places, I would go with HD-DVD because its bigger and has more movie options.
Fighter  +   3091d ago
I don't think it will happen but I wish it would
I would love to own the upcoming 'Battlestar Galactica mini series and Season 1' coming this holiday season but it will only be an HD-DVD exclusive.
The Dude  +   3091d ago
Article title is wrong
Its sony considering moving to HD-DVD. Wouldn't that be great to see sony supporting HD-DVD like Paramount and Disney soon. I can't wait for sony's HD-DVD announcement.

@Xbox 360 Will
What a dumb @ss you posted the same links to all HD format news today. You are a fanboy loser. Maybe you could post something besides the same links all over n4g if you weren't such an ignorant @ss.
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NextGen24Gamer  +   3091d ago
The day Sony announces releasing movies on HD dvd.....
It will be the funniest day in entertainment history....Not that we would laugh at Sony...Its the ways of the business.....But the way Sony fanboys will react to it will be whats funny. Think about it. LOL....
Xbox 360 Will  +   3091d ago
LOL its funny that you mention that
seeing how Peter Moore and Microsoft said they are considering a Blu-ray add-on drive.

Show me a link where Sony has ever considered HD DVD!
nomuken  +   3091d ago
The Boob
Deal with it! HD DVD is a pointless format...

NextGen24Gamer  +   3091d ago
Universal is HD Dvd's strongest supporter.....
Universal will only go Blu ray when HD dvd is dead.

Its just like Sony going to HD dvd when Blu ray is dead.

What everyone needs to watch out for is Disney/Pixar supporting both or Warner going HD dvd exclusive NEXT.
Fighter  +   3091d ago
I keep hearing about that the whole day
I heard the rumor of Disney going both ways but it's always from Xbox fanboys on this site who provide no proof at all. Can someone provide a link to back that up.
bluegoblin  +   3091d ago
wrong way.
warner is going blue ray next.
Tsukasah  +   3091d ago
Had Paramount pictures not have done HDDVD exclusivity, HDDVD could have been dead within the next few months... that is IF Universal does BluRay of course. Maybe whoever owns HDDVD(Toshiba?) and offered the 150mil to Paramount saw this coming, and wanted the war to be longer? Just an estimate, but seems possible.
Darkiewonder  +   3091d ago
Just give me some HD Movies that doesn't suck please. Because the movies Universal has been putting on Blu-ray has been below average.

Don't mess with the actual good movies [/Opionated]
gsx-r  +   3091d ago
I love the comment on how far behind Paramount is on the technological curve...kind of makes their recent announcement to support HDDVD only make sense...
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Genki  +   3091d ago
Today has probably been the most interesting(not to mention comical) day for this "format war" business
I wonder if this will happen, or rather, how it will happen. Will they go exclusive or multi? Either way, a blow has been dealt to both ends.

It would be funny if they cut a 16 month, 150 million dollar deal with the BDA themselves. Only difference is that they'd have a much broader audience for their content, and would stand to potentially pocket even more millions after that. Paramount may be HD-DVDs last pillar of hope yet...but it remains to be seen.
The Dude  +   3091d ago
To the boob

Deal with it! blu-ray is a pointless format...

RIP blu-ray

The death of blu-ray has begun

I'm picking up an HD-A20 after todays news : )
#19 (Edited 3091d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
MikeGdaGod  +   3091d ago
"I'm picking up an HD-A20 after todays news"
thats seems kinda silly. ur buyin a HD player just because one movie company said they're going with HD DVD? no way..........what about all the studios that are already bluray exclusive?

sorry, but i think ur full of...........
NextGen24Gamer  +   3091d ago
Apple supports blu ray and HD dvd....
Why is this important? Apple and Pixar share the same CEO. Thats where the rumors of Pixar/Disney very possibly supporting both at some point. Disney already has ALL of their movies available for download in FULL HD via Xbox live. That was phase 1. We will see won't we. Should be fun.
The Dude  +   3091d ago
No love from Apple
Howard Stringer publicly attacked Steve Jobs CEO/Chairman of Apple and Pixar/Disney
sony's arrogance has been slowly killing blu-ray.
Xbox 360 Will  +   3091d ago
You 2 are either the same person or
your in love with each other or your boyfriend and boyfriend seeing how you always seem to post right next to each other and right after each other.

Disney won't go HD DVD

Look how recent these stories are.

Official site
shoota33  +   3091d ago
the dude
wow you really have some issues with sony.Something has acually possessed your mind into thinking blu ray s dying lol. I know your this big xbox fanboy and will support anything MS does (HD DVD) but im sorry hd dvd will continue to get spanked by blu ray in sales and soon hd dvd will be dead. theres noting you can say or do about it,deal with it.
jwatt  +   3091d ago
This the way I see it...
Paramount goes HD-dvd exclusive to try and milk as much money from this format war as possible. Sales of HD-DVD rise from titles like Shrek, Transformers, and blades of glory. Athough sales of HD-DVD rises it doesn't make a major impact on BLU-RAY sales. Paramount goes back neutral and we're back to the same spot, but around this time more ps3 consoles enter homes and more cheaper Blu-Ray players are available on the market. Transformers will be a big, big miss for Blu-Ray but people are still going to watch Spiderman 3 and the simpsons Movie.

When Paramount's deal is over and HD-DVD hasn't made much of a impact on Blu-Ray I think the format war will be over. They will go back to selling movies on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray then I would expect them or another major studio to go exclusive Blu-Ray. This deal is HD-dvd's only chance, if they don't get rolling now then it's over.
MK_Red  +   3091d ago
OK, if Universal goes natural after Paramount going HD-DVD, things will go back to a bit more normal situation but Transformers not on Blu-ray!??
Fighter  +   3091d ago
Transformers on HD-DVD?
I thought Speilberg movies were going both ways or is it just Speilberg directed movies? Can someone confirm this? Transformers was produced by Speilberg.
Rageanitus  +   3091d ago
If they state
Paramounts decision is a mistake, man it only shows they are considering going in neutral. Hopefully they take the warner approach, support both formats, and eventually shift over to one side.
gsx-r  +   3091d ago
I think it was the IGN guys stating that it was a mistake for Paramount, not the Universal of the IGN guys used to work for Paramount and says theyre super far behind on the technological curve...
The Dude  +   3091d ago
Are you all mad
@Xbox 360 Will
Todays news got you down. Are you all mad with your panties in a bunch? Disney will go HD-DVD and I can't wait for the article on n4g.

You will be using the upscaling feature in the ps3 more and more.

you in love with nomuken you guys must be lovers. boyfriends always post together f@g

I didnt recycle it I was making fun of you @ss LOL LOL LOL

Have a good night my special little b1tch
#23 (Edited 3091d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
nomuken  +   3091d ago
No they wont
Xbox 360 Will  +   3091d ago
What do i have to be mad about? I own a PS3 for Blu-ray and it upscales Paramount DVD'S!
what i don't like is ignorant, inbred, unintelligent fanboys that are so desperate that they have to lie to everyone and themselves to feel better about themselves. You must be a little punk that gets smacked around in real life and thats why you come on here to try and sound masculine to make yourself feel better. No one believes your lies and the more you make these silly comments the more you make xbox fanboys look bad. Atleast some of your brethren have decent and rational points but you on the other hand are a wannabe who has to resort to low measures just to get attention.

LOL your not even original you had to recyle my comment about you and Elite being boyfriends! Truly pathetic.

LOL now you edited your comment because i called you out on it! Man this just great! LOL. Your really special aren't you! My special little

You can't make fun of someone using the same diss they used on you. Man i really whole heartedly feel sorry for you. You will be in my prayers. And last but not least please don't reproduce!
#23.2 (Edited 3091d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Bloodmask  +   3091d ago
The format war will take years.
But ultimately the first players to be available at a mass market pricepoint will be the victor. Around $100 to $200.

HDDVD will most likely achieve this pricepoint first. Consoles play a part in movie sales but not a major one.

If this was the case all consoles, PCs, and laptops would be counted as DVD players. Obviously most households have a standalone player if not multiple ones.

To note how long format wars can take you need to take into consideration that VHS tapes are still being sold today.
mikeslemonade  +   3091d ago
Shutup you don't know anything. Consoles do play a role. How many PS2s and 360s are out there? 150 million units. Also whoever drops to $200 will lose because any company can drop price. If HD-DVD takes off at $200 then Sony can easily drop the price. Both companys have money to do so. And right now HD-DVD group is losing way more money.
TheExodus  +   3091d ago
Maybe we could actually start reading comments before we respond to them?
Huddymonster  +   3091d ago
Man I hate Paramount
The war was goin g to be over in the next 6 months and now there is no end in sight. Unless Universal goes neutral we might be talking about this format war for a while.

I love though that the games arnt affected I mean 10gb just for sound owns DVD and the xbox!!! Warhawk is 7 days away

EZCheez  +   3090d ago
Back at you!
SHAKE AND BAKE!!!!!!!!!!!
gEnKiE  +   3091d ago
great news if true!!
wow, this will be a kick in the face if this happens. I also think the whole paramount thing is a mistake too but i guess if your desperate like hd-dvd crue, you'll do your best to buy rights to whatever is possible. Too bad i will have to wait till morning to listen to this when i get out of work..... :(
#26 (Edited 3091d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Shaka2K6  +   3091d ago
Looks like a good hear and its from IGN too, so finally a podcast worth listening to.
DEADEND  +   3091d ago
If this is true then its a sure when for BLU-RAY, but most of all this is going to hurt paramount the most for siding with HD-DVD. Now who's going to help HD-DVD if Universal really leaves because both Universal and paramount isn't enough to win this year even if they worked together, and now paramount will be alone with HD-DVD. But I can't say I'm surprised its the best option for Universal to take at this point.
jaehyt  +   3091d ago
You people KILL me!!!
There is not ONE SHRED of actual proof on any of the official releases from anyone (that actually counts) that says anything about Universal swaying from their undying support to HD-DVD. I am in the HD-DVD camp, but I admit there are a lot of movies I would love to own that are Blu-Ray exclusives and I just have to deal with it. Why can't you guys just face facts...even if they were bought, Paramount and Dreamworks now combine with Universal to even up the score for the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray battle. Any fanboys starting rumors about Universal leaving HD-DVD just show how little they are informed.
ktchong  +   3091d ago
If Universal is indeed considering turning its back on HD-DVD
you're not gonna hear it first from the "IGN Play B3yond podcast".

IGN might be a recognizable name in the video gaming industry, but it is not exactly a well-connnected "insider" when it comes to Hollywood.
#29 (Edited 3091d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
power of Green  +   3091d ago
Man this sh*t is getting out of hand why is it so important for the Sony folks to have Blu-ray win and to; so far as to lie and make fictional realities. You still get BD for your games sheesh!.
mikeslemonade  +   3091d ago
I care so Microsoft doesn't have the ability to monopolize everything.
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