Sony Responds to 'Other OS' Lawsuit

Sony's responded to the 'Other OS' lawsuit, but the plaintiffs want the company to turn over internal documents. The fight's heating up as the case makes its way to the courtroom.

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taga7a2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

too late

ps3 is already hacked as we speak

sony got jinxed

HSx92921d ago

shhh the ps3 fanboys will give you disagrees if you have "PS3 and Hacked" in the same sentence.

BLuKhaos2921d ago

You see boys and girls, this is why it's illegal to have sexual intercourse with farm animals. You end up with defective half-breed children like the user directly above me.

MGRogue20172921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Yeah.. I would like it back.

I never got to try it out for myself.. :(

It's definately something that I would have liked to dip my toe into & have a dabble in :P

Anton Chigurh2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Teensy++ will solve all your problems.

dantesparda2921d ago

You can say that again, it is ridiculously slow

HeroXIV2921d ago

It's yellow dog linux. It's not Windows or anything... no use can come of it other than you can use it as a VERY SLOW EEE machine... :\

Anton Chigurh2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I'm sure that Teensy++ can solve this problem too.

Trust me LOLZ

ReBurn2921d ago

Yellow Dog wasn't the only Linux distro for the PS3. I was running Ubuntu when Sony canned support. And it wasn't VERY SLOW as people who never used it are saying. And I know they couldn't have used it, considering nobody installed it, right?

Personally I'm sick of all of the self-righteous people saying that people need to get over it. Tinkering with Linux development is a hobby of mine and personally I liked to see if I could get my little apps to run on the PS3. But whatever, if people want their PS3 to just be a toy then I guess that's up to them. There are plenty of other sandboxes to play in.

fourtwenty20092921d ago

It runs SNES games, it will bring back OtherOS, it promises NTFS and MKV support.

Jailbreak for your PS3, now it really does EVERYTHING.

squallheart2921d ago

What is it with people with mkv support. Ive had that through media server plus the format is horrible. I'd rather have avi or something along those lines any day as it is more compatible.

GodsHand2921d ago

The compression is great on the MKV format, and the picture quality is fantastic too, but I am also a fan of AVI too.

Odin7772921d ago

This sucks for the three people that actually cared about "other os" but apparently nothing illegal took place. Just let this story die already.

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