Amazon Hosts Fall Blowout Gaming Sale

As always, ConsolePress has your back when it comes to gaming deals. The world's largest online retailer is hoping to clear out stock before the onslaught of new games for the upcoming holiday season, and the deals they're hosting are flat-out amazing. But there's an even bigger sale coming in just a few days.

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hiredhelp2888d ago

This not smelling right. why dont you try tumble. resident evil gold. RUSE. thoes games i have play fine on both move and navigation even in the dark. no delays.

TrailerParkSupervisr2888d ago

Remind me not to have you as hired help for any organizational functions I might be engaging in.

s0ph1atr0n2888d ago

Are never really limited. The Limited Edition for Alan Wake is even cheaper than the normal version of the game. Wow.

cb4g2888d ago

... I'm one of the poor saps who bought it for $69.95! Sigh...

Kurt Russell2888d ago

I bought it full price too :(

Enjoyed the game... but could have waited the 2 weeks until its price dropped!

GuruStarr782887d ago


LOL....I could not agree more....people who spend a ton of money on new games are dumb IMHO......unless you know the game is good, has lots of replay value, and is worth the sixty bucks....don't buy into the's a waste of money.....give me your money....I'll put it to better uses.....Gamefly all the way....

Mista T2887d ago

lol, Battlefield Bad Company 2 limited edition comes to mind, it was the only kind you could buy :P

spektical2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

so wat are the games?

nvm lol

UltimateIdiot9112888d ago

I don't see a sale. I see Amazon's normal price on these games.

topgeareasy2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Not related to the sale but cheap games on amazon

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