Epic Mickey Platforming 'Stands Up to Mario'

Warren Spector recently said that Disney Epic Mickey takes inspiration from the likes of Nintendo greats such as Mario and Zelda, which are pretty hard acts to follow.

However, when asked whether Mickey's latest adventure manages to stand up to the little plumber in terms of its platforming levels, producer Raul Ramirez responded positively.

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NYC_Gamer2712d ago

really huge claim right here..

chazjamie2712d ago

too bad mario is on such a horse. i am pretty sure one mickey mouse game isnt going to cause any trouble.

SpoonyRedMage2712d ago

Eh, it's not as bad as it might seem from the title... I don't think he sound confrontational.

tiamat52712d ago

Off topic. Epic Mickey would make a great Move game. It is accurate enough to draw and erase with and the bulb can change colour depending which ever your using. On topic. Saying your, game that hasn't been released yet, is better than a popular game is not very wise. It raises expectations for the game that may not be fulfilled dragging down your game. Be careful

DA_SHREDDER2712d ago

It wouldn't be hard to figure out what version most people would get if it was on HD consoles. Id get the Move version without even blinking.

A Cupcake for Gabe2712d ago

I am begging for this game to hit PS3 via Move. Not just for the HD and Trophies but the fact this game is way to deep for kids. No one under 20 would probably understand 75% of the nostalgia in this game, so outsider JP I think this game will fail. PS3 is such a greater choice. So please Warren the adult hardcore fans of Disney are here gaming on PS3. Just like we are waiting for Kingdom Hearts III, we wait for your Epic game to hit our console.

Seferoth752712d ago

You have the answer to why it isnt on PS3 already dude.Not many people under the age of 20 would get a lot of the things they are showing in the game.

Just looking at your name, avatar and the reasons behind it, it is hard to take you seriously about the PS3 being a mainly adult console when you yourself are not.

AWBrawler2711d ago

wasn't this game getting called kiddy and gay like just 2 months ago, by the HD crowd

MexicanAppleThief2712d ago

Shame this isn't coming to PS360. I think this would have went down a storm as a downloadable title.

Baka-akaB2712d ago

i doubt it's such a small title to be released as a mere xbla/psn titles (even though psn had a few full "retail" sized games)

nickjkl2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

little big planet might not be as big as mickey or mario but its a really good platformer

or should i say platform for games

with little big planet 2

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