Move Day 1: Not Too Impressed, but Hopeful

It’s a bit of a delay for us to jump into the Move fun, but Sony ran out of units to send us so we had to wait it out for launch to get a unit. Well I finally got Move in my hands after trading in some old games, and decided to jump right into it. I must say I was quite excited after hearing all the positive reviews and getting a quick hands on experience with the game during E3. I wasn’t nearly as excited as a new console coming out, but either way I ripped open that box and jumped right in. Sadly this is where the excitment ended.

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Motorola2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

U dont need a huge room, I stood 4 - 5 feet in front of the Eye without a problem

Soldierone2680d ago

Im standing about 5 feet, its reasonable but you cant move at all or the camera stops tracking it.

fooltheman2679d ago

is the camera in wide position?

gaffyh2679d ago

Still gonna get it myself and give it a go. Luckily I probably do have enough room in front of my TV.