TGS 2010: Seven Minutes of Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll Gameplay

From Tecmo Koei's booth during the Tokyo Game Show.

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jack_burt0n2681d ago

If the new lord of the rings, is this but with loads of loot, customisation and online MP it should be great.

and if japanese gamers are happy to buy 400k copies of that capcom hack and slash then this should be appealing too.

sinncross2681d ago

I'm liking the speed of he game: seems fast and fluid.

If they can get co-op (either off or online) then that would be doubly awesome!

raztad2681d ago

fast and fluid sounds like 60fps to me. Combat looks promising, if the story is good we have a winner.

-Ikon-2681d ago

Chalk up another exclusive

zatrox2681d ago

I actually like how this one looks.

Kain812681d ago

This one i will buy...Sure!

2681d ago
RedPawn2681d ago

This is classic, crisp and what's needed from Japanese companies.

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The story is too old to be commented.