Sony Has Won The Console War In Terms Of Quality, The Proof Is Here HHGS 9/19/10

1. Bayonetta 2 To Feature A Co-op Mode Called Twin Sister
2. Square Developing A Title Based Off Sephiroth's Story Of Final Fantasy 7?
3. Halo: Reach Review 9/10
4. Lucho Libra Wrestling - Interview

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NYC_Gamer2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

everyone with common sense can agree...PS3 offers the best quality/variety of exclsuives...but N4G stock-holders rather have sales data instead of games..


of course they do its sales that drive business.

diatom2738d ago

and good games that drive gamers..

Information Minister2738d ago

Do you play games for fun or for business? Bobby Kotick would love to know.

Sarcasm2738d ago

It's true that sales drive business but should never be at the cost of quality. Unfortunately people like Kotick exist and is out there to milk and farm as much money as possible.

BattleAxe2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

@ Mr.lookingbill,

Shut up...


A very well put together piece. PS3 is blowing away the competition to the point that its just laughable that anyone would say otherwise.

My clear second choice for a platform is non other then STEAM. Third Choice is the PSP, followed by the Wii, and then the 360. But since MS will probably release most of the HALO and GEoW games on GFWL at some point, that pretty well nullifies the 360 for me.

DigitalRaptor2738d ago

"PS3 is blowing away the competition to the point that its just laughable that anyone would say otherwise."


ozps32738d ago

As a consumer, PS3 and Sony provides value for money all round home entertainment that other consoles don't.

nix2738d ago

everyone knows that. only the blind ones don't want to believe it.

Kurt Russell2738d ago

PS3 is definitely best value for money, but it isn't the definitive console to own... you still need to own multiple consoles if you don't want to miss out on any quality titles.

Weaksauce11382738d ago

If you pigeon hole your arguement you can find any victory. Playstation 3 has won this generation in terms of alphabetically.

Treyb3yond2738d ago

Although sales are important, games are the most important to us. People need to realise that sales do no=quality. They are very separate.

outrageous2737d ago

Sony is at the bottom for a reason and that's because it's not a very good console with alot of identity issues...they're motto says it all..." it only does everything "...the part they forgot was the part about not doing any one thing games made on the 360 are the highest selling games on the PS3...Hmmm...wonder why???

M$, starting last gen, had a vision for the future...a future M$ is dragging Sony into kicking and screaming. Sony has made numerous mistakes this gen and for a while many in the industry was worried Sony would not recover from. Not many companies could sustain the MASSIVE loss of money ( billions ) Sony suffered this gen.

In terms of quality, M$ is the only system to offer the best of both worlds. Best on line, controller and OS. Best line up of games both exclusive and multi-plat. Now with the most advanced add on ever in gaming releasing in November...KINECT. Windows phone 7 coming shortly as well with XBL connectivity and a return to PC gaming with rumors of ALL M$ published games going to the like PGR, Gears, AW, All Rare games, Crackdown, Fable, Forza, and the big one Halo.

Sony continues to sit around waiting for M$ to come up with the ideas and software to implement them ( cough..Netflix..cough )and now in there wisdom thinks a new 3DTV is in order with glasses that cost $150 a pop...O_o...I wonder how that Toshiba 3Dtv is gonna be received next year...NO GLASSES NEEDED...Oops.

You like your PS3...fine. I'm not happy with the $600 ( when I bought it ) behemoth. Where are all the games we were promised??? Why would I want to buy PS2 games like ICO at full price when they should be FREE with backwards compatibility.

IcarusOne2737d ago

::shakes his head and walks away::

AAACE52737d ago

Any other time, people hate HHG! But for some reason, they don't mind him this time... I'll never understand it!

oldjadedgamer2737d ago


"most advanced add-on ever"

Just saying that every new add on to anything is always more advanced than anything old. Common sense.

This 2010 car is so much more advanced than my 2003. Well Duh.

DigitalRaptor2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

"Sony NUMBER 3....4 a reason..."

Xbox 360 launched a year (and a half) earlier than PS3 and it's only a laughable 3 million ahead with this in mind. You can call that an excuse all you want, but it's the undisputable truth. I wonder what the better selling console is. Hmmm.

"Sony is at the bottom for a reason and that's because it's not a very good console with alot of identity issues...they're motto says it all..." it only does everything "...the part they forgot was the part about not doing any one thing"

Not a good console, yet the games have become increasingly better year after year, and are some of the highest rated and enjoyable experiences this generation?

"Not many companies could sustain the MASSIVE loss of money ( billions ) Sony suffered this gen."

Bwahahahah. You do realise, Sony is a bigger company than Microsoft. They are both multi-BILLION dollar corporations. Do you really think Sony's losses this gen did anything they couldn't sustain? What a joke!

"In terms of quality, M$ is the only system to offer the best of both worlds. Best on line, controller and OS. Best line up of games both exclusive and multi-plat."

*clears throat*
More polished online service? Yes. PSN only lacks a couple of features that XBL has, and you're telling me that's worth $60?

Best controller? That your opinion, and only your opinion. In fact I would say it's only better for shooters but then again it's personal preference. Has the Xbox controller won any awards? No. Has the DualShock 3? I think so!

Great Xbox 360 has a user-friendly OS. Some people prefer the simple functionality of the XMB, but as I said, it's personal preference. But hey at least PS3 owners don't need to look at dashboard ads.

Best lineup of games? Yeah, if you only like shooters.
You're seriously telling me that the 360 has a better lineup of games right now and going into 2011? you MUST be on crack or has some serious mental delusion.

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dangert122738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

We don't need to be told at all,
This Gen made me realise SONY don't fuck about

and thats not just when it comes to consoles

iammason2738d ago

Their cell phones are shit IMO.

fooltheman2738d ago

that eriksons faulth not sony's lol

Beefstew4u2738d ago

The new Xperia X10 ain't a bad phone... but it is a girl phone.

killershadow1172738d ago

Is that why they are ripping off the Wii?

TEFL0N_D0N_812738d ago

Watching movies in the theater in 3D makes you want it at home.. Right... cuz I always wanted to see Mrs. Doubtfire at home in 3D. If they're only releasing a dozen movies in 3D per year, I'm not going to waste any money on that crap.

Games in 3D? It'll be make or break for me with KZ3.

insomnium2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I remember you guys being the worst of x360 fanboys at one time in 2006ish or 2007ish iirc. You get a ton of respect with comments like these.

I'm a Sony fan or a PS fan to be precise. I love good games and good tech. Last gen I wasn't around (didn't have the internet) but if I had been I would've stood by the xbox since I love that console. I doubt MS was this annoying (and backstabbing, greedy sob) back then. They clearly had a vision with the xbox but it was too early for standard HDD on consoles. Way too expensive.

Why am I telling you this? Hell if I know LOL! I just felt like it I guess....

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Seferoth752738d ago

Best quality? LOL fanboy comment.

Quality sales like crap? It must because few games on PS3 sale at all.

Oh well you kids continue to live in your happy fanboy land where 3rd place is first.

Just shows which gamers are gamers and which ones are pathetic losers looking for any excuse to justify their purchase...

Notice 360 and Wii owners don't have to have weekly articles to convince them they made the right choice...

Denethor_II2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Someone can't afford a PS3. It's okay its not your fault.
Edit: When you type 'sales like crap', do you mean sells?

Seijoru2738d ago

Most big name PS3 exclusives hit the 2 mil mark you troll.

thebudgetgamer2738d ago

when the gamcube was not selling at 99 bucks did you not enjoy regardless?

cliffbo2738d ago

Sef, do you realize how stupid comments like that makes you look? when you think something that is inferior is better, that's a fanboy, when you know that something is better because it is, that's just fact

LogicalFanboy2738d ago

"Just shows which gamers are gamers and which ones are pathetic losers looking for any excuse to justify their purchase..." ps3 gamers are the ones with the QUALITY games to play, xbox gamers are the ones who plays sales all day who needs to look at how well a medicore game like Halo Reach sold just to justify their purchase

thebudgetgamer2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

where does that put me?

dont be mean.

Information Minister2738d ago

A gamer that is a gamer that is a pathetic loser that at least knows how to spell properly?

anticooper2738d ago

ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .....! tsk tsk little child why are you not in bed dreaming about the ps3 you cant afford.

Areeb112738d ago

we're getting told by guy with sales charts as profile picture.
and yes there are no 360 articles pointing to sales justification;
that's partly because everyone's obsessed with Halo: Reach-Around and how its teh best gam3s evar!!!!

Areeb112738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )


ChickeyCantor2738d ago

ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h .....! tsk tsk little child why are you not in bed dreaming about the ps3 you cant afford."

O come on, the only reason you have a PS3 is because your mom bought you one.
(See how that works?)

morganfell2738d ago

3rd place? You might want to have that remark bronzed and put on a plaque because with Sony only 3 million behind and having just announced they are ahead of their curve to hit 15 million this fiscal year then do the math. That means they have sold over 7.5 million in 6 months.

I love guys like you that talk about 3rd place when you are only months away from landing in said spot.

MaximusPrime2738d ago

3rd place?

i never heard of that here in Europe.

PS3 is 1st here as well as rest of world. only North America is hard to crack for Sony. Thus remaining 3rd place overthere.

iPad2738d ago

You're obviously not a real gamer.

jambabie692738d ago

anticooper- seferoth has been on this site a good while, and i am pretty sure he paid 250 for his wii, and since the ps3 has been 300 dollars for over a year, i am willing to bet he could afford one.

hell anyone can afford one with a minimum wage job, or less lol.

anticooper, this isn't 2006 anymore, ps3's aren't 600 bones. truth be told your parents bought you yours, and let me guess you got a slim one, the cheap one??? just an fyi i paid 399 for mine, and back in 07 i paid 399 for a 40 gig. i also paid 399 for my 360.

funny how sony fanboys think NO ONE CAN AFFORD A PS3, they are cheap! i mean aren't you guys the same ones that claim " it's got the most value" so wouldn't that mean it's cheap....especially for it's features?

the hypocrisy is amazing on here. :)

look at den_uk another one............-rolls eyes-, and thinks these sony boys need games to play. thing is when gt5 comes out, they will still be on n4g 24-7, just like now, aren't you guys suppose to be playing with your move?

cause in a bit i sure will be playing halo reach.

you all have a good night spewing non sense and delivering your hate, and talking up sony so you can sleep well tonight. lol


aceitman2738d ago

and 4 million behind and catching ps3 will come and catch and pass 360 from here on out watch

N4g_null2738d ago

So I learned something today girls who bought wiifit have more money than sony fanboys. Seriously if they do get second after 4 years that will still be hilarious lol sorry. You guys are bragging about second place a quity no one wants to buy. Your getting a little silly now.

Cut your loses and care about your games no one is going to buy your system just because you like it so chill out. Stop attacking the systems in front of you.

Sure you like it but stop attacking your fellow game fans. You are not getting any new fans. You are just making your system niche.

N4g_null2738d ago

@aceitman come on it's a year lead and it 4 almost 5 years later. The wii pasted it the first year. What is stopping the ps3? It's been cheap for a year now? And the quality oh my the quality it's like the cell can end wars or some thing!

Sony should just make a box called quailty and sell it. I think that would sell better than it's exclusives.

Come on Sony fanboys buy some damn games and go buy move damn what is wrong with you guys. Do you think Sony is Justin beaver or something? Sony needs a feel good rub on the back. No they need your money. Stop wasting time flaming people and go buy move before it's too late.

morganfell2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Amazing. One troll attacks the PS3 for not catching the 360 that had a year head start in Japan and the US and an year and a half head start everywhere else. Yet this same person says nothing of the 360 that is losing it's grip despite those same head start times. The same 360 that has been getting outsold since day one.

Where are his comments that MS should just throw in the towel because they are blowing such a whopping lead.

The same 360 that knows nothing, and I borrow his phrase, about quality in a box.

gta_manic2738d ago

at least this troll is well feed, looking pathetic usually get you scraps doesn't

cooperdnizzle2738d ago

Hahaha third in sale's but best in quality! People are stupid and will buy anything~ Xbox is like having a Chev up against A Porsche. Yea i can go out and buy a Chevy but that don't make it better! If ya could have afford a ps3 when it came out you would think it was amazing just because "YOU" had one. People are all the same. Hey i have this so it must be the best! Pshhhhh

bustamove2738d ago

Damn, easy guys. I think you owned him too hard. xD

I also like how he doesn't come back to defend himself.

avengers19782738d ago

it's funny your name is from a game that was a Playstation exclusive. @seferoth.

frostypants2737d ago

I own a 360 and a PS3.

Any claim that the PS3 isn't superior quality-wise is lying to themselves, or is offering an uninformed opinion. This goes for hardware AND software (though the PS3 didn't take over the latter until the last couple of years).

n4gno2737d ago

Pathetic fanboyz in denial don't want to see that ps3, who has obviously better quality hardware and software (and way more variety and exclusives) : sell better in software, and hardware department, then xbox in 2010 !

they don't want to open their f... blind eyes, it's sad, but perhaps it's to protect their hurted brain : when they have said "sony is doomed, bluray is doomed, sony has no game, ps3 don't sell games" since day one, and every single fact for more than 4 years is the opposite, they have to lie to themself to support the reality :)

LordGamer2737d ago

Continue to live in a world where your parent company obviously doesn't give a rats ass about quality and ships out shoddy merchandise and wont even play coop on their substandard 4 gig kiddy model 360. BYE BYE microshaft- PS3 FOR THE WIN>

Heisenberg2737d ago

quit fucking abusing the term. I realize it's the only way gamers feel they can insult each other, but it's so old, and it's gotten to the point where if you have any opinion whatsoever you're called a fanboy.

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Gue12738d ago

Quality or not, Halo and Call of Duty it's all of what the masses care about...

theEx1Le2738d ago

Don't forget Fifa and Madden

lowcarb2738d ago

"everyone with common sense can agree...PS3 offers the best quality/variety of exclsuives...but N4G stock-holders rather have sales data instead of games"

How about everyone with an extreme bias can agree.

DigitalRaptor2738d ago

How about anyone with frickin common sense.

EvilBlackCat2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Better than Microsoft OF COURSE

Remember the experience that Microsoft have is in SOFTWARE.

Better than Samsung? NO

Better than SHARP? NO

Better than Canon? NO

Better than Kenwood or Pioneer? NO

The only place they shine is on DVD/Blu Ray Movie players but hey there is good competition now.

NOW on the console arena in my opinion BOTH are great consoles.

FUNNY that i have a PS3 and i really dont care about renting Movies in Blu Ray. WHY? i download them fools!

The reason why i have a PS3 is because of God of War and Ninja Gaiden. NOT because of Blu Ray.

because of move?
Dont be a fool i really dont care about kinect either.

Killzoned2738d ago

Off topic, Why would you compare them to Samsung, SHARP and Cannon loool!
We're talking about Consoles/Gaming here son

Sony offers better quality Exclusives than MS. Every 360 owner would name Halo Gears and Maybe even Fable but thats it?
Great game yes but Sony offers much more at the same quality or even higher, Resistance, LBP, GT5, KZ2, Rachet and Clank, Modnation Racers, Uncharted, God Of War, Infamous, Heavy rain, Heavenly Sword and so on, Socom.
I own both consoles but on my 360 i got a lot of Multiplatform yes because we all know the majority of Multiplatform performs better on 360 but in exclusivity, I got Halo's, Gears and Fable. I've been waiting for quality exclusives for a long time, i wanna see some new IP'S from Microsoft but am very disappointed by their Third party exclusives because they suck, Ninety Nine is an example, too Human, CrackDown etc
I don't have a particular favor to any Console, I just love gaming, So come on Microsoft Shove some new games at me so i can SHow these PS3 fanboy the deal. I've been on my PS3 much more now a days (Of Course am on Halo Reach 2 haha) because of so much quality games that are being released.

macusa222738d ago

sony makes the best quality, next time you go to best buy, ask them who makes all the product for those samsung TV. Geek Squad just opened up my Samsung 50' to replace the mother board and I notice that all the parts on my TV came from Sony. If i remember correctly, Sony and Samsung have a partnership with the Hi Def TV.

eagle212738d ago

Nintendo is quality too. Go look it up in reviews fanboys. And sells a ton. :)

jambabie692738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

seen you on some you used to be a sony fanboy yaself....anyways, i don't have a wii or whatever, but no matter what i will always have respect for nintendo.

i am 30 and grew up with nintendo so i will always give them props for some of the best games and franchises on earth. hell if it wasn't for nintendo who knows where the industry would be?

they brought it back that's for sure.

anyways have a good one

eagle212738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I have never been a fanboy, just a realist. lol

My two most anticipated games of 2011 are The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword AND The Last Guardian equally. Very few dudes on this site would agree with that. Think I care?

You have a good one too.... :)

DaTruth2738d ago

Thought this was the HHG show, but I read 20 comments and haven't seen anyone making fun of him!

This is like bizarro world N4G!

DelbertGrady2738d ago

That's because he's praising Sony.

jut4202737d ago

Actually Delbert, about 99% of the time he's saying something good about Sony, it's just for some reason this title didn't get people riled up like it usually does.