GameInformer: Talking Kinect with Kudo

In another shotgun Microsoft interview, GameInformer talks with Kinect creator Kudo Tsunoda about the casual versus core school of thought and the “go big or go home” approach to integrating Kinect technology.

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BkaY2770d ago

loose the glasses mate.. lol


alphakennybody2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

he can't he's eyes has a decease where he's they can't take much light than normal people.

Biggest2770d ago

If people say the same thing on the internet enough it becomes true. No one has proof of Kudouche having an eye condition. They just say it because they heard it from someone that knows just as much as they do. He isn't wearing sunglasses here: http://kudodouche.wordpress...
After hearing his "Kinect will out sell iPad" crap I vote that he is just a douche and wears sunglasses at night because he is said douche.

kaveti66162770d ago

@ biggest.

In that pic where he's not wearing sunglasses, the environment looks quite dim. Secondly, the name of the site is Kudodouche, so how much credibility does it have?

Biggest2770d ago

I don't know if the website's credibility has anything to do with the fact that he is in doors without sunglasses on. Most of the places we've seen him in (there are more on that same "questionable" website) are dim yet he is wearing sunglasses. Instead of attacking a website that has a picture of him (do you seriously think the website faked the picture?) why not produce proof that he indeed does have an eye condition? Until then he is firmly in the DOUCHE camp.

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Apocalypse Shadow2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

for all his talk,it's just another excuse to abandon old hardware.

*if you want to get new games,then you must abandon the old xbox you bought and get a new 360.

*if you want high def video,you must abandon the hd-dvd you bought and start downloading HD media.

*if you want a better controller,you must abandon the old controller you bought and buy a new twist controller.

*if you want a better running 360,you must abandon the hdmi-less launch console,you must abandon the xenon,the zephyr,the falcon,the opus,the jasper chipset systems to get the vejle(360s) system.

*you must abandon the vision cam to get the kinect camera.

does anyone see a pattern?and secondly,those voice commands and gesture games could have been done on the vision cam and a headset.
they just saw fit to abandon that too.while sony INCLUDED the pseye.INCLUDED the dualshock/sixaxis if you don't want to buy a navigator controller.

not only that,they didn't say you have to just go out and buy new games,sony INCLUDED the current games YOU ALREADY HAVE with patch that when you have money,you can then go out and get more move compatible games.

as for core and casual.core gamers play games like sf,vf,GT,metal gear,halo,killzone,gears of war,etc.casuals play games like mario,petz and catz and all those simple minded games.sure they can be fun.but i'm a MAN,i don't play **catz**.i don't play **cooking mama**

there is a difference between core and casual.i play REGULARY.casuals play when the mood catches them.and that could be once a month.and they sure aren't pulling out DEMON SOULS.

CyberCam2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

But, you make some very compelling points and back it up with facts... Good job!

I never really thought of how much technology M$ abandons, WOW, now that I think about it, that's a lot of $$$ down the drain if you are an early adopter for several of M$'s latest & greatest technologies!

8-bit2770d ago

They abandoned the original xbox over night, completely once the 360 released.

outrageous2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Great interview as always from Kudo. Kinect will do well and things will only get better from here on out.

@Apocalypto...What are you going on about...did you even read the interview. Take a deep breath and count to, nobody is trying to sell you a Kinect. Where does he say any of that nonsense???

Your the typical wannabe hardcore fanboy that wants to be hardcore, then runs out and buys a soft system like the PS3 and claims games like HR, LBp or GOW are

Kudo is right, you can't just patch Sony Move into a game and expect it to work. The game's have to be built from the ground up to work with the device. If you read the interview instead of crying how your a man you would of seen that. Sony Wii Move is a mess right doesn't know what it wants to be...just like the PS3. It only does everything...HalfA$$.

lowcarb2770d ago

Good post outrageous! I don't know whats going on in the heads of these PS3 fanboys. Rant rant rant and then some lol. Now I could see if they were against both devices but dogging on just one goes to show there not in anyway people to listen to.

DigitalRaptor2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

This is quite laughable. The blind devotion is evident.

You have such a grudge against the PS3 and its games for reasons unknown. It makes me question you as a gamer. I mean really what is it in particular about PS3 games you don't like? (And if you mention XBL I'm gonna laugh you right away!)

If I bash on the 360 or Microsoft it's for logical reasons and things that actually affect me or other gamers. With you, it seems like "Ooh I'm just gonna hate on Sony because I wanna!" and you try and justify it in such a lame way.

So what if Sony marketed their console strongly as having Blu-ray and other multimedia functions? We're not in 2007 anymore, and that didn't affect the consumer negatively. And so your opinion is that Move is a confused peripheral?

Honestly is it because the PS3 (as a console and with it's games) has tons of diversity and the Move is the best motion control solution? Does it make you jealous? That is a serious question. I wanna know why you have such animosity towards the brand.

It's beyond me why anyone would wanna be proud of being a 360 fanboy right now.

lowcarb2770d ago

It's just laughable to think PS3 fanboys honestly believe that everyone must love Sony or there not gamers. Personally the games for PS3 just don't seem that good to me as compared to 360. I find much more diversity with my 360 and try looking at things from a non bias view. I'm happy to own a 360 but can't understand the hype you guys have been constantly trying to create for PS3.

user8586212770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I just realised this was the guy who F*CKED up the Def Jam series my making Icon -_-'

Thanks to this douche 1 of the best fighting games (fight for NY) is now a singing game.....

gta_manic2770d ago

I know he's creative directer but what does that even mean?

BYE2770d ago

Creative director is somebody who doesn't shave and wears sunglasses inside.

ZombieAutopsy2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

He gets paid for directing creatively. Pretty much for his idea's and most likely how to implement them.

"In other industries, such as videogames, a creative director is responsible for the design, vision and direction of the product, which is a different role to that of a producer or project manager. Creative directors are sometimes also called lead designer or chief creative officers depending on the specific company in question.

A creative director is ultimately responsible for the quality of the final creative work. For this reason, they get the lion's share of acclaim when their team's efforts win awards, but conversely, the creative director shoulders the negativity (and the blame) when a project goes wrong, response falls short of expectations, or an important individual on the client's side dislikes or vetos an idea."

dorkyfresh112770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

is his real name "Kudo Tsunoda"??? seeing as how he's always wearing sunglasses inside like a douche, i can totally see him changing his name to something that he thinks sounds cool. he certainly doesn't look Japanese...

uxo222770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Why is a person that wears sunglasses inside considered to be a douche bag? I really don't get the corelation.

To be honest, I see a lot of people wearing sunglasses indoors, especially celebraties. Are these people douche bags also?

Milky Joe2770d ago

It's the same as if someone walked around inside with an umbrella up, or wore scuba gear at the office. There's no practical reason for him to wear them so he's just wearing them because he thinks he looks cool. People who are obviously trying to look cool just look like twats.

dkgshiz2770d ago

Yes indeed. People who wear sunglasses indoors are just trying to be bad asses.

madpuppy2770d ago

yes they are.

But, I read somewhere that this guy has some sort of eye condition.

as for the shaving, if I could get away with it I would do it in a shot. I hate shaving.

uxo222770d ago

So, what about guys riding harleys with their leather chaps, wallets on a chain, and gorilla handlebars. Are these guys considered douche bags? They seem to be trying to look cool, especially the ones wearing a leather vest with no shirt on underneath.

I find it very interesting that if someone is trying to look cool for whatever reason, they are labeled a douche bag buy those that wouldn't do it themselves.

What about freedom of expressions. I think skinny jeans on a man makes him look like a little biotch, but I say to each his own, I wouldn't call him out on it.

lowcarb2770d ago

Good one guys but the reality is you don't like MS and will spread FUD anyway you see fit to project your hate. The problem is nobody outside N4G gives a flying frack about your whines.

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skrug2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I was wondering about that. Maybe he has Japanese foster parents?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if this guy sleeps with the Glasses on.

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