Gran Turismo 5 vs Forza Motorsport 3: HD Video comparison

PSB : We bring you a rather interesting video uploaded on youtube by some enthusiastic fan of both the series, which does a side by side comparison of Gran Turismo 5 and Forza Motorsports 3 on the famous circuit of La Sarthe.

The video of GT 5 is taken from the demo build present at...

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cyborg2889d ago

Now, that's what I call a proper comparison.

Chubear2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Without anyone pulling a "gametrailers" though

Next up should be:

Forza3/Gran Turismo 4 HD comparison vid (you'll be surprised what you see)

Killzone2/Halo Reach comparison vid (maybe KZ3 too thrown into the mix) and they show SP & multiplayer action

ChanDangle2889d ago

PS3 washed out colors? Pffffft.

Windex2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

rofl. the washed out color is Forza3 u nub. cant u tell by PS2.5 graphics?

i know i posted these beautiful gifs before but i am going to post again

edit. ok i got ya. U HAVE ADD "SARCASM"

so people understand ;)

Also, Turn 10 gotta be embarrassed right now after all the smack talking they did.

ChanDangle2889d ago

You read my post wrong there bud. I was actually trying to point out that gt5 was more vibrant than forza. :facepalm: sorry for not being clear.

alphakennybody2889d ago

gt5 footage looked like off-cam and the Forza is direct feed and yet it still blows it out of the water.

zootang2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Gorgeous GT.

xxsnowmanxx2889d ago

GT: the grass is so green and the road is so clean =)

Information Minister2889d ago

@ alphakennybody - Exactly, I'm glad I'm not the only that noticed that. This comparison is actually unfair for GT5.

beardpapa2889d ago

are they different car years? why is it in the interior view, the steering wheel and side mirrors are so vastly different in the comparison?

webeblazing2889d ago

they car in forza look like its floatin. its driving off the road with no effects. this still no gonna change anything fanbois are still gonna say its not that big of a gap. they dont like facts.

Why o why2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

i noticed that too. Like zero road bump like its either super flat road, alien tech suspension or the physics and attention to detail just aren't up to GTs standards...

whas all this crap i keep hearing about Forza's environments.... Ive always been confused over that one. For one there has been no proper GT to judge from and even the environments in gt5p weren't too shabby so isnt it obvious GT5s are gunna be better *sigh*

Kurt Russell2889d ago

Paper trees are terrible on the PS3 and grass isn't that fluorescent green in the real world. Where did that development time go?

ExplosionSauce2888d ago

And I think it's still pretty amazing.

Dee_912886d ago

are they really comparing this ?

i guess this is just to make a point to the people who keep saying forza 3 is better
im pretty sure those people were just trolling so there is no need for this comparison

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Seijoru2889d ago ShowReplies(1)
Snakefist302889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

GT5 cockpit is Better and Beautiful.



Hellsvacancy2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Forza 3 is pathetic in general when compared to GT5 (thats me banned for afew more days, bye bye)

hmouzy2889d ago

how can the steering wheel r bigger than front window,its just life at all in forza3. look the way the car behave in gt5.

Hoje03082889d ago

Yeah, Forza thought it was doing alright against the big dog. Then GT pulls out the cockpit view and destroys the pathetic excuse Forza offers.

@Hellsvacancy Agreed, Turn 10 shouldn't have said all the shit they did. They're going to look like complete fools come November 2nd.

Elwenil2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

That Forza cockpit view is pretty funny. Why on earth is there that much roof in view? Looks like it's from the perspective of some guy passed out in the backseat floorboard, lol.

Ravage272889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

while i think there's little point in comparing them when the there's such a gulf in visuals, i must admit it does help me appreciate GT5's graphics even more.

Though it's kind of absurd when GT5 is pushing TWICE the number of cars at higher resolutions, with weather and day/night effects. There's a reason why GT is king.

drewboy7042889d ago

I'm not gonna argue that Forza's better than GT5 cause it's not and also Forza looks better not in cockpit mode. Still GT5 is far superior in graphics and appears to be in gameplay too. Also keep in mind GT5 will be released a full year after and @Hellsvacancy 1. you haven't played GT5. 2. I'm sure you have logged hours in your copy of Forza 3 right?
3. Until November 2nd i'll assume you're referring to graphics.

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SilentNegotiator2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Bad comparison, no 1080p option :)

El_Colombiano2889d ago

What's the point? Forza isn't even rendered in 1080p.

SilentNegotiator2889d ago

That's my point.

It still renders a lot higher than Forza. 1280x1080 (2xAA) still beats out 1280x720 (2xAA) by a mile. And other than that, GT5 has 1280x720 with FOURxAA.

user39158002889d ago

What a waste, Gt copies forza follow trhough lines and established no high quality at all, what a waste of years. Anyways Forza wins, although you get more cars and race tracks with GT5 it is a waste of investments, I stick to Forza all the way, anyways, another rehached GT and nothing special.

dirtydbz2889d ago

really gt copying forza gt was around long before forza was the thing that made forza was xbox live. honestly I suck at racing games and gt 4 was so infuriating I couldn't pass the licenses test ( I always run in the grass) but the game was always amazing hard as hell but that is what a racing sim is hard

Solid_Snakeps32889d ago

what have you been smoking?

Ravage272889d ago

Go check your eyes asap, i fear that they are no longer working

pinksteak092889d ago

are you blind, butt hurt, or just plain stupid?

mastiffchild2889d ago

He's winding you up. Don't bother giving him his lulz when it isn't even a funny, or well written, bit of trolling. I'm pretty limited in the eyesight department and even I can see that GT5 is the better looking effort from this video.

Also, you can't take his "copying" jibe seriously, either, when there are more modes and more features(weather, day/night cycle etc, WRC, Nascar, Karting)and I thought that would be clear to moast ofn us already.

The only place Forza has a real advantage is in the customisation and paint option areas where it's brilliant. The online integration has always been good with F2 and 3 as well so,m after a good start with Prologue I imaginew that will be a close one when GT5 itself lands in November.

GT and Halo both get some unfair treatment from opposing fanboys purely because, esp with Halo, they seem synonymous with their respective platforms and have a gazillion fans each. Also, I'd say, both GT and Halo fans have gotten WAY too protective and defensive of their games-a lot ofg lazy trolling like this gets too easily under the skin these days and we'd probably all be better off leaving it alone to display it's wanton ignorance. Same BS we have to put up with on Halo threads, sadly, and when people know a game series has staunch fans, in high numbers there will always be the pointless desire to wind them up with this kind of idiocy. Very dull.

blahblah2889d ago

just jumped to happy conclusion forza was left one. well... it wasn't.

2d blured smudgy like trees, grass without sense of grass, cockpit looking pathetic, absolutely no colors. yes... that right one was forza

and how can a game that predates forza copy from it?

well... even dumb people have to exist

drewboy7042889d ago

Someone has a small monitor. Or maybe just an old one. A very old one that refuses to show anything near HD.

wissam2888d ago

This comparsion is unfair. they should have compared

GT4 vs forza 3.

n4gno2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Comment stupidest than his nickname, or the opposite ? :)

by the way, it's incredible too see always the same liartrolls, with predictable comments on every subject : it's easy, take the opposite of reality, and baammm, it's the comment.

I hope they are ms'slaves, paid with some $ to say that kind of crap, if not, call an ambulance !

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iPad2889d ago

Oh my God! Dude! WTF! The cockpit in Forza 3 looks horrendous!!

I don't know how in the world Forza fanboys say it's better than GT5.

Just face it. GT5 will always be the Real Driving Simulator.

user39158002889d ago

I look at both of them and what I see its the environment and forzas environments rocks, while the attempt to make gt5 cars stand out they just made it look too shiny making them look unrealistic. Forza 3 was in development for 2 years, GT5 for 7 and this is all they have to show for? Jeez I was planning to buy the GT5 for my PS3, but I see ita another attempt to more GT garbage with more cars and race tracks, Im dissapointed, I hope this are just a demo cause it looks nothing short than average.

mcstorm2889d ago

I don't think there is that much between them considering gt5 has been in development for 7 years or so. I was a big fan of gt until gt3 where I thought there were better racking games than it as all the cars seemed to feel like buses until you got into the dodge n it just spun out. It looks like they may have made gt5 a lot better than 3 n 4 but I will have to have a go before I go out and buy it let's hope they are back to the good old gt2 days with this game.

forevercloud30002889d ago

News flash, cars ARE shiny. Especially when they are taken well care of and waxed. The colors are just a LOT more vibrant in GT5 than in forza.Also the fact that Forza has had multiple titles to GT's one this gen so far is not a good thing. It just means the developers should have spent more time on it than they did but instead wanted a quick buck, Forza still can't compete with GT.

hennessey862889d ago

they used audio from forza, gt5 has woeful audio in comparison

knightdarkbox2889d ago ShowReplies(4)
baodeus2889d ago

yeah, GT5 look alot better. Clean, richer and crispier color and look very realistic. Nonetheless, the shadow and the reflection seem kinda odd in GT5. There is no shadow casting on the car in GT5 (the exterior remain the same outside or in the shade). At 4:15, there is nothing casting on the car when it ran under that overhead board. It seems kinda odd (almost like fake reflection, however, it does seems to show that under the interior view though).

But overall, the physic and car handling looks the same in both game.

morkendo232889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

... we seen vid of GT5 how EXCELLENT it look
do we REALLY need more proof GT5 is Much better than forza 3??? there was a picture comparison couple months ago with GT5P vs forza 3.. why is this back??..why are they re-hashing an old story??? now that GT5 be release in nov. is it to remind gamers once apon a time there was a wanna-be title call FORZA 3 thought it could surpass or beat GT5.

STONEY42889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I played it at Best Buy earlier today, and despite it being an older build, it still looks really good. Even with Best Buy having the worst possible TV calibration (over sharpness and contrast), it's a huuuge improvement over what I've seen in Forza 3 and GT Prologue.

And this video proves it even more.

tinybigman2889d ago

how Le Mans in GT5 has the bumps and roughness that's actually on the road, while the ride is relatively smooth in Forza? anyhow GT5 does looks beyond Forza and the colors stand out more while its washout on Forza.

great comparison.

throw_this_away2889d ago

Face it. If you can't admit it than you are a fanboy.

ad4mb2888d ago

Face it. If you can't admit it than you are a fanboy.

DigitalAnalog2889d ago

And GT5 still destroys Forza. The detail to GT5's track is staggering, there are ACTUAL bumps in the road. There is no competition. If Forza can't touch GT5:P why is this even needed?

-End statement

potenquatro2888d ago

around anything PS3. But since this also involves Forza.... I must admit GT5 does look better and the movement of the car is the best so far. But to claim is a beter sim then Forza is just crazy. For startes NO track in the world has a road that clean like on GT5 nor the trees. Grass only looks that green when Real Madrid plays Barca or on the Superbowl, so it looks cartoony. There's no way to judge gameplay from video, but the way the car went into corners on GT5 didn't look natural, wich surprises me after watching that beutiful car movement. I also didn't like some stuff on both but that's subjective.

What really pisses me off is that GT5 does not look WAAAYY better then Forza3 and there's gonna be a Forza 4 coming out sooner then later. This preatty much sums up the service the PS3 has done for me this whole gen. Wait a looooooong ass time for a game that ended up not being what I was expecting or promised(except uncharted2). What if I get hooked on GT but a new Forza out does it, I gotta wait another 4-5-6 years for my fix? I'm obviously gonna buy GT5, it's GT5!!! But after looking at the history of GT, and the fact that contrary to popular trend, the more I see of GT the less optimistic I feel about it. I'm thinking this might not fill any void left by Forza. I mean right now i feel really unimpressed by GT after watching that comparison. Cockpit view was amazing though.

Waiting this long for this game -GT is a franchize I've given my money to since PS1- has been brutal for me. I game on PS3, Xbox and PC. After playing Forza 3 and NFS SHIFT maxed out on PC, GT looks about right but not ZOMG. I undertand PS3 only gamers are hyped, but what about all-around gamers like me that are over 25, been there done that, and go beyond the shiny coat of paint. Sorry I just feel meh cause I'm so ready for GT5 but every objective comparison screams out loud that the game is not what i'm expecting. This comparison gives more credit to Forza then GT5, and this has been a really good, objective comparison IMO.

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cyborg2889d ago

This is a rather interesting one. Watch it first!

KratosGirI2889d ago

Wasn't there a comparison posted 3 hours ago?

thebudgetgamer2889d ago

it was a picture comparison.

Xwow20082889d ago

compare forza 3 to gt5...when digital foundry in his article GT5p vs forza3 said that GT5p is the overall better looking game.

zootang2889d ago

You know why, it's because in every GT5 article there is some delusional Microsoft fan trying to kid themselves that Forza is better than GT.

Hoje03082889d ago

I don't know why people disagree with you.

Despite these technical wins for Turn 10, GT5P emerges as the classier-looking game, the standard bearer in terms of graphical accomplishment - not just up against Forza, but compared to every console driving game.

Forza 3 doesn't even beat Prologue. Fact.

Redrum0592889d ago

~looks around for "evilblackcat"~

MariaHelFutura2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Stop. The answer is always the same. Nothing the 360 produces this gen will rival GT5s graphics or content. No Halo on the 360 will reach the visual level of KZ2 (not to mention that KZ3 looks far better than KZ2). Cause It`s like that and that`s the way it is.....Unh.. :)

baodeus2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

and yeah, no KZ will ever reach the amount of contents, gameplay aspect, sold numbers (people chose with their money), and dedicated gamers like halo. And if you would like to talk about KZ2 graphics (KZ3 looks a little bit better especially in the texture department), read this and see if KZ2 really surpass the technical marvel of console as fanboy say, or there are just a lot of tricks behind it.

And here is my intake of KZ2 graphics. It is really surpass all graphics and physics technical marvel that fanboy claim it to be, or it is just smoke and mirrors?

-Draw in shadow (0:02), the helgast standing right in front of the door, yet no shadow were cast on the door while the pillars behind him do.
-Wind doesn't have any physical properties (0.28,4:06) the exploded barrel creating smoke that doesn't go as the same speed as the wind and dust of the level, (4:06) the cloths are blowing in the opposite direction of the wind...really?
-stupid AI (3:21 - 3:40) they keep going to the same spot to get shot, why? Is that a sign of smart AI? Probably on the same level of Fanboy on this site.
-Painted blob of lights (4:32 - 5:41), really that what lighting looks like, try to compare that to RE5 lighting to see the differences. RE5 actually have real lighting emitting outward.
-Bad Texture (4:38), and especially this N64 texture (4:53).

And if you tend to disagree, reply back on here instead of private messaging me just to end up getting whoop again because of lack of knowledge and answers like a couple of fanboys have done before. If you guys would like proof of those private conversation, i can also post those private message on here as well. LOL.

I don't like FPS game, but at least i'm not BSing like some dumb ass fanboy that never appreciate gaming. How can you call yourself a gamer by siding with just one consoles? Aren't you suppose to play as many game as you can if you are a true gamer?

mastiffchild2889d ago

We can pick any game from any platform apart given the time and the inclination. I tend to agree that too much is made of these things in general but KZ is another beast entirely to Halo( and I bought all games in both series bar Reach)and they should never have been compared, imho. This gen KZ2 managed to look better(though only technically) and Halo is synonymous with the Xbox brand so we'd expect those sales with more 360s than Xbox1's wouldn't we? Would Halo have made the amazing impact(to the same degree) had it not been one of VERY few Xbox exclusives worth their salt at the time? I doubt it myself, would have been big, certainly, had it begun on another platform but I believe(as a fan) that it's timing was very serendipitous for itself, Bungie and MS. Killzone, last gen, was just an over ambitious shooter with a VERY different approach to Halo's-all the "Halo Killer" stuff was press driven nonsense as the nearest we ever got to a game trying to be a bit like Halo was Resistance2-esp in terms of gameplay and palette.

As for the "smoke and mirrors" thing-isn't all graphics smoke and mirrors when it tries to be lifelike? To criticise one game for that seems to ignore the different approach Halo and KZ2 and, in this case GT5 take to looking the way they do. Realism is a prime concern for a racing sim, also a pretty big aim for Killzone with it's approach to making a semi real, though highly stylised sci fi shooter yet Halo never listed "make it a bit gritty and realistic" anywhere in it's remit. I just think they're all different animals and all great games. That Killzone 2 is more advanced, graphically, than any Halo we've ever seen is probably very true but it's also irrelevant as it's not one of the things important to Halo. In fact had Bungie really gone for gritty subdued game worlds like Killzone's would it even BE Halo? IDK and maybe it was very wise to stay where it was, where the fans are happy with it and where it's king. It was always gameplay and accessibility that made people pick up Halo in the first place AND what made them stick with it. KZ is still finding it's ID with it's own gamers and is improving all the time.

I also think a lot of people who you wouldn't call fanboys think KZ2 was a VERY advanced game visually, for a console effort. Folk from inside the industry on both sides of the console divide have praised the way it looks(even Cliffy B was blown away by what GG had done). I'm no dev but my opinion is that, given the method, time and money to do it there possibly is a little more to be eked out of the PS3 than the 360. It's surely not the gaping chasm some Sony fanboys would have you believe but, also, I can't help but think Gears2 would have looked better than KZ2 were it not true. Halo, though, has never(certainly since 360 launch anyway)aimed to be a graphics king nor aimed for great visual realism and I'm glad it didn't as it would have lost something more important along the way, imho, had it tried.

number472889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

into Crysis, or Halo. Games use optimized tricks in engines, are you shocked that a CGI Fern doesn't have the seeds modeled? GASP!!! Your findings are pathetic.

KZ2's engine is nominated for GDC awards, just as Naughty Dogs engine does & Wins. Its not PS3 fanboys claiming its supremacy, its the industry at large. The 360 has yet to even create anything that can replicate the PS3's mistakes/graphical shortcomings. Yet you want to pretend that "BUH BAD TEXTURE" and ignore a locked framerate with physics/atmosphere/particles/a nimations/modeling/GREAT A.I (the game was reviewed very highly for its A.I mate) because you can nitpick? Please. This is a pathetic attempt to try to seem like you aren't partial.

Fact is this, you can't name 1 game that rivals Killzone2 thats out on the 360. All 360 owners ever have is "BUH BUH WAIT FOR THIS NEXT GAME"

Its like you can pretend KZ2 isn't amazing, but everyone else that gives awards for these things have spoken. THe 360 simply can't do it, and it hasn't done it since the launch of the console.

Eamon2888d ago

in my opinion, Uncharted 2 looked better than Killzone 2.

Shaman2889d ago

GT5 has much more realistic lighting...

raztad2889d ago

it is much more than just lighting.

Hoje03082889d ago

And more geometry, better textures, better shaders, more transparencies and particle effects...

GT5 slaps Forza in the face, then pulls out its co*k and makes Forza smell it. Polyphony refers to this internally as the 'Slap & Sniff'.

mastiffchild2889d ago

Imho, there's just a hell of a lot of work gone into GT5 and it's showing. Forza3 was made a lot more quickly and IDK if it's possible for them to compete(even if they were sharing a platform)with PD under this condition.

PD have3 worked long and hard for this and it's staring to look incredibly realistic at times. I watch some GT5 clips and for a gfood few seconmds at a time I'm thinking it could pass for the real thing(esp if you didn't know you were watching a game to begin with)while Forza only ever got tiny glimpses where I felt the same kind of thing. I'd just p[ut most of it down to the amount of time, care and work PD have put in that T10 didn't. I don't, btw, think there would be any of the current hate towards T10 and Forza(cos it's still a great series whatever some over loud GT heads might insist)if Greenawalt hadn't begun nthe "definitive" nonsense that got carried over into rigged polls andf claims of PD's time having passed and them "dropping the ball".

The arrogance of T10 was unfair on their own creation as it(the word "definitive" will do that when a dev says it about his own game)meant the spotlight got turned on their game's every single frame and so made comparisons to a game with all the advantages an obvious one to make3. This vid is proof of that. Thing is most people would still have given T10 a lot of credit and said that they(as it's true) did amazing things considering how much less time they had to work with. Sadly, Greenawalt soured the competition and I really never quite understood why-definitely cost them my sale as well as I don't like to support devs when they say stupid things, don't like to reward, with money, people who just don't deserve it.

MGRogue20172889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Edit: Actually.. This isn't a good comparison as GT5's footage is off-screen & Forza 3's one is direct-capture..

Plus, GT5's brightness is way too low, Needs to be increased. This comparison has failed, I am sorry.

I say, We will need to wait for either Digital Foundry or Lens of Truth to get their hands on GT5 & then it'll be a fair comparison.