Next Tomb Raider May Be Open World

VG247 writes: Crystal Dynamics next Tomb Raider may be set in an open world according to latest rumours surrounding the game.

PC Gamer’s posted the news in its latest rumour column, suggesting the next title in the series could be taking a more radical approach in that Lara won’t be travelling through a series of linear levels.

The magazine’s sources claim the new Tomb Raider will be set in a open world, a Japanese sandbox-island which Lara can explore at will.

These same sources suggest puzzles and platforming aspects will remain in place

Crystal Dynamics new Tomb Raider was previously rumoured to be releasing this Christmas.

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Quagmire2920d ago

If they have dinosaurs, then its day 1 for me.

peedie162919d ago

I don't get how can a Tomb be an open world

nickjkl2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

now i get it inexperienced lara is what they were talking about last year open world game

could mean that we are going back to the days when she is stranded and has to learn to survive in the wild while finding treasure during her survival

so far its sounding alot like the comic lara croft issue number 5 i believe where shes on the plane with her parents fiancee etc plane crashes everyone dies shes alone inexperienced and has to survive with her acrobatics gun skills and what she has read in books

2919d ago
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