Good Old Games calling it quits?

Good Old Games ( seems to have closed their doors after nearly two years of offering classic PC games.

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HeroXIV2712d ago

Oh damn... I must've bought a good... 7 games from gog and I wouldn't have got them elsewhere. You can't exactly go to the shops and buy Fallout or Gothic these days. :(

Hopefully then we'll see someone else open a similar service...

Think I don't get is I thought gog was doing pretty well, new games release on the service seem to sell well, they had a huge library of developers and the community was pretty big too.

UPSLynx2712d ago

I thought they were doing fine as well. Most everyone I talked to knew of GoG, and many of those people had bought games from them.

Really unfortunate, GoG was an excellent service.

wooglah2712d ago

If it is just for publicity, then it's idiotic. If it's for real... well...