PlayStation Move Looks To Hit The Ground Running

Game Rant: The time has finally come, with Sony announcing that their next video game venture, the PlayStation Move, is available in stores everywhere. While many of the “gaming elite” are still unconvinced, seeing the Move as a kid-friendly fad, the good people over at Sony aren’t intimidated by their apathy. The idea that these systems won’t exactly be flying off of shelves today is a sentiment that even Sony shares.

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-Mezzo-2927d ago

It certainly looks like it, I'll be receiving my Move in about 3 days. Can't wait to try it.

Nitrowolf22927d ago

i feel like buying a second controller for my left hand, just doesn't feel right using the left hand and right hand item ingame on only my right hand

STONEY42927d ago

I'm literally buying to today, but can anyone tell me if 1 Move controller (buying Sports Champion bundle) still works good, or is 2 really necessary? Anyone here who only has 1 or has experience with both?

TheLastGuardian2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I've played sports champions with 2 move controllers and Archery alone is worth getting 2 move controllers for. It's way better than I ever expected. It's very precise, addictive and most of all, fun. I just don't know how many games will support 2 move controllers. If you have a someone to play multiplayer with I would get 2 move controllers.

hakis862927d ago

1 should work good: only in Gladiator and Archery are 2 MOVE controlles optional (I think?).
although, having 1 controller for shield and one for a sword in Glaiator is BADASS..
But you will survive with one =))

Canas20102927d ago

You can use 2 for volleyball as well. It definitely feels like volleyball.

STONEY42927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Yeah I just got it, decided to get one and pick up a second one later down the line (in a few weeks or so) for when I have my friends over, but I didn't expect Move to work THIS good, it's really accurate and fun.

I never thought I'd say this but... I really can't wait for future Move supporting games. I'll probably even pick up the new Time Crisis, playing the demo reminds me so much of back when I used to play in the arcade alot.

RageAgainstTheMShine2927d ago

Owning at least 2 Move Controllers is a no brainer.

The more you use Move to more the games challenges you to have better skills instead of the novelty wearing off.

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Still waiting the retailer for my PS Move Bundle.

MariaHelFutura2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Sony has something special, the PS Move is better than I thought it was gonna be and I had pretty high expectations for it. 1:1 is for real, someone is gonna make a fantasy RPG for this thing and it`s gonna be epic. Watch.

hmouzy2927d ago

i can't even buy in my local shoop(,no more stock

Denethor_II2927d ago

STONEY4-I bought two for multiplayer. Playing with two controllers is great, especially with sword and shield.

MikeGdaGod2927d ago

got mine.....its great!!!!

avengers19782926d ago

It's very cool, and plays well. Sports champions is fun and there are a ton of games coming that have move support. Plus a ton of Move exclusive games The Shoot and Sorcery both look amazing.
Worth the buy

c0nnnn2926d ago

i need to get two controllers, one is fun but 2 would be a blast

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tknation2927d ago

I has not a Move nor a PS3. I hate you, mezzo.

Chris3992927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

It's quite the piece of tech. Really impressive. I was amazed that the most enjoyable games were Sports Champions and that ridiculous TV Superstars game. The missus in particular liked that title. Pure shovelware, but the face-scanning and voice-clips are hysterical. Much against my nature, I enjoyed the game. I'll be picking it up when it launches.

The augmented reality stuff is neat. Especially in that block game that I can't remember the name of.

Edit: Whoever wrote the article is a bit confused. It's not the "casuals" who are spending/ going to spend $50 and up on Move, initially. It's the "core" who are plunking down the cash day one. "The gaming elite" are the ones who are convinced and are buying the product. Similar deal with Kinect when it launches. Early adopters are always core gamers/ technophiles. Casuals won't really follow for a few weeks or months till advertising or word of mouth informs them.

Baka-akaB2927d ago

yup . There isnt anything worth salivating over for me this month , besides Halo reach and football games at the very end . Might as well plunge now and use the respite to buy an accessory , instead of when the onslaught of games comes

LF912927d ago

i got move on friday and its great, something worrying about kinect is that it looks it may have captured japan now. on amazon jp its like at 37 and about 60 places in front of move and move releases earlier. i know it could mean nothing but i just thought japan wouldn't go for kinect just they tend not to buy anything really xbox related.

LevDog2927d ago

I got Move on Launch day.. Already had a PS Camera.. So I didnt get the bundle with Sports champions.. I ended up buying Raquet sports.. While prolly not the greatest.. You can still see the More advance tech that it has over the Wii..Plus is cake to jump online and just play someone real quick unlike the wii

Getting Sports Champions today (why it came on sale 3 days after Move release who knows) Also.. Navigating the XMB with the Move is awesome once you get used to it

It is not a Wii Clone thats for sure

dirtydbz2927d ago

I wasn't planning on getting raquet sports now I am going to I want to use this tech in online gamingjust as long as no one gets to see my picture