Iteration Altercation: Aladdin vs. Aladdin

When it was announced that Final Fantasy XIII was to be released on the Xbox 360 nerds threw a shitfit. Gamers are a naturally selfish and inclusive bunch. We don’t like other people touching OUR things! If you want to play Mass Effect, you damn well better buy an Xbox. But how did we get this way? In the old days a game would come out for every platform imaginable. Sometimes completely different developers would make games for different consoles, yielding a unique game all its own. Kids on the playground would talk about the level 3 boss and you’d have no friggin idea what he was talking about.

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George Sears2925d ago

The Genesis version was way better. The animations were better and the overal gameplay mechanics smoother IMO.

Snakefist302925d ago

Aladdin one of my favourate games of all times.I used to play it when was a kid.It is an excellent game.

RedPawn2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

No Mister Sears, it's a FACT.

This is a great comparison, in what I was talking about between Multiplats of old.