Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: God of War III

P*N: Some people say that when a series has gone past its sell by date, or its gone into the sense of stagnation, it deserves to die. God of War never fell into this ditch, but it held on by its very fingernails. God of War I is easily the best in the series; it has fantastic pacing and a definite sense of progression. God of War II expands upon the gameplay and introduces some well needed buzz, but its story is very lacking and the pacing is horrible. So what does little old God of War III do to cap off the franchise? I’ve already talked about how it failed to encapsulate a Greek tragedy, but from a gamey gameplay perspective, did it fail?

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rebirthofcaos2928d ago

well i was playing it a few hours ago....

deadreckoning6662928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Your taking the title too literally. He's talking about games that aren't in the forefront in the minds of many gamers. As of right now, alot of the hype is going towards Reach and GT5.

@Agent-X- YES..GOW3 IMO is highly overrated. I sold it back a week after I got it. GOW2 was a much better experience for me and GOW1 still has the most coherent story in the franchise. I loved the variety of action scenarios it had(the part when Kratos was jumping from bird to bird was incredible). GOW3 played it too safe with the gameplay. What I find pretty funny is that many of the same people who bash Halo for "familiar gameplay" have absolutely no criticisms on GOW3.

For me, GOW3 had a couple of shining moments:

1) Hercules battle(one of the best boss battles I've ever played)
2) The part towards the end where you have to fight a shitload of enemies in a box(right before the stage where you fight to two flaming 3-headed wolves)
3) The Kronos battle was techinally impressive due to the sheer scale of it..but the Hercules battle was more epic IMO.

GOW3 is still a good game..just very VERY overrated. This is not mentioning the fact that the graphics were uneven throughout the game. Some parts looked worse than others.

Galaxia2928d ago

Well of coarse, because why the hell would we hype a game that is already out?

Article fails. God of War 3 has been the best experiance of the generation for me. Hope it wins GOTY. I was just playing it the other day too.

Baka-akaB2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

but he should take the title literally and critic its silliness.

If no one cared anymore beyond the first months , it wouldnt be at more than 3 million sales today . Especially with quite a few people getting it as a bundled game every month .

THis isnt about gow3 mind you , i just find the concept of such article very flawed when the game mentioned isnt even 1 year old

Joule2928d ago

how come i never see games nobody plays anymore for xbox games?

fable 2 and crackdown 2

cliffbo2928d ago

yeah, odd that isn't it

Simon_Brezhnev2928d ago

i see dead bashing games like usual

Schobeleth2928d ago

Like others have said are extremely opinionated and have no real data to prove it. God of War III is easily my favorite in the series although I loved them all, people who don't enjoy them or call them overrated simply don't understand what Kratos is all about.

Don't go to the source and give this site hits, that's all they want by posting this flamebait. Wait until they post one for a 360 exclusive (which they never do).

boodybandit2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Why did you have to mention Crackdown 2?
That was the most disappointing game I think I have played this generation. I picked it up for $20 new and still feel like I was robbed.

As far as this article I think Baka-akaB said all that needed to be said. This article is silly and flawed but what do you expect from tabloid pocket lint bloggers?

I recently dumped off a lot of games on ebay to free up some money for new games. GOW3 remained safely on my shelf. That bad boy is never leaving my library. It's one of those games I know I will want to go back and play over again and would only end up repurchasing if I was to get rid of it now.

timmyrulz2928d ago

GOW 3 is more of a frustating game, the visuals are beautiful, the voice acting and smoothness of the game play is top notch, but there was something missing, to me it didnt feel as good as the other God of War games and when i beat it,i had no desire to play it again

TheBlackSmoke2928d ago

Breaking news, People enjoy games and then move on !!!!

divideby02928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

GOW overrated....lmao...

I am playing Reach and I can so easily say the same for that game.. and I finished playing RDR and can say the same for that game.

BUT I KNOW BETTER...I am a gamer who enjoys games and dont run to the net trying to write an article with no substance

another lame author from an obscure website with another lame article..

now wanna talk about game fails...try crapdown.. last game sucked

Z7772928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

may be your opinion, but IMO your opinion sucks lol. GOW3 is epic and i don't see how someone who has played the first 2 would prefer them over this mind blowing game.

MiloGarret2928d ago

The only advantage GOW3 has over I & II are the graphics. Other than that it's the exact same game. The only real difference is that at the end of GOW1 I didn't hate Kratos, whereas at the end of GOW3 (unless you have some sort of mental defficiency) you're pretty much forced to hate Kratos by the writers. They also took the violence way too far in 3, making it look more like satire than anything else.

GOW1 is the best.

Rumor2928d ago

Let off some steam in combat arena, and I saved the cronos point to replay the epicest boss battle this gen!

CombatEvolving2928d ago

Crackdown 2 has more active players than Uncharted 2 and Fable 2 is old.

pustulio2928d ago

Oh God dammit! I got here late!

Well still lets see... *grabs popcorn*

BTW i think GOW3 is still played by people

Carnage2928d ago

Sucks when everyone disagrees with you huh?

Christopher2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

@El Jugador: Because not only do people not play them anymore, they're also not worth talking about.

@StupidSega: The fact that the game is as good as it is with the exact same feeling isn't a bad thing, IMHO. No one has outdone GoW at their own game since they've been around, and that's a testament to the developers and the games. I really did like the new weapon options in GoW3 that could be used entirely on their own rather than just as occasional substitutes to the blades.

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xer02928d ago

I just beat this game for the 3rd time this month, since it was launched.

JoeReno2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Seems to me the author of these always goes after games that have a diehard fanbase because it equals hits to the website, and ruffles a few fanboys feathers. Last ones I read were killzonre 2, MAG, and now God of war 3. I guess they are mostly aimed at PS exclusives aswell.

Kain812928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I beat it 4 times and have my PLATIN TROPHY^^

EDIT: Now Playing GOW collection

xer02928d ago


That's why I hit comments - rather than source, with these type of articles. You can sniff them off a thousand miles away.

They stink of ulterior motives.

Windex2928d ago

They literally have no game to compare God Of War 3 to.

so this is all they can do to bash it.

8thnightvolley2928d ago

the game cant be expected to be played so heavily.. its a wonderful single player experience which is just the whole point.

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-Ikon-2928d ago

How about Ass Creed 2? AM I RIGHT

dosgrtr2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

bought it at launch,platinum'd it,still playing it

lol at disagree

xer02928d ago

I bought 2 copies. 1 for a friend on his birthday.

HQLocated1112928d ago

Well of course nobody plays it anymore, when have you seen people play a Single Player game more than 2 or 3 times.

I'm sure nobody plays alan wake or splinter cell either.

raztad2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"but its story is very lacking and the pacing is horrible" <--GoW2?????

This article fails so much that makes want to puke.

GoW3 was my most expected title this gen and my only complain is that it wasnt longer, because some stuff got cut off.

Whatever, life keep going. No hits for platformfail.

DigitalAnalog2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The games are meant to be "blockbuster" experiences. Meant to give you the bang for your buck. The only reason why you want to re-play this game again is if you want to challenge yourself. I really don't get why they put all games in the same category as if EVERY game MUST be long as an RPG or re-playable as a multi-player. Do you realize we wouldn't have time to finish all those games? Sometimes, the long stories and multiplayer just don't compliment some games itself.


If I wanted a tour around the country, I'll go buy a tourist package. On the other hand, if I wanted to get Quick THRILLS, I'll go to a theme park. Both meant for different experiences.

This title is just an abomination to the gaming aesthetic in general. The only time it applies is when a game is so horrendously bad it doesn't need to be remembered anymore.

@deadreckoning666: What games AREN'T "over-rated"? I'd like to hear you say "under-rated" for once.

-End statement

IcarusOne2928d ago

Visuals aside, it's a standard hack-n-slash. Nothing new there. I wish I'd rented it instead of going for the special edition.

iPad2928d ago

Frontline for the Xbox 360

gtamike2928d ago

Halo 1 and 2 cause M$ killed Xbox Live and don't care like Sony Does :D

atticus142928d ago

another great n4g troll bait article.

The game is a 6 month old singleplayer experience, most people have played it, loved it, and moved on. Its unfortunate the trolls cant move on as well.

bjornbear2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

GOWIII is one of the few games I replay at least once a month.


If you don't play GOWIII anymore, you either didn't enjoy it that much (possible) or you're just a fool xD

Anon19742927d ago

I'm still playing GOW3. It's excellent. Shouldn't this be an "opinion piece"?

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GOODKyle2928d ago

funny, I could name 20 people who are playing it right now let alone the entire world...

Natsu X FairyTail2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Those games that nobody plays anymore article always wrong.

TrevorPhillips2928d ago

I still have the game, don't play it nemore to be quite honest =/

I guess it's because the game is overrated.

outrageous2928d ago

I rented GOW to get a look at the latest and greatest from Sony earlier this year...pretty disappointing. I know the game has it's fans but the market has changed. If you expect me to pay full price for a title with 10 hrs of gameplay ( being generous here ) then I expect at the least some extra content via DLC and honestly...some co-op or multi player.

The hack and slash gameplay is a gameplay mechanic as old as gaming itself and is just forgettable. The boss battle didn't offer much variety...they never do. It's a combo here and there, rinse and repeat for the millionth time. Everybody liked Hercules because he's your bro and you didn't want to fight him...definitely a highlight...BUT...How many times can Hercules hug you??? I did like the scale of the battles but they were ALL pre-rendered and were more like watching a movie. Then you would fight for a time with a giants toe nails, trigger some RTE and it was the same thing all the way thru. The platforming was ok...I guess, But please don't tell me these guys didn't " borrow " all that from Prince of Persia. It wasn't all bad and had it's moments...just disappointing...Where's the DLC love for that game???

The graphics were a mix bag for me. I was expecting something dramatic so maybe it was a case of high expectations but some of the cut scenes for example were brutal and barely looked next gen. The lighting went from good to bad then good depending on the scene. Over all it looked very cartoony. The post processing effects were cool...I guess. Listening to people say that game is GOTY is like being in the twilight zone. I wouldn't even put that game up to be nominated.

I think GOW 4 will be something special as the dev has had time to come to grips with the problematic cell. I expect some sort of multi-player or co-op tho the next time around. It did sell really well with around 3 million in sales so there is a market for that kind of game.

BTW...the sex scene...C'mon...Really...t hat was just plain dumb throwing that in there. It's a little cartoon guy with bear heads on his arms and a voice fitting an angry saint

Baka-akaB2928d ago

someday you'll look credible . Plenty people dont like gow , and no one have too , but pretending its ugly is a riot .

wicko2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

After reading your comment all I can remember from it is DERP DERP ROB SCHNIEDER DERPA TUMPA TEETLEY TOO

You are not a god of war fan, we get it. Don't play god of war games and pretend they're bad.

Cloudberry2928d ago

And he'll lend it to me once he's finished with it.