Cops Violently Handle Drunk Kid At Halo Reach Launch

Drunk gamer gets mad Halo Reach was sold out so cop comes and body slams him.

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EvilBlackCat2804d ago


That was not necessary for real. a little girl can punch that drunked kid in the faces and he fall. THAT WAS POLICE BRUTALITY PERIOD

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poindat2804d ago

Unnecessary force? He's just doing what that kid's parents (who probably fail at their role) should have done. Drunk or not that kid deserved a good beating and now there's one less douchebag to deal with online.

Gilliand2804d ago

How is that police brutality? I was expecting a kid (15-17 years old) getting beaten, not some 24+ wasted guy to be thrown to the ground. Also if that was police brutality, the people watching would have cared more for the guy than the boxes that were flying around and might have actually shown a reaction.

I'm just guessing that you're a pansy or you hate police. I would have like to see some one smash his head in with a brick but I guess I hate public drunks more than you.

UnSelf2804d ago

i wanna see the 7ft 600lb man

KillaManiac2804d ago

We do not know the backstory on how long the Gamestop staff and cops actually had to handle that guy before this force was taken.

I love how people jump on the police's butt. If he was resisting arrest should they of just left him there and drove away?

Gotta love drunk halo players! Bet he has a great rep score.

stiggs2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Police brutality...are you kidding me? I can guarantee that you laugh your ass off at clips on Youtube of idiots severly hurting themselves in various ways. But when a cop restrains a drunk, belligerent fool who is clearly resisting the officer's request you deem it brutality. Give me a break.

Lifendz2804d ago

[email protected] of you claiming that was excessive. The guy stated police several times, gave an order, and the kid proceeded to act disorderly. If the cop hadn't acted in that manner and the kid had a weapon and injured someone you'd all be screaming that that it's the cop's fault for not doing enough.

Ocelot5252804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

lol, the police destroyed much more in the store than the drunk kid.

there is something as proportionality and slamming the kid to the ground was disproportional

not a big deal, except for the broken xboxes(lol the police actually broke more than the kid)

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2804d ago

Yeah because he ordered the guy to stop resisting and the douchebag activly resisted. You cold see it in the kids movements, cop had every right. First step give orders, assist the individual, force the individual with physical force. Cop told him to stop resisting the entire time and the dumbass continued to struggle.

Its easy folks, if a cop gives you a lawful order....FOLLOW IT. If you are too much of a tough guy to follow orders then you escalate the situation and get whats coming.

ExPresident2804d ago

Hardly police brutality, not even close. That Officer handled that as best he could with the cards he was dealt. Some peoples opinions of abuse are just pathetic. The Officer clearly identified himself upon entering the video, not counting for who knows what happened before they started recording, and then clearly attempted to detain the guy with as little force as possible. You can see that by him attempting to pull his hand behind his back.

Rather than comply the guy pulls his arm away and looks at the Officer, clearly not cooperating and showing no intention of doing so. A normal individual would have left the store upon being asked and this guy clearly didn't. Once he pulls away he's resisting and the Officer handled it well. Even after being taken to the ground the officer continued to give him commands to cooperate and the guy still didn't.

So flip this around and assume the officer does what all you cry babies expect and just sit and talk, ask nicely five more times or more and politely beg he cooperate. Now you've got a store owner potentially losing customers and revenue because they don't want to be in a store with a drunk causing a disturbance. The owner files a complaint because the Officer failed to remove an intoxicated subject disrupting business in the store causing him a loss in business. Not bad enough? Lets take it to a further extreme. Drunk idiot becomes enraged over the confrontation, which was the officer telling him to stop and trying to make him leave the store. He turns out to be one of these kids who kills someone over a video game (cause we've seen that happen before) and stabs a bystander who was trying to buy a different game. Stabbing victim sues the Police Department because again, to avoid "police brutality" the officer failed to act in time to prevent any further violence or disruption.

Police Brutality, give me an f'ing break.

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Zeppelin6662804d ago

I'm not saying its police brutality but like Ocelot stated. the cop did more damage then the kid. He's drunk people. Quite calling him a douche bag for that you stupid hypocrites. Unless you call yourself the same everytime you drink. I'm sure there could have been a more safe solution that didn't involve being slammed on the ground and breaking stuff. Thats my opinion and if anyone has a say on it, its best to just keep scrolling down because your only gonna make yourself look like an ignorant fool.

Megaton2804d ago

Oh please. He knocked over a bunch of empty boxes while throwing him to the ground. Hardly an unnecessary use of force. The cop didn't even hit him or anything. You've never seen police brutality before if you think this is it.

Any chance that was you in the vid, EvilBlackCat?

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archemides5182804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

yea that was excessive

but yea typical halo dude what do u expect, sounded like he thought he had his live headset on

heroprotagonist2804d ago

The guy was an idiot and deserved to get beaten down, but I still think the cop used more force than necessary. The officer could have used less force and still taken care of the situation.

I see this a lot. Police officers will become angry or annoyed with the person they are apprehending and so they will use more force than is necessary.

P_Bomb2804d ago

If being drunk to you means doing and saying whatever the hell you want on someone ELSE'S property (eg the store owner's), then give us your addy. We'll throw an N4G midnight kegger on your front lawn next weekend, lol. We can because the law doesn't apply to drunks apparently. No one has ever hurt anyone else when they were drunk you know. Naw. Drunks are the safest people to be around. Their unpredictability is so cute!

Yeah there was a "safer solution". The guy shoulda stayed at home!

cb4g2804d ago

...resisting arrest so the cop took him down with a wrist lock. Not a hip throw or a body slam, just a simple wrist lock to make him comply. That's not even close to police brutality. The cop then restrains him calmly and safely. All I could see was standard law enforcement training applied practically.

Oh, and EvilBlackCat, if you handle your alcohol as badly as this kid does, you deserve to be called a douchebag.

cyborg69712804d ago

I would have tased the red headed step child. And beat down evil black cat as well

tinybigman2804d ago

the cop handled it right.

SephireX2804d ago

I don't like public drunks either but smash his head in with a brick? What would you have done to a murderer then lol?

Enigma_20992804d ago

From 0:00 to 0:12, the cop is actually just trying to pull the kid out of the store, after he tried to walk away from him, and let's not forget that he was resisting, or did you miss THAT part?

Guess what, if YOU were drunk in a public place and I was the cop on duty, I'd try to escort you out of the store, and if you resisted, I'd SLAM you down and cuff you too!

gamingdroid2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I'm for a little rougher treatment of delinquents! Make it a little uncomfortable for them to do stupid things. They will think twice about it next time.

He was a drunk @ss, caused problems in public and wasting tax payers money. They should make him do community service to pay for the officers salary so we tax payers don't have to!

Now if he wasn't so drunk, I'm sure there is a Walmart, Best Buy or some other big chain store that has Halo: Reach in stock.

With that said, how the heck do you run out of Halo: Reach copies? That game is as abundant as air!

BulletToothtony2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

here's what a lot of people don't understand.. specially when people are under the influence, police HAS to show who's in charge.. they need to speak rough and act with authority, the second that a cop shows that he's not in control will be the second that he gets hit in the face or maybe even stabbed.

IMO the police give simple orders like show me your hands and get your hands out of your pockets but some idiots simply refuse to do this.. it's so simple but they may be hiding a knife or gun,

you never know when not acting quick and hesitating may result in the police getting killed or having to kill someone because they indeed have a weapon. Ultimately it's a good training imo.

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-Ikon-2804d ago

Wonder who the [email protected] will be when Bubba gets a hold of him in jail..

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knightdarkbox2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

" +"


best part is in 0.13

BornToKill2804d ago

and the other guy didn't even leave his chair. lol

tehk1w12804d ago

The only Reach he's going to be remembering is the REACH AROUND...

Badum tish!

johnnywit2804d ago

LMAO best comment i've read all day.

TheHardware2804d ago

10. that was a new move the cops learned from buying the last copy of halo reach
9. the kid shoulda pressed reset
8. the realism in this game is unbelievable
7. Microsoft reports, halo reach is a "hit"
6. permabanned
5. rowdy ps3 fanboy tries to break up halo launch event
4. the guy behind him knew there was actually 1 copy left.
3. study suggest, video games may be violent
2. achievement "locked"
1. xbox live, over 1 million served

thank you thank you

sdtarm2804d ago

0. ppl usually says stupid and senseless things

rajman2804d ago

Yet another cop in disgrace, that throw was uncalled for...this better make it on the news and name & shame him

Theoneneo812804d ago

he was resiting arrest what else could they do? god forbid the idiot had a knife or gun

stiggs2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

This officer handled this with as much patience as possible. The kid was combative and uncooperative so the cop was forced to respond with the required amount of physical restraint. I actually think that he was pretty gentle with the kid. It's amazing that you claim that the "disgraced " individual is the cop and not the belligerent drunk jackass.

Gilliand2804d ago

Totally agree. I think some people here just have a chip on their shoulder for the police.

DarkFantasy2804d ago

i have cops in my family and if you only knew the shit they go through every night you would have no patients for idiots, SHOUT OUT TO THE K9 UNIT!!!

mittwaffen2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

A chip?

Cops as of lately have been caught red handed killing peoples dogs in cages, doing unconstitutional searches without merit.

People care and want police to uphold the same standard everywhere, since America is becoming a Police state, they have even more of a right to be upset.

Not ALL police are bad, but the ones that fuck around need to lose their jobs, or have serious reactions.

Gilliand2804d ago

You have no idea what a police state is. If you whine about dogs getting killed at least it isn't you as it would be in an actual police state. Hell for talking bad about the police right now you would be arrested.

There are dirty cops out there, but police have to wade through bs every day, something I couldn't do with out killing half the people I try to arrest, and I respect police for that.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2804d ago

agreed Stiggs.

its always someone else who caused this, never the person who committed the act. why was a cop summoned to the store? obviously the kid was being a problem, and im sure the cameras that our big bad government have installed to watch this douchebag kid picked up his actions right Mittwafen?

should the cop waited for this guy to decide when he was ready to stop disturbing/ possibly assaulting others in the store? should the cop have waited until he was assaulted? im sure people like you also encourage and approve of the rules of engagement our troops and law enforcement officers have to endure where they have to be shot at before they can protect themselves.

imagine yourself staring down a barrel of a gun and you cant eliminate the target until they attempt to kill you or your partners.

thats what our "police state" government forces upon the people who defend bitchass computer warriors who depend on the soldiers/officers to protect them and their rights which allow them to judge someone who has the courage to help protect our society. you can always go to mexico/canada or wherever you prefer to live, we wont let the door hit you on the way out.

cb4g2804d ago

...there was no throw or body slam, just a simple wrist lock takedown to restrain an uncooperative drunk who was causing trouble for the store.

I don't get some people's attitude towards cops. Most of them are doing their job in ensuring people's safety. Most of you have probably never even been in contact with a cop - unless they were chasing you coz you racked up 4 wanted stars.

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cb4g2804d ago

...and that kid is a beacon of light in our society. Grow up mate!