FIFA 11 on sale this week ?

It seems that as early as next week we play the best football game

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EpsilonTeam2890d ago

This time i'm going for the PC version. Tried the demo and loved it. At last a next gen engine for the pc which means "true" 1080p with AA/AF to the max.

BeAGamer2890d ago

learn to be humble bro.

the 360/PS3 versions are good enough

EpsilonTeam2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

"the 360/PS3 versions are good enough" never said the opposite.

I am a humble man bro. I still play a few missed games with my PSone. Fifa 10 on pc was plain awful thats all.

turok2890d ago

now the best graphics goto pc now.

lucifon2890d ago

This article is horribly written... some of it just makes no sense.
I doubt you'll see it early, especially big chains such as supermarkets.

Hades13372890d ago

I agree I can't understand what the guy is saying. I will buy it at launch regardless.