Ken Block Reveals More Details on DiRT 3

DiRT 3’s new Gymkhana game mode tests players freestyle driving skills in large racing compounds packed with props and jumps, capturing the same freedom of expression, showmanship and precise car control as seen in the world-famous video series. Players can take on specific career based events, compete and hang out with friends in online multiplayer or split-screen or become gymkhana stars themselves by uploading videos of their favourite sequences direct to YouTube.

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Reibooi2801d ago

The video on DC's site is insane(The real thing not the stupid music video). The stuff Ken Block can do with a car is mind blowing. I wonder if you will be able to pull that kind of stuff off in the game.

Letros2801d ago

Gymkhana looks fun for a Dirt 3 event, can't wait!

tynam2801d ago

Is there any point in releasing another racing game ever again after GT5 comes out?

mikepmcc2801d ago

If you think GT5 will be a better rally racing game then Dirt 3, or even Dirt 2 for that matter, you are a fool.

Also, shut the hell up about GT5 period. I'm sick of hearing about it, we all know how good it'll be, so you can stop fellating it.

Anyways, this game will be awesome, I can't wait.

gtsentry2801d ago

your kind of right about dirt being a better rally racing game since its mainly focused on that,so rally racing will be a better experience in dirt,but we didnt see alot of rally racing in gt5 yet so it has a chance

Yi-Long2801d ago

...we also didn't see a lot of rally-racing in Dirt 2 sadly, so hopefully Dirt 3 corrects that error....

PirateThom2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Well, Dirt 2 was a poor rally game in that, although the rallying was fine, it had far too many "x racing" games nonsense to appeal to an American and teenage market who don't care about rallying. It was a complete game, but full of the wrong content.

I expect a game with "Colin McRae" on it to be 90% rally driving and 10% optional extra crap that no one cares about.

Dirt 3 will either correct the mistakes by taking the series back in the right direction, or compound the errors by adding more rally but adding more other crap no one cares about on top of it.

Rally games should be as simple as point to point racing, one car, against the clock/other racers times. GT5 has this and the official WRC licence, so don't discount it. WRC 2010 will probably be a better game than Dirt as well.

r0gueZA2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Oh common Dirt 2 was epic! brought a whole lot of style to a genre that got a bit bland.

This will fly of the shelves

Nihilism2801d ago

Crank up the tessellation and HDR mofos I can take it ;)

Letros2801d ago

Word, bring it Codies.

Nihilism2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

It's a shame tessellation isn't like other aspects of games, a few .txt tweaks and bam, RE5 is 64 bit HDR instead of 32bit...

Grid Racing looked mind blowing when it released, next to Dirt 2 it looks like a PS2 game even with AO and 32aa... I hope the jump is as bit this time...but I doubt it.

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The story is too old to be commented.