The Art Of God Of War III Book Review

Gary A Swaby of writes: Ballistic has a reputation of publishing high quality art books of many forms of media. Earlier this year they published the successful Art of Uncharted 2 art book, which featured all kinds of concepts from the games development. Now Ballistic has teamed up with Sony Santa Monica to publish Art of God of War III to show off all kinds of art work for arguably the best looking game of 2010. I managed to get my hands of a copy thanks to Ballistic and I can tell you that it is an amazing asset to own if you appreciate the visual presentation of today’s games.

There are three different versions of this book you can purchase, each is a little pricey but it’s more than worth it if you appreciate what these teams go through to bring us these quality video games. The three versions which will be made available next month include a paperback edition ($65.00), a special edition ($129.00) and a limited folio edition ($300).

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BkaY2921d ago

its tooooo freaking much..

instead of that just make a side story or additional levels or something to "PLAY" not to flip pages ....what the fun in that..?


Quagmire2921d ago

Lemme check. Yup. I need to change my pants.