Id Software vs. The Supreme Court – Are Video Games Free Speech?

Dave Oshry of Ripten: If you are reading this, then before you go any further, sign The Gamer Petition, an independent campaign started in order to mobilize the gaming community before the case of Schwarzenegger v. ESA and EMA is heard. This landmark Supreme Court case will determine whether video games will continue to be protected as free speech like any other respectable medium of art. If you’ve not already been made aware of this case, then we’re glad you’re here.

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jaredhart2925d ago

Great article and you've got to respect Id for taking a stand.

greeneggsnsam2925d ago

id have been pioneers for a long time, it only makes sense for them to take a stand- and good on them for it.

Drjft2925d ago

Brilliant article, and I recommend everyone read it.

Matronedea2925d ago

It's crazy to me that people are trying to separate games from any other type of media. People should probably just take responsibility for their actions (or lack thereof) and stop blaming others for their faults.

jaredhart2924d ago

True, but that's not the American Way.

Valay2925d ago

I feel like petitions never really work...

CrzyFooL2925d ago

Petition or not, at least people are trying to make a difference. and id has as much to lose as anyone. Their games have been brought into question almost more than anyone. How many times has DooM been blamed for things? DooM made me kill my parents!! DooM made me rape my babysitter!! DooM made me leave those dirty dishes in the sink!! DooM killed OJ's wife!! DooM blew up the world trade center!! DooM shot JR!! DooM put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp!! DooM put the ram in the rama lama ding dong!! Ok where am I going with this . . . Imma go play DooM . . .

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The story is too old to be commented.