See how Webzen's PC and 360 MMOFPS is shaping up

It's been a fair old while since gamesradar heard or seen anything on Webzen's Huxley, but that's changed today all thanks to five new screenshots from the game.

Huxley, for those just emerging from under a rock, is an MMOFPS for PC and Xbox 360 that's using Epic's Unreal Engine 3. It chucks players into a post-apocalyptic world where two human factions - the Sapiens and the Alternatives - are fighting for control of an energy source called Lunarites.
Big Screen, Main Screen

It's supposedly due out this year, but gamesradar can't see that happening.

Webzen is also publisher of APB, an MMO-esque cops and robbers game in development at Realtime Worlds - which we all know was responsible for the surprisingly good Crackdown on Xbox 360. Click the Images tab to see more.

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tony3959d ago

i don't know about this one.

Blasphemy3959d ago

It's about time we have had an update on this game I wander how it will work out though. I just don't see how they can make this work though with pc and 360 cross platform unless 360 is able to use mouse and keyboard which I don't think any 360 game this far has used.

Azurite3959d ago

Hope those texts above their heads are just NPCs in a safe zone...

E.g. don't want to play a FPS where a text may turn you in when you're behind something and can't see the guy who obviously knows where you are.

A lot of strategy would be destroyed, like fooling the enemy to think you stayed behind cover while you actually sneaked behind him.

Know other FPS-games have done this mistake, this is for hoping others won't.

headblackman3959d ago

cant wait to get my hands on this one