E4G: H.A.W.X 2 Review

E4G: During its heyday, aerial combat sims enjoyed an undisputed reign as the king of video games with the likes of Wing Commander and TIE Fighter. However, more recent times have seen the genre take a backseat to the mega-selling RPGs and FPSs, with the occasional effort from games such as Blazing Skies and Heroes Over Europe doing little to reclaim a dominant role in gaming for flight sims.

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CovertGunman2893d ago

Awesome review. I was impressed with the first game and I had fun playing the demo for this one. If i wasn't out of money this would be one to buy. :)

dkblackhawk502893d ago

This game is definitly a rent for me, not worth the full retail experience of buying the game.

EvilBlackCat2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

this game is worst than ace combat

is just another lame arcade air combat game posing as a sim


SimpleSlave2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I can see where you are coming from but there is enough space for arcade and sim alike. If every game was the same then what would be the point? I can dig playing something like Gran Turismo, but I also need my Burnout Paradise fix.

I think the problem is that developers only go half way, and thats why this type of game fail. Not enough of a sim for the sim fans and not arcade enough for the arcade fan. Pretty much dead in the water (or air :) upon its arrival.

For fans there is nothing worst than half ass games like these. Developers, make up your minds for god sake, pick a side and stick to it.


Chefooba2893d ago

I really WANT these air combat games to be good, I used to love the genre...

dkblackhawk502893d ago

To be honest, the only way it could be good is if it was on the PC and you had the full flight control system, it would feel more realistic and offer that great experience.

shepowy2893d ago

even if i had that set up i still wouldn't play/buy it, as long as Ubisoft doesn't screw up Ghost Recon: Future Soldier they can do what they like.

Triggs2893d ago

Yep even with the limitations of DOS, those flight sims were the greatest. With today's graphic capabilities and yesterday's attention to gameplay mechanics, it's not hard to think of a winning formula. Think F-19 Stealth Fighter, F-15 Strike Eagle, or Apache Longbow for this generation.

shepowy2893d ago

This could have been a big title for Ubisoft but after playing the demo i can only agree with the score given, great read though.

dkblackhawk502893d ago

I agree, the demo was meh...but Ubisoft has more titles to worry about ;D

Chefooba2893d ago

True, but thats not an attitude that will produce great games is it?

mmoracerules2893d ago

Great read, dont mind the game personally though...

blkriku2893d ago

I'm not much of a flight sim person anyways. I think this will just keep me away from it