Player Affinity: Sonic Adventure Review

Myself, Jay Malone, wrote: "Microsoft has recently decided to start re-releasing old Dreamcast games on Xbox Live Marketplace. This is an idea that intrigued quite a bit of people (including me), and the first game released, Sonic Adventure, is here. I was fairly excited to dive back into this old game that I once thought was a “classic.” How well does it hold up 10 years later?"

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Grim_Fandango2886d ago

Eww.... what the hell happened here?

TheGamerGeek2886d ago

A terrible piece of trash was created.

KinivingReviving2886d ago

This sounds like a terrible nightmare.

DDMNeo2886d ago

That's really sad that they didn't do anything to help make the game better. Though I think I may ge

Grim_Fandango2886d ago

You know, the fact that I keep coming back to this article questions my sanity--why did they bring this back again?

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