COD: Black Ops all weapons, camos, custom reticles, and attachments

Well if your wondering what camos will be in the next call of duty game here they are. As well as the custom reticles and attachments for your weapons so dont drool to much.

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dangert122740d ago

i don't think n4g should support this game this is not a true gamers game

dangert122740d ago

i disagree this is a hardcore game 4 the hardest of core gamers it belongs here n4g is home

vickers5002740d ago

"i disagree this is a hardcore game 4 the hardest of core gamers it belongs here n4g is home"

Arguing with yourself, eh?

BigKev452740d ago

Danger12, your sounding like more and more like an idiot.

dangert122740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@vickers500 why would i do that show me proof u loon!!!

but the truth is out there bigkev there coming




Bubbles to every1 who disagrees leave your name in the inbox and i will insult you there for disagreeing ;)

IaMs122740d ago

Forgot to log off first?

The_Count2740d ago

I'll play whatever the fuck I want to play. So will everyone else. It's my money and I will choose how to spend it.Good day to you sir.

Also Don't bullshit us. You just forgot to log out.

Ah Ah Ah

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dangert122740d ago

erm can every one ignore those my friend watches how you lot on n4g go on and thought he would toy with you while i went not even interested in cod

cyberwaffles2740d ago

i think you've been watching too much Fight Club or Lord of the Rings. schizophrenia is a very disturbing neurological disorder.

MGRogue20172740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Ahhhhh... Input! INPUT .. MORE INPUT!!! :D :D

I recommend you watch the video.. seriously, It's damn funny & A really good film too, trust me.. You might have already seen it, don't know. :)

e-p-ayeaH2740d ago

Flamethrower assault rifle attachment? that sounds awesome

csreynolds2740d ago

Camo names without pictures? The point, please?

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The story is too old to be commented.