Mark Zuckerberg: Social Games Are Next-Generation, Xbox And Nintendo, Last-Gen

It’s no surprise that Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg thinks that games, and all online applications, are becoming more social. But in a recent comment, Zuckerberg seemed to single out Microsoft and Nintendo’s respective game consoles as old hat.

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killcycle2928d ago

I don't agree with his story but I do agree Xbox is dated.

TrevorPhillips2928d ago

I disagree with your comment. There I said it.

deadreckoning6662928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

How exactly is the Xbox dated? You mean technology wise? Cause in that case, then yes, the Xbox is is the Wii and PS3. Many PC's today are about 4 years ahead of these consoles as far as raw power and technology is concerned.

"Social Games are NExtGen? What these mother1fckers smoking on?"
"next-gen" gaming has more to do with a jump in innovation than a jump in technology or graphics. Facebook and its games have brought TONS people together online socially...something that hasn't been done before. In this respect, social games could technically be referred to as "next-gen"...since this a new generation of social gaming.

SilentNegotiator2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The founder of facebook essentially claims that stupid games on his website are better than xbox games.

He's TOTALLY not in a biased position.

DOMination2928d ago

You do realise he's talking about all consoles

Nihilism2928d ago

Everything is relative. killcycle said he didn't think the 360 was dated...deadreckoning666 said it is, he gave his reasons and it makes perfect sense.

He said most PC's are about 4 years on from then...

xbox 2006's 2010.* counts years * yeah well I count 4+ years....

what is your disagreement again?

ozps32928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

DVD is last gen and is outdated, so therefore xbox is very outdated, forget about wii.

Bluray, cell processor, 256 player online, gigbit Ethernet, 3d gaming is definitely not outdated. So PS3 compared to XB360 and wii is definitely not outdated.

For those disagreeing, please give your reasons why.

iamgoatman2928d ago


So you determine whether a piece of hardware is outdated or not by the storage medium it uses? Because PC games are still released on DVD's, I guess they're outdated as well?

The PS3 isn't some magical device brought from the future and released in 2006, it's hardware as a whole is outdated. Blu-ray may not be as a storage medium, but the only real benefit you'll see in terms of visuals is that cut scenes aren't heavily compressed, the same with audio. Plus a lot of PS3 exclusive don't even make use of the space, some little over the size of a DVD.

Compared to even a mid to low end gaming PC, the PS3 doesn't stand a chance. It may be the least outdated console of the bunch, but it's stilling using old hardware.

Smkt2928d ago

funny how you forget to mention the ps3's gpu which was already outdated when the console launched... ps3 has a gpu equivalent to a high end geforce 7.. 360 has something similar by Ati if i remember correctly.. now go and compare the console gpus to i dunno.. geforce series 9 (which is also outdated btw lol)..

bottom line is that all the consoles are outdated for one reason or another.. and forget about the 10year life cycle, as soon as one of the companies launches the next gen console the other two will follow suit. sure sony might still support ps3 like it does ps2 but then you wont really care.. you'll just be wishing for a ps4 with backward compatibility.

my guess is that Ninty will take the lead this time if the wii starts to fails because of kinect and move..

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MrAwesome2928d ago

Yes cause facebook games are innovative and have great graphics and are from the futurez; if facebook games are next gen then the industry is downgrading which we all know isn't true.( i think)

Smkt2928d ago

i hope its not true.. but after the wii's smashing success over the HD twins it could happen...

Ocelot5252928d ago


well they can count me out if farmville becomes the standard of gaming

farmville isn't gaming, farmville is a chore

sack_boi2928d ago

Farmville may be sh!t, but there are more Farmville players than Twitter accounts!!!

King_many_layers2928d ago

lets face it, we're all going to end up like the humans in Wall-E.

Sad sods that do everything through computers.

for example I went to the movies recently and I kept getting pulled away by the light of a sad bugger sending facebook messages.
We're becoming so anti social through social websites

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fuckitimout2928d ago

being social is being social. Tired of gamers who think they're celebrities because they have a high kdr or because they come to a game with their friends they think they're cool lmao. I'm like all of you stfu and sit your ass down and play cod like a good little followin b1tch. Games have turned into facebook or utube and it's sad. That's why troll here cause ppl care too much about what some randon persons says on the internet about they're console. Makes me laugh. Listen, It's the real world that counts

outrageous2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I think Facebook is definitely a glimpse into the future. Connectivity is the driving force behind all the tech that is out right now be it cell phones, handhelds, Tablets or something like Facebook. It's also the reason that I believe will will see newer consoles sooner rather than later. The current gen is 8+ years old and really lagging behind not only current PC's but all cpu/gpu based tech.

The future will be a console-less one. You'll log into your profile somewhere by clicking on an icon, see your friends list and check out the latest games release and demo's. Feel like going on line, click on whatever is the latest fade and your gaming. If it's COD, you will click on the Activision site, if it's Madden or Battlefield, you'll click on that EA site and assuming you've paid for the game, start's here already.

Facebook is mostly like farmville have had up to 80 million subscribers. They make there money thru micro-transactions, and do a very well doing so...expect more with bigger and better games.

There will always be a machine somewhere but even the next gen of cell phones will play the games we are playing now. The next machines will need to be monsters in terms of CPU/GPU power to really make you need them over things like the tablet/handheld gaming platform that will hook up to any TV or monitor and play the same games you are playing now...Imagine Gears or KZ 3 on the go and when you get home just connect via wi/fi and keep gaming on your's here already.

ico922928d ago

because games like farm world or whatever hell that lame ass game is called is really the future of the industry

hot-sauce2927d ago

When i stop laughing maybe i will have something to say

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Chuk52928d ago

Yeah, because all I wanna do it's play with a farm and own a resturant online. Blanket statement is blanket.

-Alpha2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The funny thing is that the Xbox is a total social machine. You have Facebook, Twitter, Cross Chat, and for me, most importantly, games that support split-screen. Just last night I played 5 hours of Halo split-screen, and I had some of the best moments playing a game on the same couch as someone else.

Online gaming and split-screen offer a ton of socializing for gamers.

Nihilism2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"The funny thing is that the Xbox is a total social machine"

LOL. I'm not dissing xbox, but the connotation you put on features of a console that people play in isolation is just messed up.

The day I refer to my PC as a 'total social machine' because of it's online features while I am shut in my the day I check myself into therapy.

Incidences of Agoraphobia and Social Phobia are on the rise, as is depression and Anxiety...with good reason.

* A mother calls out to a father *

mother: "Where is billy?, I haven't seen him since this morning"
father: "he's fine, he's just in his room"

-end of parent child interaction.

Non_sequitur2928d ago

dchalfont you are totally right. True social interactions must happen with people actually present at the same place. People who interact with others in solitude via PC, phone, console, facebook, etc can still feel lonely while they interact with people.

-Ikon-2928d ago

XBOX ain't as social as you think. Sure those things are great but cost money!!!

PC and PS3 are social and FREE!!

PS: PS3 has more users online than 360.

Redgehammer2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

agree Alpha, yesterday 6 kids and myself played system link Halo Reach for hours. My house was filled with laughter and the screams that only kids can make in excitement. My home felt festive and happy, and I loved it. Tonight I am going over to my best friends house so we can can get some 4 player legendary campaign action (and man do they mean legendary). I personally will never play any of those games they have on FB, but if others like them that is cool with me. I just refuse to believe that they will suupplant gaming in the form(s) that I enjoy.

@-Ikon- and where do you get your figures that support the claim that there are more people online with the PS3, I would love to read them.?

vickers5002927d ago

"True social interactions must happen with people actually present at the same place."

Why? Because you said so? So now it's YOU that defines what a true social interaction is?

I game online with one of my friends almost every night. I am unable to hang out with him, as he has a wife and 3 kids, but we text about gaming and industry news all the time and play online games all the time as well.

What makes that any less of a social interaction than going to someones house and playing a game? Everything that can be spoken and conveyed in person can be put into a text message or an audio chat. I never get the sense of loneliness when online gaming and talking to a friend.

Sure, it may not be quite as detailed or eventful as an in-person social interaction, but it isn't as shallow and devoid of humanity as you imply it is.

(Btw, that applies to friendly socialization. I agree that gfs and bfs must both be present at some point to have a true relationship.)

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SephireX2928d ago

Come on man. Many people don't get the chance to experience what running a farm feels like. Who wants to play games with realistic physics, enjoyable gameplay and great graphics when there are virtual farms to be run?

Natsu X FairyTail2928d ago

Social Games are NExtGen? What these mother1fckers smoking on?

FarmVille next gen? MOB wars next gen?

f1ck a facebook.

TrevorPhillips2928d ago

Facebook social games are crap. Farmville is one example. But Xbox and PS games are much better.

PS. If Xbox is last gen, then why did you guys accept the sponsor with microsoft for facebook app to be on the to explain.

r0gueZA2928d ago

Social games are....crap! IMO

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