Amazon Holding All PS3 Gold Box Event

The world’s largest online retailer has announced an All PS3 Gold Box Event where you’ll find amazing savings on some of the best PS3 games and accessories.

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Trexman892926d ago

oh man this is gunna be awesome! fingers crossed for some move games

deadreckoning6662926d ago

fingers crossed for some Move deals.

jalen2472926d ago

I am with you on Move deals.

ABizzel12926d ago

Go to K-Mart

PS Move Sports Bundle $100 get a $25 gift card

PS3 Move PS3 console $400 get a $40 gift card

Buy any PS3 move accessory (controller, navigate, or camera) get a $10 gift card

archemides5182925d ago

i went to kmart, they are bringing in some big deals

inveni02925d ago

Our local Toys R Us was running the same Move deal as K-Mart this week. Unfortunately, I bought mine from Best Buy on Saturday. :(

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user94220772926d ago

If only this was Amazon UK :(


UK had a lot of good deals with PS3, shouldn't be bad now a good deal for America.

Gothdom2926d ago

be glad you get deals, is like the bastard child of all the amazon family. I even order my DVD's and Blu-Rays from the US site as it cost me less than from the canadian one.

It's just a shame that blocks video game deals from canadians.

NJShadow2926d ago

Man, oh man, Amazon is really kicking butt when it comes to gaming lately.

archemides5182925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

actually they are falling behind, they better bring something good, k mart is kicking their a, i used to solely shop at amazon but kmart betters their deals by more than a margin, for example nhl11 at launch amazon regular price, kmart $20 gift card

Taggart4512926d ago

Every time one of these things comes around, I always spend more than I intend to. Which is usually nothing at all, but I expect to get 1 game, but I get like....2. fffffuuuuuuuu

BigPete79782926d ago

Cannot wait to see what they have offered. Though I just spent a fortune on Move stuff, which I am having a blast with btw. But hopefully they have some good deals that I am interested in.

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