Little Big Planet 2 Beta ,Community Made Games.

Community made games on Little Big Planet 2 , Pac Man, Go Karting Assassin's Creed and an FPS Shooter.

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SeanRL2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

They were all really great, I hope they give us a splitscreen option for local play, that would make the racing levels easier! The only one I didn't like that much was the AC level. Sackbots just don't seem to be as smart as I had hoped, at one part he ran right past a guard on the roof. Maybe they just need to be programmed better? Still, compared to what was possible in LBP these are amazing!

WildArmed2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

*Recovering from shock n awe*

I shall edit this message within the 10min time limit =/

Wow that was amazing.
My dad is going to love playing those retro games on LBP2!
He always said why doesn't Ps3 do Retro games like Pac Man..
oh boy is he in for a surprise!

raztad2922d ago

LBP is so full of win

-Alpha2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

This is my GOTY pick.


Unfortunately split-screen isn't going to happen, which is disappointing.

However, in multiplayer online you can program your level to give each camera/screen to each player meaning you could do some pretty epic stuff. Local multiplayer will force you to share the screen.

I've seen some awesome things so far-- the electronics of LBP2 allow for things much more complicated than the calculator (saves memory of numbers, can do more complex equations, etc), I've seen a Geometry Wars level, FPS's, etc.

-Ikon-2922d ago

LBP2 is so awesome. A year after its out they need to hold a GOTY within LBP2!!!!!

house2921d ago

i cant wait to get my hands on it but its kinda crazy gow3 and lbp2 and g.t5 all are on the list in my veiw for game of the year Sony's on a roll this game needs to get here fast i need Mr sackboy!!!

despair2922d ago

most likely you can program a range on the sackbot so if you enter that range they get hostile, but this was really great and its just the beta.

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danmachine2922d ago

With so much possibilty this game will be awesome.

MGRogue20172922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I pretty much get to make my own games..?! OMG. *pulls hair out*

'Nuff said. Buying it ASAP!

Nothing is going to stop me from buying it, unless of course I get run over before the game is even released.. What? It could happen, you know.. :(

People drive like mad men nowadays.. jesus, you gotta' cross the road with your eyes wide f**king open 'cause otherwise.. well you know.. xD

NabikiTendo2922d ago

always brings games like this to the industry. you won't find variety like what the ps3 gives you on any other platform this generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.