Engadget: Nintendo 3DS Hands-On

Engadgets hands on footage of the upcoming nintendo 3ds

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RPcinemas2928d ago

awesome, the analogue stick thing looks pretty ace

BulletProofVess2928d ago

looks pretty impressive just wish they hadn't of released so many redesigns
iv purchased pretty much one of each
at least all the games are compatible

cant believe the ds has been out for 6 years now

Viddharto2928d ago

The 3DS is not a redesign, it's a whole new system, just like the ds was the successor to the gameboy.

Nihilism2928d ago

Tell it like it is, it was a successor to the gameboy advance...

What you said is like saying electric cars are the next thing after the steam engine...leaving out all the in between.

I don't feel that a single game made use of the DS's graphical power, I hope the 3DS does, but I doubt it, not when S.E can make 6000000008 Final Fantasy ports each year and morons will pay $49 for a 15 year old game at half the resolution.

Theonik2928d ago

I think he/she was getting not being able to afford another hand-held having bought each redesign Nintendo made to the DS. Or that not buy one until the inevitable redesign.
Well there wasn't much of it there to begin with. If people wanted graphics they should have gone with the PSP.

chazjamie2928d ago

i want one. but damn. i just know its going to be pricy

Cloudberry2928d ago

It's only been more than a year for my DS lite...

Oh well...

extermin8or2928d ago

um that looks like a DS but 3D? whats the point the graphics on that didn't even look better :(
maybe i'll get it my old DS lite broke a year and a half ago, we'll see i guess

Thecraft19892928d ago

The graphics are ten times better looking at the tech demos in Manchester shows the resolution is lot better resident evil looked amazing so did metal gear It hands down beats the psp in graphics and controls analogue stick feels very smooth and very easy to use and just the right size.

jony_dols2928d ago

I dunno, u must rem that the psp is nearly 5 years old, and ghost of sparta looks graphicaly at least 3 or 4 times better than anything released on the ds The 3ds is powerful, but i'd wait to see sonys attempt at the psp2 before you go boasting about its graphical prowess

jony_dols2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I dont understand why people disagree with everything on this site. If Ghost of Sparta was a flagship title on the 3ds, people would not shut up about how graphicaly stunning it is.

Im gonna buy a 3ds if the psp2 aint announced soon. But going by sony's recent form with their hardware, expect it to be very powerful, because according to the MK devs, it is.

Viddharto2928d ago

Here we go again... the 3DS isn't just another redesign but a whole new system. It's going to have kickass graphics and awesome games :D

rareairtone2928d ago

I still don't understand why journalists record 3ds footage in 3d, knowing that we can't see the graphical effects well.

this is why nintendo didn't let people record the 3ds during e3, because they knew the journalists were going to do this shit.

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The story is too old to be commented.