Headshots On The PS3 Have Never Been This Precise. Eagle Eye Changes PS3 Gaming

TQcast: Precision is key when playing first person shooter video games. Using a console controller to play first person shooter games may have not been a good idea years ago, but today playing FPS games on a console is not only popular, but precise enough to get you those headshots. Or is it?

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dangert122928d ago

Headshots are so pleasing they actually make me feel good for some odd reason lol

evrfighter2928d ago

mmmmmm looks like an xfps rateup clone. Meaning fine tweaking will be nonexistant. Again I'll recommend the xim and a cross battle adapter if you want to use mouse and keyboard for the ps3.

SeanRL2927d ago

I'll be getting this! Mouse and keyboard are amazing for shooters!

mikeslemonade2927d ago

Evrfighter is probably correct. Also the left stick kills WASD on the keyboard. Because when you strafe you can move diagonal and it's much more dynamic to move one knob instead of pressing 2 or 3 buttons simulataneously.

silenius2927d ago


RedSky2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I can imagine the mouse lagging or being movement constrained because all it's really doing is emulating an analogue stick, but regardless it's indisputably cheating. Just because it's hardware and not pure code exploit based doesn't make it any less dodgy.

Back when they release Shadowrun and had PC players directly competing with consoles, the PC players wiped the floor for obvious reasons. This would be approaching it here.

This is the equivalent of PC mouses you can get which have a dedicated 3-5 shot rapid-fire button that makes single shot assault rifles stupidly good.

bjornbear2927d ago

this is pretty awesome, but its a bit unfair, but cool we have the choice

- @ everyone complaining - chill, its not THAT much of an advantages, its not they are cheating =P

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dragunrising2927d ago

Until I clicked away from the main page into the comments I thought the article was about Move. Now, that would be an article I was interested in. Keyboards and mice on consoles is akin to cheating in my book.

On an related note, I hope Move is able to level the playing field of those few keyboard and mice PS3 gamers. Wii Motion Plus was a let down. I'm hoping Move replaces my Dualshock for Killzone 3 and Socom 4 :-)


I don't consider a controller swap a cheat, unless it's a turbo controller or any other thing to let you do what you aren't supposed to, like full auto shots in sigle fire weapons.

That said, I don't see the point of it. This isn't the first k/m adapter for PS3, as well as there are other mouse options for PS3 (like FragFX). The problem we have already seem with all those is simple, PS3 games aren't designed around m/k setting, which means you probably end up with too sensitive or non responsive enough mouse. maybe both depending on what you are doing. Even if you tune it right, console games don't have the same sensibility while doing different actions (shooting walking usually moves slower than shooting standing, shooting without aiming permits you to turn quickier than while down the sights), PC don't have too, but there is a bigger difference of sensibility on consoles, exactly because a controller isn't as easy to make precise movements (in a mouse, moving slower or faster is easy, on a controller it's not how fast, but how far on the stick course you had moved it into) the game itself is coded to compensate for that. Also they all have lag input.

Maybe some people feel confortable enough with a m/k this that they see those things, specially if such people aren't used to playing FPSs on consoles as they are on the PC, probably seems to them that even if the sensitiveness isn't right, it's still easier than on controller... It's fine by me, everyone should be able to play with whatever they feel more confortable. But if you want to see it clearly, just play UT3, that don't require any adapter, just hook in your mouse and keyboard and it will play. Take close attention as to how the diference in sensibility with m/k is small, than play with DualShock3 and look at what a half way through analog stick move you in aiming down the sights or free shooting, while moving your character, etc... Than hook this or any other mouse adapter to PS3 and play it again, you'll see how thing went complicated as you have to watch for sensitiveness all the time so you don't mess it up.

You'll notice why those that already adapted to play FPSs with controller will avoid m/k accessories that aren't natively supported. That's the reason why I want to test Move with shooters, it's supposed to be about as natural as a mouse but the real good thing is that the games will be supporting this kind of precision, not just the hardware.

WildArmed2927d ago

Wow.. that is amazing.. for just 50$ >.<
If I was a regular FPS player, I'd get this in a heatbeat.

But I'm not.. D:
But wow, I'm speechless.

gameraxis2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago ) certainly better than this piece, and yes it is mouse and an awesome "nunchuck" like controler with ur left had... if u want percision and motion mapping, (like melee at the flick of the wrist, or greande toss of anything) with full turbo on any or all buttons this is what u want!

buy the way they've come out with various models since i've gotten mine so look at the second one (my favorite) or even the first,third or any, and youtube videos on it, some pro gamer(s) endorses it and it seems to have very high rating, i can't notice any lag and i'm a picky b*tch with that kinda stuff myself...

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dangert122928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

depends what gun your using in and what game your playing :P


i prefer killzones they are hard because of the amount of recoil on the game and also that little blip when people die makes it seem even more satisfactory

Chupa-Chupa2928d ago

That's true. MW2 headshots feel more satisfying than KZ2, but KZ2 looks amazing!

Hideo_Kojima2928d ago

are you high?
In killzone 2 when you get a headshot their heads blow off.

crzyjackbauer2927d ago

it was really cool in killzone 2 when they added the motion controls on the sniper rifle accuracy, its the first time i thought that sixaxis was done right

WildArmed2927d ago

haha I love that BLIP every time you get headshot.
It felt soooo rewarding

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Jacobite2928d ago

This I will be interested in

BulletProofVess2928d ago

this device will help bridge the gap between console & pc gamers
and result in the ps3 appealing to a larger audience

yet i think it would have been nice to see someone a little better at K&M to demo it

xxxprettiboyxxx2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

it could help bring over additional pc users who love and are accustom to the keyboard and mouse

i just hope that it doesn't affect the balance of multiplayer due to the advantages of keyboard control

edited:some typos

Reefskye2928d ago

Keyboard control is a bit outdated, doesn't work as well for moving your character about a map than an analogue, but its the opposite when it comes to aiming with a mouse.

BryanBegins2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

True Reefskye. On top of that, I always felt that it was so unrealistic to play with a mouse because you can turn 180 in 1/10 of a second. A real sodlier couldn't do that.

morganfell2928d ago

Actually it won't work. This is no different that the device reported yesterday for the 360. These have been around for sometime and there was a great deal of marketing last gen for the PS2 and Xbox with the invention of the Smart joy. They are fine as long as you are laying stationary taking linear shots.

But the minute you have to engage in close quarters battle the turn rate kills you. Spitfish came up with a novel solution for turn rates...and it didn't work either.

The essential programming is set up for the gamepad. Even though you may tweak settings in the game menu and adjustments as part of the external device's hardware and internal software you inevitably cannot counter the game's response which was set up and adjusted for a pad. Yes these things work fine in very controlled demo situations. But in an actual MP game? I encourage all of the people I might play against to get one.

TrailerParkSupervisr2927d ago

Exactly. CQC will fail on this (these) device(s). Trying to swing around and do a 180 will result in shotgun pellets to your head every time and you will not even have seen the shooter.

GodFather_872928d ago

I think I stick to my PS3-Controller. But I would like to test it ...

blahblah2928d ago

i wasted my money on fragfx. and while my aiming was better, my movement wasn't (worth noting i don't play fps, i bought it for MGO which is TPS not FPS, so it can kinda be my own fault). i was shooting faster, but also died way more often from the angles or by cqc. after 1 week of trying to get accustomed with mouse i simply went back to regular controller.

i really don't know if experience in FPS is any better with frag, but in TPS both, feel and play simply sucked.

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