Wii Sports Resort vs. Sports Champions: Which is Better?

IGN: It's A Motion Controller War.

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gtamike2888d ago

Sports Champions it is then

Hyrius2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Sports Champion > Wii Wports.

=> Move > Wiimote.

=> PS3 > Wii.

=> Consoles > Toys.

=> Sony > Nintendo.

Jrome2888d ago

people who don't even realize they are fanboys < people who accept the fact that they are fanboys

fuckitimout2888d ago Show
playboi282888d ago

Better tech?! It's one thing to have a preference but to even be able to get those words out is amazing. Even the Nintendo guy said that Sports Champions has better tech. The Wii is still very good but the tech is undeniable. Personally, I have and love them both but I'm rarely in the mood to play either one since I rarely have company over (for gaming at least).

plenty a tool2888d ago


unless, i can get on sonys payroll aswell. please let me know

Weaksauce11382888d ago

I think Wii Sports handles Archery a little better, and Bowling > Bocce Ball. I'd give Nintendo the edge here since you can also create your own custom character. The Champions characters are so generic, needed guest appearances from Sony IP's to get that edge. Its a good launch title but it lacks anything that makes it stand out as anything but a wii sports clone.

Can't wait for the shoot and lights out though!

eagle212888d ago

Oh, and another thing. LMAO

Sports champions does NOT have bowling or regular tennis. Why? I have no clue. Easily my two favorites in the original Wii Sports. So why only six events/games? Nintendo really has nothing to worry about.

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hakis862888d ago

My friend and I played the Hell out of Gladiators yesterday - my body hurts today! Definately a good workout (and I'm pretty well fit).

pinksteak092888d ago

i'm feeling the burn to lol

40cal2888d ago

I was going at Gladiators last night for 3 hours with my cousin, yep I'm a bit sore this morning also.

Sports Champions as way better than Wii Sports, the PS Move just is more advanced than the Wii. If you have a PS3 you need to go pick this up, it's absolutely amazing.

hakis862888d ago

Really accurate and quite fun - important to hold and swing the "racket" just like you would in real life.

Gladiators and table tennis are my favourites in Sports Champoins actually.

By the way: watch this fun and informative video about the Tech inside the PSEye and MOVe - really explains why it's superior to the Wii - very complex!

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40cal2888d ago

So according to Greg Miller is you have zero physical ability and or hand eye coordination stick with the Wii.

If you understand the difference between a forehand and a backhand shot go with Sports Champions.

I personally LOVE the depth and realism that Sports Champions provides. Oh, and while where at it, I also prefer the art direction of Sports Champions, never really cared for the cutesy Mii crap.

eagle212888d ago

75 million > 39 million


boodybandit2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

So then are you of the opinion Wiisports and Wiifit are the best games made this generation?
sales > quality, right? /s

eagle212888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Can't handle the truth...launched at the exact same time idiot. :)

Don't ever say the word quality when Wii has the best rated game this year. :)

boodybandit2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

This is news4gamers and not news4stockholders.
Sales have NOTHING to do with quality and reviews don't mean jack shit to me. Hype, over the top marketing campaigns, PR spinning, advertising dollars, bias, tabloid and pocket lint journalist is what fuels the gaming industry today. Trolls and fanboys make it almost unbearable to follow any more.

I am of an opinion of one, mine.
Smart consumers don't need others to tell them what to purchase. Only mindless drone and sheep need that encouragement.

I have a Wii. Don't own Move yet but played it for a couple hours at my brother in-laws yesterday. It's a lot more accurate and fun to play than the Wii using the Wii mote. <- Now that is just "my opinion"

Eagle I am just breaking your balls a bit.
I usually agree with you. Just not this time round.

eagle212888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Yet you don't call out Hyrius? Babies are smarter than most fanboys. :)

phatak2888d ago

dude. quality is not based on 1 game. on an average ps3 games have higher scores than wii and 360 games. name me 10 wii games than are not on ps3 or 360 and r rated over 90? yea u cant. no wiiware and virtual console allowed.

digitaledge2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

A quick look at Metacritic shows that there are 8 Wii games rated 90 or over that aren't on the PS3 or 360.

It also shows that there are 8 PS3 games rated 90 or over that aren't on 360 or Wii.

And it shows that there are 9 360 games rated 90 or over that aren't available on PS3 or Wii.

Obviously not including WiiWare, PSN or Live Arcade games like you stated.

I'm kind of wondering what your point was? Oh yeah, I asked if we could name 10 Wii titles rated 90 or over that aren't available for PS3 or 360. Well, I can't. but I also can't name 10 PS3 titles that aren't available for 360 or Wii, and I can't name 10 360 titles that aren't available for PS3 or Wii.

WeaseL2888d ago

$2.99 bottles of wine out sell $100 bottles does that mean they are better quality?

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vhero2888d ago

Better tech either proves you are stupid SpydaBlacc or a total fanboy.

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Ivan Drago IV2888d ago

I don know ign which is better, a Kia or Mercedes? Seriously at this point we all know the move is better.

Windex2888d ago

not Move or Wiimote
its a wii game to Move game.

eagle212888d ago

Sports Champions 7.5
Sports Resort 7.7

which one is the Kia? I watched the video and there is no resounding praise for either of them. But one has sold like 16 million. These games don't even compare to the better quality titles on both Wii and PS3.

They actually guy feels Sports Champions has no personality/generic and (the other guy said) it's a little laggy, but the tech is deeper. Wii Sports Resort runs at a constant 60 frames but not as deep in the moves you can pull off or graphic polygons but "personality". And asked which one is funner, they all just literally shrugged and said both. And called both "mini games".

Watch the video. Oh, it's N4G my bad. :)

vhero2888d ago

I wont get sports champions as its not got bowling nuff said..

fafoon2888d ago

Earlier today i saw the Killzone 2 vs Halo Reach comparisons then i saw the GT5 vs Forza 3
And now this
Its just not fair on the other consoles
The PS3 is the Only True Next Gen Console

cliffbo2888d ago

i expect to see less comparisons from now on because unlike in the past, they make the PS3 look better

willie322888d ago

I have both a PS3 and a Wii. I just bought the move the other day and it really impressed me. The accuracy of the motion control blows the Wii's out of the water.

40cal2888d ago

I dont know who disagreed with you Willie, but you are right, Move dose blow the Wii away.

willie322888d ago

It's okay that I received a few disagrees. I own both and enjoy both systems. I just love the accuracy that Move provides over the Wii. I can't wait to play Dead Space Extraction on the Move and the many other rail shooters. Bocce ball is insane with the back spin you can provide with the Move controller.

Darkspade2888d ago

I enjoy the Table Tennis more then any I just wish it was online

8-bit2888d ago

I really wish Sports Champions had online multiplayer too.

Samus HD2888d ago

yes but the games are in ask
soo for me Wii sports rezorts more fun
but sports champion good too