Six Quest Packs Planned For Folklore

During the Folklore presentation by the game's designer Yoshiki Okamoto at Sony's PR space, 3Rooms, some details on planned downloadable content were shown. Six download packs, or "Quest Packs", have been planned. Each pack will contain the following:

4 new quests
1 new costume
1 new monster

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bym051d4135d ago

I'm so psyched for this game.


Looks like only 4 of then are Quests, maybe you could rewrite the title to "Six Downloadable Packs Planned For Folklore".

Now, on the matter... This is good, this game firstly take my attention, but the japanese demo showed that the game is not in the way what I was hoping... I just can wait for the American demo to be somewhat different then I can change my mind, or even wait to read to many good comments on this game, cause by now I'm not buying this one...

Gizmo_Logix4134d ago

Coming this Wednesday on the PSN!

rukusa4134d ago

Sounds awesome! Cant wait! :)

I do hope we'll be able to unlock some awesome Home trophies in the game when HOME launches.

Septmber & October is going to be great!