EA Hiring For "AAA Multiplayer Action Game"

SystemLink: "The profile also mentions 'Experience with splitscreen multiplayer programming', indicating the title might be co-op or playable online with two people (much like Call Of Duty: Black Ops), and asks for 'At least 2 titles shipped on PC or console', hinting the game will be multiplatform. A 'Deep passion for multiplayer games' is also requested, but doesn't settle on a single genre, instead saying 'RTS, FPS, action, etc'."

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dangert122860d ago

RTS FPS Action game? i will keep an eye out for what ever this turns out to be as its blending genres in...i wondered why people did't really do it i mean

i would love to play a Grand theft auto game were the cars drove like driving sims
you had ranking up systems and learned new skills like rpgs
and game play was very strategic while give you opitions like mass gen maybe? :D

dangert122860d ago

disagree? my bad i would love to play what ever you agree -__-

Quagmire2860d ago

Well there goes my hopes for a Mirror's Edge 2 tease...

comp_ali2860d ago

every developer is calling their games AAA eventhough if they are crap.

Nihilism2860d ago

That's because 'AAA' is related to development budget, fanboys just haven't figured that out yet.

Considering that most 'big' games are still in the 20-30 million range ( unless you count B.S figures by activision that like to throw in advertising costs etc to justify their inflated DLC ridden 8hr campaign POS games ) then I don't think there is such a thing as a AAA game.

Now come on everyone lets get back to arguing over console sales and do their PR work for them.

Spydr072859d ago

"Now come on everyone lets get back to arguing over console sales and do their PR work for them."

I lol'd at that. +bubbs, haha.

Sneak-Out2860d ago

hope for mirrors edge 2

Eazy-Eman2860d ago

It's probably Respawn's secret project

M4I0N32860d ago

sir, you may be onto something :)

omi25p2860d ago

or the bungie game didnt most of bungies leads go to 343 studios?

palaeomerus2859d ago

Bungie is working with Activision, not EA.

omi25p2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

facepalm i thought it said activision

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The story is too old to be commented.