Gran Turismo 5 Vs Forza Motorsports 3 HD screenshots comparison

Gamersmint : With, Gran Turismo 5 completing development and the final build at hand, we pit it against Turn 10′s Forza Motorsports 3. The results are rather interesting with the time taken to develop Polyphony’s latest reaping its rewards.

We face off both racers against one another in different scenarios and leave it upto you to decide which was one of them stands out

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Hyrius2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

GT 5 is so superior.

But the comparison is sh!tty.

Shadow Flare2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

There are much better gt5 shots they could have chosen. They were trying to compare like for like screenshots, but there's some screenshots in gt5 that you can't compare like for like with forza. Some of the most impressive screens in gt5 are night shots, rain shots, and the super detailed interior car shots. Forza simply has no comparison. Gt5 blows forza out of the water.

Windex2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

o yea btw, this is GT5 IN GAME

lol. Forza 3 does not compare

and this is cam recorded but still looks amazing.
GT5 - in game

and the pics from that site is not from in game.....
those r from after game replay thing
this is forza 3 actual gameplay.
the difference between GT5 and Forza 3 gets even bigger on 50 inch TV.

2714d ago
ConanOBrien2713d ago

due to a much longer development time frame and a better platform it runs on

niceguywii602713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

GT5 has piss poor gameplay, inferior driving physics and handling seemingly from last generation. LOL at all these comparison articles and anti MSFT he said she said articles coming out of the woodwork as MSFT beats PS3 longer than fanboys and Sony expected. Forza is a Sim GT is a hot mess of a racer that looks good. Graphically I there is not much of a differnce during gameplay other that the overly shinny GT5 cars suffered from Foza 2

MNicholas2713d ago

Both developers took about the same time to max out their respective platforms, about 5 years.

GT5 not only renders at a much higher resolution, it has more cars on the road, better lighting and shadows, better particle effects, more dynamic environments, better animation, etc...

The difference is vast.

Elwenil2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@ DK286K,

Th reason you are getting disagrees is that you are quoting the site and proclaiming it as fact when it is opinion, just like your post. In my opinion, I see much more than "a slight margin".

@ niceguywii60,

Just because you cannot drive a real car in real life and therefore probably suck at a realistic racing game, does not mean that the physics suck. Of course GT5 will not appeal to those who like the more accessible arcade racers but claiming that GT5 has "inferior physics" is pure BS. Also, your fanboy comments are hypocritical considering your own obvious fanboy bias. In other words, you fail.

inveni02713d ago

I think that Forza is a great looking title, but I could easily pick out which is which if given unlabeled images.

ExplosionSauce2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Compare completely different cars. That's the way to go. /s

Let's also completely ignore the fact that Forza has different car model rendering for menu/replay/photo mode and in-game. While GT uses the same model.

16 cars on screen with more realistic physics should also be taken into account.

sikbeta2713d ago

Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Driving Simulator.... no need for comparisons....

GMWPS32713d ago

Wow they used their target PC shots as pretend 'we got this from the forza 3 game' versus the 'let's make the GT5 shots look as bad as possible' version.

I have Forza 3 and let's just say GT5 prologue (which I also have) looks much better than FM3. It is not even close like they try to make us believe in this comparison. Losers!

RumbleFish2713d ago

was niceguywii60 smoking?

beardpapa2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

so they have to use forza replay screenies to compare against gt5? everyone on n4g already knows forza replay uses higher res models, practically higher res everything.

FrankenLife2713d ago

You can't really compare yet. Wait until the game comes out and Lens of Truth has at it. For the comparison to be fair you have to get both screen shots using the same method and the same output resolutions. This will also allow for shots that are of as close to identical stuff as possible. These early articles are nothing to go on.

SaberEdge2713d ago

They both look really good to me.

IHateYouFanboys2713d ago

i find it funny that you guys think that GT5 doesnt use higher detail models for replay mode/photo mode lol.

they have done this since GT1, and in every game since. what you see in these screenshots is NOT what youll see when actually playing the game, controlling the cars. youll see the lower LOD model, aliasing not present in these shots, and less post processing effects (since all these 'screenshots' are produced in replay mode, rendered at a high resolution and then downsized to reduce aliasing, and remember replay mode is 30fps with extra post processing).

have you guys even played GT5:P? it looks NOTHING like all the bullshots released before the game came out. lets not forget that for all the bullshots they released that looked exactly like these GT5 ones, this is what the actual game of prologue looks like when you play it on your tv:

throw_this_away2713d ago

Face it... or you must be a fanboy.

Ri0tSquad2713d ago

Damn, you guys are desperate. GT5's graphics are on another level at this point.

Next will be hearing about how GT5 does "tricks" to make it look so good, lol.

Kill Crow2713d ago

we can comapre it to Forza 6

kancerkid2713d ago

Gran Turismo has 2 different LOD models for every car too – polyphony has done this since the original Gran Turismo on the PSOne. be prepared – every single ‘screenshot’ that polyphony release is a ‘bullshot’ in every sense of the word: higher LOD model (youre kidding yourself if you think that in the in-game model youll be able to see every little LED light reflecting and refracting light/surroundings in a headlight), Anti-aliasing pumped up by supersampling (rendering the ‘screenshot’ at an absurd resolution (like 4000×2000) and then resizing it down to ‘in game resolution’), post processing effects added over the top (like they do in replay mode where they drop the framerate down from 60fps to 30fps), and higher detail in all the textures.
this is the way that Gran Turismo has been since the very first one, so i dont understand why everyone seems to think that all of a sudden theyve abandoned doing it?
GT5, like most other PS3 exclusives, looks absolutely fantastic in the officially released bullshots……but then when you put it in your PS3 to play youre left going ‘wtf? this isnt what it should look like…..’.

ExplosionSauce2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

You're using early Gran Turismo games as reference?

So let me say this again. Gran Turismo 5(FIVE) is using the same car models and level of detail.
The reason why you see some GT5 images that big is because you are able to take 10+ megapixel screen caps in the game.

Also, PS3 games tend to look as promised. I think you're getting confused with the Gears of war games.

paintsville2710d ago

These comparison shots make the games look very similar. After all of this development time and money spent by sony for GT5, I would hope that these shots are selling it a little short. Otherwise I'm going to be very confused as to why it took so long to come to market.

Dee_912710d ago

comparing both gameplay in person you will see a major diff. than these screenshots

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dangert122714d ago

GT5 Wins

but that does not change the fact forza is a good game and was well worth how much it was at release IMO forza 3 and Halo reach are microsoft games exclusive games that show what this gen is suppose to be about, yes killzone 3 i will most likely prefer as i prefer killzone to halo and i will probz prefer GT5 to forza but those four games will be worth every penny microsoft need this sort of constistancy from lion head and rare plus the need to scrap kinect

Lord_Doggington2714d ago

lol gt5 isn't even out yet. and forza's been out for almost a year. if there's no significant difference, then that's a failure in my opinion

Windex2714d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

lol. Failure??

by what we see now

Physics GT5 wins
Environmental graphics GT winds hands down
Cars GT5 wins.
gameplay GT5 wins
Online GT5 wins.
Car models graphics GT wins.
expensive DLCs for like 5 cars Forza wins.

i really think Forza 4 wont be good as GT5. they put so much time and resource into it.

bujasem_892713d ago

@Lord_Doggington dude , what i would call FAIL!! is Forza 4 coming out and still being outdone by GT% . that is total FAIL my friend :)

IcarusOne2713d ago

Nowhere in the game does the interior look this good. I hate the cockpit view. The lens they chose is too long and you don't get a good enough sense of the car around you. GT chose a wider lense which not only shows off more of the lavish interior, but gives you a greater sense of speed and depth for cornering.

GT5 clearly has better graphical fidelity than Forza, but they've also spent almost twice the amount of time working on it as Turn10. Both games are fun, especially if you have a good wheel and pedal system. However, in every way that matters, GT pushes it to another level. Even when it comes to the force feedback on the wheel. Driving through Forza, it's fun. But driving through GT5, it's intense. It feels like your wrists might break. My arms are physically exhausted after some races from straining to the keep the car under control.

The games would be practically identical if you stripped away from GT:
the cockpit view
the weather
the day/night cycle
the accumulating dirt
the roar of the wind
the head-tracking
the 3D
the ability to turn off power steering
the dynamic lighting

However! I love Forza's customization and paint options. And their online Storefront is exceptional. They seriously embraced the social aspect of the racing sim. I don't know if GT will have something similar, but these are also things that deserve to be discussed.

Wow. This is a long post. Here's the short version: I love both these games. But when it comes to actually DRIVING, I love GT more.

IHateYouFanboys2713d ago

@IcarusOne: "lol @ the Forza cockpit
Nowhere in the game does the interior look this good. I hate the cockpit view. The lens they chose is too long and you don't get a good enough sense of the car around you."

guess you didnt know that you can change the position of the camera in the cockpit view then, did you?

"Even when it comes to the force feedback on the wheel. Driving through Forza, it's fun. But driving through GT5, it's intense. It feels like your wrists might break. My arms are physically exhausted after some races from straining to the keep the car under control. "

do you have the finished version of GT5 in your hands? howd you get that? cause surely to say that you must have it? oh right, youre just assuming and making stuff up.

IcarusOne2713d ago

Meant to say GTPrologue. Sorry! But I doubt they're going to dumb down threir wheel support from Prologue to GT5.

And I did not know that about the cockpit cam. Thanks and have a bubble.

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Pandemic2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

How can you even compare a title that hasn't even been released with a title that is 1 year old....

Silly article..

dangert122714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

no one said the comparison had to be fair, if we was to think on that level then all exclusive comparision should never be made as they should be better on ps3 as it has the best hardware but we know that ain't what happens i mean,

some of my favourite games are nothing technically to the predecessors' out now

james bond golden eye
smack vs raw here comes the pain

comparison will always be about even if they dont seem fair just enjoy the comments and chill

it depends forza 3 has a very very good look on the world from the cockpit view maybe the cars wearnt the best but the scenery was beautiful

@Pandemic yeah comparison is pointless this is just trying to flame, but hey forza 3 is a fantastic game don't let no lame or fanboy tell you its not! i had it in my xbox from realise till january of this year

and GT5 the wait is almost over sooo excited =')

Pandemic2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

But most of the vehicles are completely different, and that you can't even compare the two.

If you were to compare the two, then obviously GT5. :]

mcstorm2714d ago

I agree but if turn10 spent as long as has been spent on gt5 ide expect it to look as good. I'm still loving forza 3 now n got it on day one n I'm sure ill still love the games once gt5 is out as just because another game comes out don't make you old ones bad. You have to give it to Sony and ms for giving us a gen to remember so far.

cliffbo2714d ago

you mean like comparing a new peripheral with one that's been out for nearly four years?

shadyiswin2713d ago

I think this was made to make forza look silly in comparison, when in actuality it holds its on. I hear gt5 is more authentic but forza is more fun, being that forza has the awesomeness that is xbox live, it will be my choice hands down everytime. Also this will sell like hotcakes, those millions of kinect users will be thirsty for a real racing game.

Bottom line is it comes down to game play not graphics, which is why halo owns resistance and killzone. Microsoft will continue to release content,sony might but i doubt it, I could be wrong, but overall forza seems to be the better experience, maybe if you don't do online gaming gt5 might be a better choice.

moparful992713d ago

Look the second that turn ten decided to open their big mouths and started with the "Definitive" talk they opened a can of worms.. All of which has led to this. Gt5's pre launch hysteria is reaching a boiling point.. It would be naive to not aknowledge just how important gt5 is to the playstation brand.. Gt5 was and is the definitive racer. One need only watch the night time rain video from gamescom to see just how breathtaking gt5 will be...

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Hellsvacancy2714d ago

GT-P looked better then F3, this is just dumb

HeroXIV2714d ago

It definitely did. Cockpit in GT5P is nothing short of photorealistic. The fact the ferrari badge/logo on the steering wheel picks lights up from tunnels is proof of how much detail Polyphony have put into everything.

Forza 3's environments are slightly better than Prologues, but that's what GT5 has improved VASTLY.

MariaHelFutura2714d ago

Stop comparing PS3 exclusives to 360 exclusives. The answer is always the same thing. Even the 360 hardcores know this by now.

knightdarkbox2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Its nice to know that a newer game series is able to equal,or surpass a legendary series like forza. Now with that being said it sucks that so many good games are coming out in the upcoming weeks. My wallet is gonna beg for mercy.

anyway I've been playing the Forza 3 today and enjoying the hell out of it. The visuals compared to Forza 2 are incredible and as an in car camera guy I appreciated all the detail in it.

raztad2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I actually think this comparison gives Forza 3 TOO MUCH credit. The gap between both games is huge. Just for starters GT5 can do (so far I know) 1280x1080 representing an massive amount of more pixels on screen + twice the number of cars = much more polygons.

To compare GT5 with Forza3 is overkill, problem is Forza 3 is technically inferior to GT5P. Digital Foundry has a nice analysis that was no very popular here in N4G, back in the days. It just went ignored.

[email protected] disagrees.

You guys disagreeing wont change reality

"Despite these technical wins for Turn 10, GT5P emerges as the classier-looking game, the standard bearer in terms of graphical accomplishment - not just up against Forza, but compared to every console driving game."

Quite the sugar coated analysis from DF, but proves the point.

Focker-4202714d ago

Gran Turismo... a newer game series?! Its been around since 1997. Forza has only been around since 2005 LMFAO. You're diluted if you think Forza is legendary compared to Gran Turismo.

boodybandit2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

An exclusive game was released this past week (FPS) that is nearly 2 years newer than another exclusive game on the PS3 and it did not surpass it visually. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but comparisons between PS3 and 360 exclusives almost always favor the PS3. GT5 looks like it's not going to be better looking than Forza 3 but literally smoke it.

Oh and BTW, I live on Forza 3. Racers are my favorite genre now that I have a wheel that works for the PS3, 360 and PC. I am playing F3 right now. Check my XBL account "boodybandit" and see for yourself.

EvilBlackCat2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

So lets see mmm?

The "oh you guys are comparing a 1 year old game with a not yet released game" excuse is not ok now?

How about the "GT5 have been in work for 5 to 6 years" excuse?

60 millions expended in the creation of the game? wow that is a lot of money invested there. They better sell more than ever.

GT5 Simulation is sooooooooooooooooooo real! JA! the main attraction distraction. Funny how they use the "The Real Driving Simulator" slogan but dont say anything about the sim aspect of the game. For me is just a pretty blond with fake boobies.

So lets see people EXPLAIN in your own words why GT series is the best racing simulator ever.

Im all ears.

Why o why2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

surprise surprise

who would of thought somebody as fair as you would dismiss a sony exclusive...Im astonished ¬_¬

GT series is better in my eyes because each has pushed the boundaries. Its been the inspiration for my games and has been acknowledged by driving professionals, car makes and enthusiasts for many years. GT5 will cement that. It will also be the most feature packed driving game to date. Night driving, go karts dynamic weather, crash damage, gt tv, nascar WRC, Track modifier...sigh....thats not even all of em..Now with the few minutes you have left to edit please dismiss each of GTs plus points... im all ears ¬_¬

Information Minister2713d ago

In my opinion the GT series is the best racing simulator ever, because it provides the best graphics, the best handling and gameplay, a great soundtrack and the largest amount of content and features.

Now lets see you EXPLAIN in your own words what other racing game is better and why.

Redgehammer2713d ago

like some people don't get the attraction to shooters, I don't get the attraction to racing sims, but hey, to each his own.

boodybandit2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Did you say the same about a certain 5 to 6 year big budget horror game that was released this past year? You know, the game that was suppose to not only be the best of it's genre but match or surpass PS3 exclusive visuals. How did that work out for yah?

Give it up. Sony puts their money where it matters most, GAMES!

Don't hate.

boodybandit2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I wasn't much of a race fan several years back but enjoyed playing arcade racers like Ridge Racer, NFS and Burnout. Once I went to a friends house and played on his force feedback wheel that all changed.

Try playing a racer that has good wheel support on a decent rig and see if it changes your opinion at all. I use to be a hardcore everything gamer and now I am pretty much 90% racer and 10% everything else.

The immersion you get playing a good racer on a wheel is second to none in gaming.

WiiPS3beats3602713d ago

Goes to show u what 60 mil can do
say how much did M$ pay for the TIMED gta4 dlc, 75 mil DAMN that could gone to fixing up the bugs on forza

hmouzy2713d ago

So lets see people EXPLAIN in your own words why EvilBlackCat only got 1 buble.

Im all ears.

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bustamove2713d ago

...Are they for real?

There's no contest between the two. ._.

Jazz41082713d ago

Looking at all the cooments on this page there is no way you could get a objective opinion. Everyone of you shout your fanboy bias and claim it too be truth. Its very funny to read. This effects you or me in life how which racer looks more photorealistic? Your comments fail at making the point with honest truth and the honest truth is this. Both games are made toshine on there consoles and that's what they will do. Forza did that a year ago when it was releases and gt5 will do that whenever it makes it out the door. If I was to show true colors I would say sonys system is a joke or ms system brakes but they ate both true statements and have no bearing in this article.

DOMination2713d ago

Looks like a close call on graphics but Forza wins out on gameplay, very much like Halo.

Hoje03082713d ago

As an arcade racer, yes, Forza beats GT. If you casual race fans like casual racers, fine, but don't say they beat real sims in the simulation department.

Hideo_Kojima2713d ago

Hoje you almost made me spit the water I was drinking on my laptop...

DOMination your dilusional... GT5 is a racing Simulator...
It is like the most realistic first person shooter of the FPS genre.

Hoje03082713d ago

I like how they use the bullshots that Turn 10 released too, which look NOTHING like the models used in-game. At least with the GT5 photos you get something similar to what you'll actually be playing, albeit in a higher res with more AA. And no, the comparison isn't even close. Get some cockpit shots in here and you'll see that GT blows the doors off of Forza.

@niceguywii60 If you think Forza has realistic gameplay, then you sir, are an idiot. It's similar to a Codemasters title in that it has sim elements combined with arcade traits. It's not GT's fault that you can't handle under/oversteer.

Hoje03082713d ago



Even unfinished, GT5 destroys Forza. Also, for anyone comparing gameplay, you can tell how arcadey Forza is compared to GT. In GT, if the guy drops off the throttle mid corner, he pays for it. In Forza, the game takes care of that for you. GT decimates these pretenders to the throne.

potenquatro2713d ago

What the hell are you talking about.You sound like- (A) cant be older the 15- (B) have only owned Playstation all your life. GranTurissmo Has NEVER...repeat...NEVER been about sim racing. I know why I and everyone bought the first GT back for PS1. Because of the amazing models and incredible amount of cars. You could actually race with any car even the one you owned in real life. Virtua Racer on Saturn was a better SIM. Then GT on PS2 same thing, amazing models incredible amount of cars, but still SEGAgt, MetropolisStreetRacer and FORZA were better SIMS. Now same shit again, amazing models incredible amount of cars. Your whole "FORZA is arcadey, GT is a sim" argument proves you have no idea what you're talking about. Stop misinforming and spewing so much nonsense. You sound like you're getting payed for it. The comarison is for observations on grafics and you're talking about gameplay? STFU

moparful992713d ago

You provided no facts as to why forza is a better sim or why gt isnt. Let me enlighten you. Do you know what body roll is? I hope so because it plays a huge roll in the handling charactersitics of a car. In gran turismo body roll is accounted for and you can counter body roll by adding sway bars and strut tower bars as well as stiffening springs.. However if you make the car "too tight" it has a tendency to understeer which is a very reall effect. Most people know nothing of the proper balance of modifications to make a car handle better so they leave the settings alone. This means the cars are driven using factory tune which gives cars that sloppy feeling. Gran turismo traditionally has been rife with regular production cars. Not until gt5 prologue did we get the chance to drive a super car.. Super cars and designed from the factory to have exceptional handling and said handling is present in gt5 prologue. Dude I could seriously write a 4 page response ripe with example of the insane realism present in gt.. Try again.

potenquatro2713d ago

STFU. I know about "body roll" lol. The F*** are U talking about. I've actually owned performence cars, not just in video games. You want evidence...STFU and pick up a controller. Play the games, compare, and cross reference the games. That's my evidence. You also prove you have no Idea what your talking about. Your prolly another 15 year old. Buy more consoles and own a couple of cars then get back to me LOLOL. Your failure begins the moment you thought you had a point. No need to get defensive, I didn't say anything bad about GT, on the contrary, I think it's grat and keeps a great tradition of amazing models and incredible amount of cars.

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DigitalAnalog2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Doesn't look THAT good in motion on my HDTV. Whereas the off-camera on TGS GT5's weather trailer.......

Yup.. Even Eurogamer can attest to this.

"But the bottom line is that Polyphony has set the technical standard that Turn 10 has to compete against, and it's fair to say that the Japanese developers' work in GT5 will have a huge bearing on whatever form Forza 4 will take"

-End statement

hennessey862713d ago

gt5 has the superiour graphics, but i like both games

Sarcasm2713d ago

pfft, those are all bullshots anyhow. Forza 3 looks like ass when it comes to actual in game screen shots.

2713d ago
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iamnsuperman2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

These photos are not the greatest thing to compare. They both look done up. I personally thing GT5 looks better from gameplay footage of the two but comparing both these screens is pointless

cyborg2714d ago

GT 5 has better lightning and blur effects in most of this shots. Also the "glossy effect" looks better for GT 5.

2714d ago Replies(4)
Dance2714d ago

car models look much better in gt5 but lacks the environment detail compared to forza 3 and many other racers

MaximusPrime2714d ago

I like weather/car details more than environment details.

Who actually drives very fast and at the same time looking at environment details. Environment details are not important and PD knows better than Turn10.