Top Ten TGS 2010 Revelations

During this year’s TGS, there has been loads of game announcements, trailers revealed and screenshots being shown. Gran Turismo 5 announced another new feature to the long awaited game, their Gran Turismo Anytime web portal for the racing simulation game. Gran Turismo Anytime includes features like My Home, which includes message boards, photo sharing, as well as Remote Races, which isn't real-time racing over the web, but rather a racing team management simulation.

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Game-ur2921d ago

A DLC being the second best announcement in TGS10 speaks volumes about the success of the event.

One or 2 choices belong in the worst announcement category.

The show was mostly about presenting previously reveled games. And confirming rumored releases.

piroh2921d ago

where on the list is Dissidia 2?

Game-ur2921d ago

Weird, a lot of the comments list disappointments but then conclude by saying it was a great show, where is the logic in that?

The only REAL announcements were games like Ninja Gaiden3, Asura's Wrath, VC3, SOTD and the infamous DMC, and the rest were games we already new about.

MagicAccent2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

"[..]the infamous Team ICO finally revealed more details on The Last Guardian."


Also, what's up with the spoilers for Shadow of the Colossus?
Don't read #1 if you havn't played SotC. (Not a huge spoiler, but whatever)

sanshatak2921d ago

this years tgs was better than e3

chazjamie2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

i am disappointed by suda 51.
dead rising dlc was a major announcement let alone a highlight of the show? uhm no.
To be honest i wanted more annoucements and confirmations. There was no versus date, nothing about agent (yes i know thats makes no sense for a tgs), kojima didnt say anything new or announce a new project; atleast give us insight on your new projects (if you even busy with one).

We already knew that ico and soc were coming. so that was not a surprise. e3 was okay, tgs was better.

danielle0072921d ago

I remember reading articles last year about how disappointing it was..

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albel_nox2921d ago

I wish their was more Jrpgs announced but otherwise TGS was great. Steel Battalion, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3 just to name a few good announcements. Asura's Wrath also looked interesting. The new DMC might end up being a good game despite it's crappy new Dante. TGS was way better than E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.