Halo: Reach Yahoo Review

As robust as the seven-feet tall armoured heroes that it represents and shooting to thrill without courting controversy, in Campaign or multi-player ‘Halo: Reach’ is an almighty triumph.

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trancefreak2716d ago

I seriously cant get enough of this game. I mean its been awhile where I actually had to plan for breaks instead of just quiting the game.

I didnt get to play as much as I wanted yesterday but this game has so much too offer. Both my boys fight over whos rollin with dad on this one.

Noble 6 reporting for duty. :)

outrageous2716d ago

I hear you loud and clear...I've had 10 neighborhood kids here all week playing with my kids. Halo Reach is a MASSIVE hit with the younger gen. This game will be burned in there memories for a lifetime like pac-man is in

At least 3 kids have bought 360's to celebrate the release of Halo about that. I wonder if this kind of thing is happening everywhere. M$ really needs to invest in another Halo type of game. I don't know about you but Halo Forge alone could of sold millions.

Lord_Doggington2716d ago

5/5 for those who are too butthurt to click the link

MrAwesome2716d ago

Thanx for not making me click u made my day! :D

telekineticmantis2716d ago ShowReplies(1)
Chuk52716d ago

Who is this disagree fairy that sweeps through reach reviews?

Lord_Doggington2716d ago

it's childish. people who do that should get out of n4g

absolutecarnage2716d ago

D-bags that can't except that people enjoy Halo reach, I can except that Halo isn't for everyone, fair enough, but people who rag on it saying it plainly a expansion or doesn't do anything special is retarded, Halo is Reach is packed full of Content and it still has ton's more coming for it, Can't wait to see how bungie will support this title for years to come, New maps will come for years