Retailers Say Eye of Judgment is $60, Camera Included

The upcoming Eye of Judgment, which includes the camera peripheral, is listed for the same price as a regular PS3 retail game: only $60. According to, the game will arrive in October. At this price, it seems worthwhile to pick up -- even if you're not interested in the game

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resistance1004132d ago

thats a bargin if true, i was expecting the eye alone to be at that price (well 40quid for us brits)

eXplotion4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

-BR Game Disc
-Deck of Cards
-Eye Toy

All for $60 GREAT DEAL!


well theres this game, the new ball-moving game (turoq or something like that), the Vegas:texas hold em poker game (the one im into) and many more...

Omegasyde4132d ago

I was expecting way more. HOWEVER how many will support the EYE? the last eye toy got crapped on and Sony left it with what only 4 games?

If Sony played their cards right, this could be their answer to the the Wii remote.

Siesser4132d ago

I agree, more than worth it if it includes the camera's cost. And maybe it'll turn me onto the card-collecting game genre (hopefully not; I have an addictive personality, and the last thing I need is something like this becoming fun. There's a reason I don't play RTSs anymore...).

Omegasyde4132d ago

yea whenever I play RTS's, time goes like its cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.