Official Sony 3D World Website Launches

Sony has launched the official 3D World website today, and you can see the amazing website after the jump.

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inveni02738d ago

I got to test a 3D TV at Best Buy yesterday, and it was much better than expected. Made me want one.

Apotheosize2738d ago

Yeah same here, I thought it looked horrible, but then I turned the glasses on lol, my mistake hahah

sikbeta2738d ago

3D is Damn AWESOME and it's a Must for Gaming...

Darkstorn2738d ago

3D is a nice addition, but nowhere near a 'must.'

huga_muga2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I have tested 3D tv at a local Mall, the depth was brilliant, it was a football match, kind felt like i actually were there with the players.

You can now find a 3D 40 inch tv between $900 and $1200 some of come with a free 3D glasses.

also check out this

MajorgamerQc2738d ago

Now all we need is a release date for the 3D movie playback firmware.

a08andan2738d ago

wasn't that in 2 days? on the 21st?

hyabusha2738d ago

Sept 21st my friend! ^_^

SkylineR2738d ago

Too bad 3D is on the decline. According to our in-store Sony rep, interest for it has dropped significantly. Prob due to there being zero movies to buy.

inveni02738d ago

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. That just means it's just now getting started. DVD, BluRay and HDTV also suffered from similar 'declines'.

Someone needs to smack your Sony rep in the head.

inveni02738d ago

HA! Yeah, I said that because I assumed the "rep" was himself.

Natsu X FairyTail2738d ago

3d f1ck people eyes up. You're brain isnt supposed to be seeing images like that. I've tried watching 3D movies , 3D games @ the Eaton Center and I always felt weird and unconfortable. I liked it at first but when I started getting dizzy I took em off fast. I know alot of people who've been experiencing this aswell. We all tried playing @ the same Store.

DrDreadlox2738d ago

If only I had a dollar every time someone said something would fuck up my eyes, I'll be a rich man by now. You could spend every minute of everyday trying to avoid things that are "potentially" harmful or you could just live your life.

writersblock2738d ago

You know you can say fuck, right?

Anyways, it can be strenuous on the eyes, sure. But I havent had any problems with it, so I see no reason myself and others shouldnt enjoy it

Darkstorn2738d ago

3D is probably not great for the eyes, but neither is staring at a screen of any kind for hours on end.

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The story is too old to be commented.