AOTF: Dead Rising 2 Review

Attack of the Fanboy has released their review of the upcoming title, Dead Rising 2.

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tynam2925d ago

im pretty sure the embargo hasn't lifted yet, also I'm pretty sure this site isn't reliable, I'll wait for some decent sites to review it before i make my mind up

Pandemic2925d ago

They also released a review for Halo: Reach, the review for it seemed pretty legit.

comp_ali2925d ago

it is "attack of the FANBOY" , so of course it isn't reliable.

ChronoJoe2924d ago

Multiplatform release, though.

kevnb2925d ago

youre going to base the purchase on reviews? Why? I cant understand why anyone would do that, "profesional" reviews are useless. It seems people undertand that when it comes to movies and music, but when it comes to video games...

AusWarrior2925d ago

Well even if you don't agree with the reviewer, the review is generally the best source of information for a game across all categories.

kevnb2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

most times I read a review I have no idea what a game is really like. I really have to just play the game, maybe watch some gameplay footage, or go by word of mouth from someone I know. They tend to dwell on things I dont care about or not mention things I love. For instance reviews for halo reach and starcraft barely even cover the aspects I most enjoy. and spend most the time talking about things that I couldnt care less about. If I listened to reviews my game collection would be vastly different, and much worse.

insomnium2925d ago

With no reviews to help to sort put the utter shite from decent to great games you would be spending your entire life just playing and testing games to find a good one and not to miss good games. People don't have the time. There are way too many games coming out all the time.

despair2925d ago


without reviews I would have purchased Afrika for PS3 and that would be bad because it looked interesting. Also many other games like Arkham Asylum would be written of as just another movie tie-in and I would miss a great gaming experience.

Reviews help with purchases but they should not dictate what you buy.

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silver-surfer2925d ago

Just because they reviewed a game they downloaded from a torrent and published the review before the online embargo doesn't mean the review is any less accurate.

TOSgamer2925d ago

Nope, but it does make the "reviewer" an idiot. Nothing stupider then doing something illegal and then drawing attention to yourself. Which by itself kind of makes the review useless. I mean who values an idiot's opinion? BTW my favorite line from the review:

"For my money however, the game got to be a little boring."

What money is that? His monthly ISP bill? lol

vhero2925d ago

Game will get slated by 360 fanboys for it going multiplatform.. I would say real reviewers will give it a fair shout but not many of them about..

hmmmm2925d ago

wow you sound pathetic...

I mean, i know you're a pretty big fanboy

poopface12925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

thats something that the ps3 fanboys do to every game that ever went from a PS to being multi.

on another note, I hope capcom makes a Mega man x game or a mega man legends game sometime soon.

NLGSean2924d ago

Embargo has not been lifted yet per Capcom. Also my guess is this was a review from a rip/torrent.

And "Pandemic" must be the dude that wrote the review...LOL at him saying "They must be legit... they did a Halo Reach review"...

TrailerParkSupervisr2924d ago

Seeing actual gameplay is. All it takes is a 5 minute GameTrailers walkthrough of a level or something and I can tell if I like the art design, overall feel of the game, movement and whatnot of the characters. Reading a review does not really expose you to the specifics of the game.

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ExitToExisT2925d ago

my local game magazine reviewed DR2 on their september issue (like 15 days ago) and gave it a 8.2 ... i'm pretty sure they didnt care about the embargo too :D

silver-surfer2925d ago

Embargo's are different fror print and online.

Chris3992925d ago

Don't know what happened (trying to shamelessly court the West too much?), but Capcom have defined "average" this gen.

While reviews don't really mean that much, they are a good indicator of public opinion on a game (public =/= personal though).

Natsu X FairyTail2925d ago

to be fair they havent done much on the xbox360 and ps3.

re5 , dr1 & 2 , sf4 ssf4 , dm4 and thats about it all did pretty good.

lp1-2,bc and dv are the games that sucked.

Quagmire2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I liked Lost Planet, Dark Void and Bionic Commando, but whatever.

Im really hoping Capcom has a new Dino Crisis or Monster Hunter PS3 title planned before gen-end. If not, i will not buy their games anymore.

Also, im willing to give DmC a try, not because of capcom, but for Ninja Theory's sake. Heavenly Sword was mint, and Enslaved looks amazing too.

BigPenguin2924d ago

I loved me some lost planet, and lost planet 2 with friends was super fun. I don't understand the hate towards them by reviewers. I did not play dark void or bionic commando, so I cannot comment.

I also LOVED Dead rising 2: case 0(the little 5 dollar game released a couple weeks ago) and played it I have to imagine 20 hours(got all achievements). I know I will be getting dead rising 2 no matter what, because I cannot imagine it is worse then case 0, it must be even better. I do not understand this 6.5 review.

Pandemic2925d ago

Nice read, I like the layout of the review, much easier.

NLGSean2924d ago

That's it... milk your "own" site with kind words...

Pandemic2924d ago

Lol, all I said was this is a nice site, doesn't make me the owner of the site.

I only just noticed the review and published it...

Stop with the accusations if someone gives positive feedback. :l

Eazy-Eman2925d ago

This is a good review. All in all it's all about personal preference; I loved the first dead rising and I never hated the save system nor the 72 hours, I actually loved it cuz it added more tension and the multiple endings gave me an incentive to go back. I'm really only worried about greenes sluggish movement, is it noticeable? Or does it feel like west?

kevnb2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I loved the first too, others didnt. Im sure I will love the second more than some game the reviewers give 9/10. For example, I didnt like final fantasy 13 at all and would give it a 3/10, am I wrong?

dead_eye2925d ago

People always complain about the save system and I don't understand that. The only thing I didn't like about the first game is that I got stuck on the bombs in the car park mission and that ment I couldn't complete the 72 hours. It would have been fine if I didn't start that misson (or could finish it lol)

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