10 signs you play too many games

If you recognise any or all of these telltale giveaways, it could be time to admit that computer games have got a hold on you. Have you considered knitting instead?

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gamesR4fun2862d ago

at four am ish after playin video games allnight...

Nihilism2861d ago

The story of my life...

* has 2 seconds with nothing to do *

"I know i'll go on N4G....again..."

nix2861d ago

i'm on n4g most of my online time.

i'd go with 4 n 10. "one more time.." oh.. resistance is futile!

WildArmed2861d ago

lmfao agreed.
I actually got off my ps3 last night at 4am..
then roamed N4G till 5am.
was like FUK
Shoulda just played for another hour *sighs*

Atleast on school nights I goto sleep right after 3am (no N4G before bed!--on school nights atleast)

Sarcasm2861d ago

If you're on N4G most of the time, you aren't playing enough games.

WildArmed2861d ago

But some of us have to share our consoles *sighs*
My big bro and lil' bro also have to play sometime..
hence I'm roaming n4g right noa x_x

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TheLastGuardian2861d ago

1 and 10 apply to me especially 10. For the last 2 months I've been staying up til like 4 am and waking up at 4 pm unless I have class that day. I couldn't even get to sleep last nite. I got a new PS3 last nite and played it til 5 AM and tryed to go to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about Playstation move.

The game store I bought my PS3 from had a tv set up with a PS3 and 2 move controllers for customers to play. I am very impressed with what the move can do. 1 controller is fun but 2 move controllers is mind blowing. Archery, Gladiator Duel and Table Tennis are so addictive. I planned on getting my PS3 and rushing home to play it but I ended up staying in the store for like 4 hours playing Sports Champions and Eyepet. I originally planned on waiting for more games to come out before getting the move but now I have to get one ASAP. Move is definitely as precise as everyone says it is and something you have to experience for yourself.

fuckitimout2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

some people watch tv during their free time, some talk on the phone all day, some hang with friends all the time or surf the web everychance they get. My time my hobby my choice. Lol at a reality tv addict telling me I play video games too much

TheDeadMetalhead2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 for me.

...Well damn.

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dangert122861d ago

I've grown out of alot of things this gen and all that concentration has gone into games, sure im not the best or worst but hell if theres a console in the house you wont notice im there until you want to watch the tv or unless your playing with me i get pretty excited and loud playing games on multiplayer...i was playing resistance 2 last night on my surround sound does any else think that game is like a sci fi horror the game demented lol the sounds invisable monsters zombie like aliens running in the hoardes etc still i love it its amazing

Quagmire2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Whenever you see a lone gas tank, you twitch your hands as if believing you can blow it up by shooting at it.

goosepoose2861d ago

or when you photoshop the new dante to look even more gay

A Cupcake for Gabe2861d ago

If you own either the Hannah Montana or Demon's Souls Platinum trophy.

M4I0N32861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

so true...

Nihilism2861d ago

More gay? is that even possible?

omi25p2861d ago

when you buy nearly every game released this year and still cant find anything to play

BkaY2861d ago

i bought almost all of em... havent played half of em... keep going back to warhawk... already put 800 hrs but cant stop playing it... need only 4k to rank up to Lt.COl... maybe after that i will stop playing..

whom i am kiddin... i said that when i ranked up to CAPTAIN... lol


ps: unfinished games.. dead space, alan wake, mass effect 1 and 2, halo 3, need 4 speed most wanted and heaps more.. dont wanna bore you guys with the bis azz list..

fourtwenty20092861d ago

There is no such thing as too much gaming.

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