Square Enix to Push All Three Upcoming Titles for the PSP

Although the 3DS may be known as the newest and greatest handheld system ever, which is saying a lot considering that the system isn’t coming out until next year, it doesn’t seem like momentum for the Sony handheld will stop any time soon. With Square’s heavily-anticipated Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Dissidia 012 on their way, it seems that Nintendo’s product may just have a bit of the competition that it needs.

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Cloudberry2925d ago

I'm quite glad for their PSP games.

And that pic...


Aya Brea in Dissidia 012??? O_o


Lightning's in Aya Brea costume?

Handhelds_FTW2923d ago

It's Lightning in Aya Brea clothing.

And Aya gets Lightning's outfit in The 3rd Birthday.

I personally am very excited for 3rdBday. I hope Squenix is able to release the originals on the PSN.

As well have it as DD for the US release.

2924d ago
2923d ago