Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Fact Sheet Revealed

Konami Digital Entertainment has revealed a new updated fact sheet for their newest production Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

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knifefight2926d ago

Real men call it "Football."

BYE2926d ago

And real women, too.

Soccer moms should be called football moms.

MGRogue20172926d ago

... Don't you mean MILF..? xD

BYE2926d ago

Yes. They can get the ball as soon as it's out.

nix2926d ago

soccer moms. sigh! nice porn. q;

anticooper2926d ago

i really hoped the pes11 demo would be better than the fifa11 demo this year, but sadly its not, but maybe next year the king will return? another year where fifa steals the show. ive been a pes fan for over 14 years but its not that good anymore so i guess ill be getting fifa11 this year. peace:-)

nix2926d ago

i thought PES 11 demo was good. better than the oh-so-casual FIFA11. you have to learn how to play.. practice makes you perfect. i tried FIFA11 demo after PES and found it completely hollow.

Baka-akaB2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

i like both for the first time . PES' changes were great enough to motivate me .

The real surprise was how smooth and fluid fifa 11 , whereas i usually find it dull and soft despite many other qualities .

I might get both , but pes first , fifa 11 impressed me , but seems a tad easy , especially with way to perfect and pitch accurate pass , that you rarely miss , imo . i'm also aint buying the personality + PR crap , you aint playing clones anymore , but its far from matching even each big stars .

anticooper2925d ago

i agree both demos where great, i just feel like fifa got the edge,maybe its because i miss the old pes, pes5 on xbox/ps2 was brilliant so maybe im setting the bar to high when it comes to pes? but im certainly gonna try both when they are released:-)

ryuzu2925d ago

Yeah I liked PES more in these demos. However, no Move support? While I didn't try it, the Wii version of PES seemed pretty interesting so this would've been a great chance to get it on PS3 :/


Baka-akaB2925d ago

I think it's a missed opportunity too , i guess next time . or unless they didnt want the 360 version to be left abandonned

2925d ago