Sony stop sale of current PSP in the Netherlands

Sony computer entertainment benelux sale of the current PlayStation has stopped portable (PSP), in substitution for arriving - renewed - PSP. In most of the shop chains it will be no longer possible this buy hand hero of Sony. The smaller and lighter version of the PSP a recommended retail price of 169 euro and the ' old ' PlayStation portable will will replace.

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Premonition4136d ago

They need to announce the official date for US, cause I need to get one.

ALIEN4136d ago

I agree.

I need to get one 2.

djt234135d ago

I agree.
i am going to sell my old psp before a lot of people know about slim psp
i am going to get easy 100

Premonition4135d ago

Ya I love being that one guy with the new stuff first lol. Its gonna match nicely with the PS3.