PSXExtreme -- Sports Champions Review

PSXExtreme: When comparing the different motion technologies, we often forget that the Wii has never once delivered high-definition anything, so it was sort of a surprise to see the clear, colorful, high-def visuals in Zindagi Games’ production. We’re all just sort of conditioned to expect lesser everything when it comes to motion sensing, you know? And although this game still can’t compete with the full $60 blockbuster productions and there are a few technical drawbacks (I saw some jerking about when the camera moved quickly between moments of action), it’s still pretty clean.

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TheLastGuardian2926d ago

You haven't lived until you've played Archery with 2 move controllers.

rdgneoz32926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Yah, archery with 2 is fun, my favorite of the group pretty much. The table tennis can get intense at times. And with the music part of the review, Wonder if they noticed you could play music off your PS3, adds to the fun when you play some of the harder matches.

garos822926d ago

i discovered it had custom tracks by accident.was busting some iron maiden tunes playing gladiator on hardest. bloody hell you break a sweat

moparful992926d ago

I am absolutely addicted to disc golf.. I play avidly in real life and I am just blown away at how realistic and precise the move set up is.. I wish that Sony was able to get as much hype behind move as microsoft has mustered up for kinect.. Move is a certified hit..

Baba19062926d ago

i would love to do that but i cant find a second controller here. looks like they only shipped a very low number of move controllers to the stores in my city. hope i find one tomorrow.

Ravage272926d ago

i've been hearing lots of praises for the Gladiator game, can't wait to try it out.

Not sure how large the initial shipment is, but the Move Sports Champion bundle is completely sold out in my area after just 3 days. Even Sony Style is taking back orders at the moment...smh


86st Lexington ave has a whole shhhhh load of move bundles and controller j would have bought 1 but I'm broke my 3and a 1/2 year old son loves the eyepet and start the party the way there is a playstation move store on 57st between 5th and 6th ave if you live in NYC you can play all kinds if move games free

plb2926d ago

Do they have the nav controller? I'm on staten island but they are all sold out everywhere here.

NegativeCreepWA2926d ago

I didn't try but a few times but, I couldn't get the archery game to line up right I always had to aim higher and to the right.

aceitman2926d ago

my arms are sore from playing gladiators . and the archery game is so fun with 2 controllers

redfirm2926d ago

i tryed to give you a bubble with my move controller...doesnt work...time for me to get back to my playstation.

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gta_manic2926d ago

Thats my Ping pong record, and i can't put the thing down. Had some real fun with a 60 hit rally.

diatom2926d ago

Move is accurate as I suck in ping pong in real life too.

Archery is fun, but gladiator combat kicks ass....

NegativeCreepWA2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Gladiator is the shit, I get all pumped playing. Find myself pacing after a match, as if I'm taunting my fallen foe. I almost want to get two more controllers so I can kick my friends ass.

Cant wait to try the fight now.

Wish it had online play thats my only gripe with it.

talltony2926d ago

do you need 2 move controllers to play sports champions properly? how does it work with just one?

NegativeCreepWA2926d ago

I've never tried with just one but every game on it can be used with one.

If you use one in Gladiator you need to hold the trigger to move your shied around, if you use two you can use your sword and shield at the same time. I would advise getting two for the best experience.

LF912926d ago

i love gladiators too, i only play it with one move but it still works great and is easy to switch from sword to shield. i wish there was online aswell, they could set up table tennis tournaments and all sorts. could they add online through dlc?

akiraburn2925d ago

Hahaha, I've been doing the same thing Scar. I mean, I discovered the jump attack on accident because I was so proud of knocking a dude down, that I started jumping up and aiming the Move controllers into the ground, screaming "Finish Him!!! Execution!!!!". To my dismay, I could not execute my opponents, haha.

But yeah, I've been really enjoying the games on there, and like you said, the only actual downside I can think of, is that there is no online component (and @LF91, yeah they could technically even add more games, as well as an online component through patches or DLC). Other than that, it's a blast to play and surprisingly accurate. I hope they end up making another Sports Champions with a lot of new unexpected games.

@Talltony, some of the games, like Disc Golf, Table Tennis, and Bocce only use one controller by default (unless you're playing with two players). Gladiator and Archery you can use one or two controllers with, but the more authentic and experience I have found will come from using two controllers.

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