Gran Turismo 5: Gameplay Bug and New Toscana Footage

Two brand new videos of Sonys Gran Turismo 5 shows the texture bug in a longer version and gameplay footage from the toscana track.

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Pandemic2929d ago

Of course, it's VideoGamesZone...... Popups ahoy

gamesR4fun2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

try adblock plus n noscripts n never see another pop up you dont want to again XD

seriously how those this site keep getting approved with this ol vid... its been done to death we all know its got a few bugs we're all hoping it will b perfect when it hits. Whats more most of us will buy it even if it isnt i mean really what game nowdays is shipped 100% bug free.

ndibu2929d ago

Come on, get delayed again. Internet would explode

MaximusPrime2929d ago

Well there are more news with GT5 videos than GT5 videos with bugs.

This is the second "news" I've seen in a year.

So this will not put people off getting the king of simulator, Gran Turismo.

PhilipLarkin2929d ago

Great. Hey everyone - LET'S ARGUE OVER NOTHING! You can claim that GT5 is the worst game ever due to horrible bugs, and I can claim that somehow bugs prove GT5 is the most bestest game ever!

gamesR4fun2929d ago

"I can claim that somehow bugs prove GT5 is the most bestest game ever!"

lol its just a game calm down breath its ok gt5 is gonna be epic we all know it this is just a 2bit site fishing for hits...

PhilipLarkin2929d ago

I'm not trying to prove that point, I'm trying to prove that GT5 fanboys and GT5 haters just find any excuse to flame and rant at each other - the soomer the game comes out and everyone stops fighting about it the better.

gamesR4fun2928d ago

trolls troll its what they do hate

i was just makin fun of your comment cause it was a bit off no bad tho

cant wait for this game to come out

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