Why The Medal of Honor ‘Controversy’ is Nothing But ‘Overhyped’ BS

OXCGN: Recently, there have been stories regarding the upcoming Medal of Honor, and how it’s causing “controversy” within the general media, and the mom and dad brigade and anti-game people out-n-about the United States.

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Belgavion2859d ago

Controversy breeds sales, at least. I agree it's silly, but it is an easy target.

Proeliator2859d ago

True. Remember those fake Dante's Inferno protests that EA had staged? Pure publicity.

TrailerParkSupervisr2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Where the hell were the protests when you could play as a NAZI against American soldiers? Al Queda have done their killing, sure, but Nazis have done a lot more of it and on a grander scale.

Proeliator2859d ago

Based on the logic of the media, it's different because the people who fought are dead.

Because that makes perfect sense, because it's obviously so correct.


Godem2859d ago

I'll still be buying it... Very interested to see it compared to COD

Proeliator2859d ago

I beta tested the game, and I fell in love with it. It's like a spiritual successor to Battlefield 2.

jeeves862858d ago

They could have called the opposing faction anything other than the Taliban and it would have been fine.

The difference between playing in MoH and playing as Russians or Nazis or Japanese is that there are still soldiers right now losing their lives at the hands of this terrorist group. There will be lives lost tomorrow and so on. It's NATURAL that there would be controversy over it. The soldiers that fought and died of conflicts past are...mostly long gone. Imagine losing your brother or sister or some other loved-one in this conflict--then imagine turning on the game and convincing yourself that it's just a game. To some people, the phrase "it's just a game," and the implication that it's supposed to be fun is the biggest insult you could ever give.

The devs here would be incredibly naive if they thought that this was just going to be taken lightly. Odds are, it's exactly what they were expecting, and exactly what they wanted. Enjoy this controversy, cause it's gonna sell a shit-load of games.