Saturday Saturn Fan: Radiant Silvergun

Pat Floyd writes: "In 2011, Radiant Silvergun will find a wider audience on Xbox Live Arcade. I don't know what people will think. With a decade of heavy praise heaped on its back, the game may not stand up to modern players' expectations, but there is one thing I do know: in the hearts of Saturn fans, Radiant Silvergun will always be one of the system's crown jewels. Those who loved it will never forget their nostalgic memories."

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ndibu2928d ago

Sure, you may say I'm instigating just that type of behaviour and that I'm being counter-productive and self defeating. You may say that.
And I may say that you're a poopy pants. Yep. And you are

emerald_rocker2928d ago

This is not a Kinect game... will just be a regular XBLA release in 2011.