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Matt Sims wrote: "Halo: Reach may very well be the most anticipated Xbox 360 game of all time, and that is not without a good reason. This prequel to the Halo trilogy was the last game developed by Bungie Studios, the creator of Halo, before they handed the reins over to 343 Industries. Halo: Reach details the last days of a group of Spartans known as Noble Team as they attempt to save the planet Reach from a seemingly endless stream of Covenant aliens. Anyone familiar with Halo lore knows that it does not end well for Noble Team or the planet Reach."

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Marcus Fenix2890d ago

this is my personal GOTY so far, followed by RDR.

DelbertGrady2890d ago

Mine as well. RDR's singleplayer was better but Halo: Reach's multiplayer is something else.

Now do your duty and click the disagree button, PS3 trolls.

TheGamerGeek2890d ago

I'm not a fan of Halo but Matt really sold me on this game.

Invadersims2890d ago

When you pick it up we have to play Jay.

TheGamerGeek2890d ago

You'd probably have around 20 more kills than me but I'd love to! :P

KinivingReviving2890d ago

I love this game. Great review

RagingCajun2890d ago

Great game and a very good review. Playing this game right now actually :P

Legacy_Killa2890d ago

If this game 10 out of 10 that mean the graphics is perfect lol bulshit.Even god of war 3, heavey rain and gears of war 2 did'nt get a perfect score for graphics or gameplay. I hate when hype makes games higher then they are suppose to be. Don't get me wrong halo not a shit game but it damn sure not a perfect game.

Keith Olbermann2890d ago

u should not pay attention to game reviews.

RedPawn2890d ago

Remember some reviewers grade games on their general merits, and personal enjoyment.

I understand what your saying but in the end what did you think?

You have to play the game for its worth, before you deconstruct it.

You have a better chance of pointing out your negatives to justfy your argument.

RememberThe3572890d ago

But we don't exist in a vacuum. There are other games to play and many people use reviews to filter out the good from the bad; we can play every single game that comes out.

RedPawn2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I know we can play every single game that comes out. Killa really just wants reviewers to tell the truth about REACH. He knows the game play is good, he's not denying the fact.

I really think it's not even about who wins GOTY. He just wants to know why there are no technical points taken off this game, when other companies get put through the ringer for going beyond gaming limits.

Overall his opinion counts more than ours, and reveiwers have sullied this GEN completely. These sad individuals are too scared to give a slightly advertised IP anything lower than a 7. Unless it's a game that was never promoted in the first place.

Overall good convoy, and thanks for answering like a scholar.

Who ever +1 me thanks, I'm not here to start trouble, just trying to understand the community better.

OH sorry for the EDIT.


RememberThe3572890d ago

I meant to say we "can't". That kind of throws off my whole comment, sorry about that.

Frankly I don't even read game reviews beyond Game Informer. I got on Game Fly or Amazon and read user reviews. Most of the time I know what I want to play before reviews even come out about the game.

Some people like reviews to be personal and others like them to be technical. If it's personal, I prefer Kotaku's format of list what you liked and didn't like. But if your going to attach a numerical value to a game the review should be technical.

Arnon2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Crysis looks nicer than God of War 3 and every other console game. I guess that means no game deserves to receive a 10 on a console, since you believe graphics are the defining factor of a perfect 10?

poopface12890d ago

I seem to see a bunch of butthurt fanboys in every good review of reach.

The game is great and could easily get a 10 outa 10.

Looks like to only people complaining are people who dont have a 360.

Dance2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

i would put this game up against any ps3 exclusive in terms of graphics as reach to me has that wow factor that those games do not. the sheer size of the enviroments and the huge battles, which are unlike anything seen on a console to date

Invadersims2889d ago

Ok, let me explain what a 10 means to me. It doesn't mean that a game is perfect because that is an impossible task. It just means that I got enough enjoyment out of the game to say that it was worthy of the highest rating, but it is by no means perfect.

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