Paramount Responds To The $150 Million For Exclusive HD DVD Support Rumor

Gizmodo contacted Paramount about the rumor that the HD DVD camp paid them $150 million for exclusive studio support. Hit the link for the response.

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power of Green 4081d ago

I agree with one of the comments made in the site this is from, who da fuc cares who payed who and what.

This is borderline spam but is usful to Some i guess.

Way to keep this the buzz going its helping HD-DVD. Great work. J/K

fenderputty4081d ago

then what does that make your reply. I've noticed you've posted in each and every one of the HD-DVD/paramount threads.

cr33ping_death4081d ago

power of green defender of hd dvd. if not the first than the second to post. hhhhmmmm im guessing you bought the hd dvd add on for the i right? come on you can tell us. lol

Foliage4081d ago

I don't think PoG is that dumb.

Xbox is the BEST4081d ago

in the real world standalones will win the format war. PS3 helping BR the sales should be 10 to 1 with the 100K standalone Blu Ray players that BDA claims that they sold, but it's only a 2 to 1 lead. Then Sony using propaganda claiming the consumers have decided when in reality it's the fanboys that are helping Sony. The world is not filled with fan boys.

Demon19804081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Yeah, of course they do. But Blu-ray is still selling more movies and when the standalone blu ray players go down in money eventually Hd-Dvd won't be able to buy support because of the money the movie companies will be losing.

Disagree with me all u want u d!pSh!ts it's true.

BIadestarX4081d ago

Haha.. sure as if Sony didnt give their supporting studio... insentives... those that didnt get insentives are currently supporting both formats.

bootsielon4081d ago

It's called installed base. That's movie and game formats 101 for you.

Bloodmask4081d ago

bc it is cheaper for them to produce. And overall consumers that buy DVD players choose HDDVD.

HDDVD offers more features than Bluray and the disks for HDDVD will now be 51 Gigs. HDDVD is also a benefit to movie producers bc HDDVDs can be stamped on regular DVD lines with minimal upgrades.

Sony introduced Bluray onto the market a year after HDDVD. If Sony would not have been so greedy there would already be a new "standard" being HDDVD. Initially Sony and Toshiba were supposed to split the royalties of this new media.

They were in a joint venture together with the Bluray laser technology as well as the cell processor. Sony just wanted all the money for themselves.

Sony knew that HDDVD had a huge head start in the market and would also be far cheaper than Bluray. So they decided to use the PS3 fanbase to force their media into the market.

So in the end all consumers suffer.

bym051d4081d ago

24k gold disks might be cheaper if you subsidize them by $150M.

synetic4081d ago

the current hd dvd players dont support the 51 GB discs so what is you point now ?

LoydX-mas4081d ago

I know that the current series of HD-DVD players don't support 3 layer, but the 3rd gen Tosh players are coming out in October and they just might.

Gizmo_Logix4081d ago

Could you please do your research before you post. 51GB aren't even possible since they are having trouble reaching the theoretical limit.

That's like Blu-ray trying to get 33GB or 66GB, which is their theoretical limit for the blu-ray spec.

Adamalicious4081d ago

No. You are completely wrong.

Check it:

Both formats are pretty well standardized by now. The likely hood of the triple-layer HD-DVD ever being really used is basically nil - it's not compatible with existing hardware, heads up for you 360 + HD-DVD owners.

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ktchong4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Dropping $50 mil to Rockstar for a couple of GTA4 episodes is a waste of money.

Dropping $150 mil to Paramount/Dreamworks to deliver the biggest blow to Blu-ray... priceless.

Take note, Microsoft.

Adamalicious4081d ago

You know that Microsoft is part of the group that supposedly put up this money right?

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