Bungie flipping the switch on Halo: Reach campaign matchmaking in October

Ex: When Halo: Reach released to the Xbox 360 last week, over 700,000 players jumped onto Xbox LIVE at the time to play the game online. One curious omission was the matchmaking for co-op campaign but Bungie explains that there is a reason for that and that it will be coming in the near future.

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TrevorPhillips2774d ago

Well Done Bungie :D

Looking forward to the updates, game typed and forge maps

Queasy2774d ago

All the different playlists is already pretty impressive despite them saying they would "keep it tight".

Not sure if I'd want to play co-op campaign with a stranger anyway though.

-Alpha2774d ago

The reason they said I think was so that the story doesn't get spoiled by random douches or something.

Can't wait for what they have, truly is one of the best MP experiences I've had. Just got done a 5 hour (yes, 5) session with a couch friend and it's things like that that make Halo so adored. By far the best social multiplayer game, I'm going to have fond memories of this game.

WildArmed2774d ago

Honestly, I'mma big fan of co-op.. (no matter what it may be!)
I LOVED fire fightp[no matching-making :(] and firefight 2.0(WITH matchmaking!!)..
Gears 2 Horde mode!
And everyone who is on my PSN friends list has probably seen me on nothing but WKC this past year.. playing online co-op.

So, this is a welcomed feature!
When I pick up Halo Reach, this will be the second thing I get into..
(first being FIREFIGHT 2.0!! lol sorry I'm a big firefight fan.. after playing it @ my friends I can't get over how fun it was)

-Alpha2774d ago

Yeah, SKV has downed like 500 hours into WKC O_o

princejb1342773d ago

im glad everyone enjoying reach so much
even though i hate halo its great to see the series itself is still as strong as ever

Tapey2774d ago Show
Redrum0592774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

stop your trolling Tapey

sack_boi2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Yesterday, when I logged on there were more than 800,000 people playing the game at the same time. It didn't beat Modern Warfare 2's 1,000,000 but it's still impressive.

ndibu2774d ago

When last did killzone have more than 12 people online? Lets not even get started with MAG, a game thats reliant on online! Whats the point of 256 people on one map when yet can't 9 people online?

WildArmed2774d ago

While I know you are trying to counter a ps3 fanboy.. lets not stoop to becoming a troll yourself..
12ppl? 9ppl?
seriously -.-

ReservoirDog3162774d ago

It's nice to see someone mature here.


And 4.1, reported.

Sitris2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

but according to the killzone website, more than 12,000 people logged on to play killzone in the last 24 hours. Definately more than 12. Considering you only need 30 people to have a full match, sounds enough for me!

Quit your trolling.

Edit: Forgot to keep it on topic, Halo: Reach is doing fantastic, and as many people have said if this was multiplat then Cod would not have sold more. Even though i am a PS3 guy, this game makes me jump with excitement, i loved going through this game in co-op, far more than i did H3, this games has a fantastic community.

Edit2: @HDgamer was that aimed at me? Cause that troll above stated incorrect facts, i was just correcting him.

HDgamer2774d ago

Why do you have to mention ps3 in any type of 360 news?

skrug2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )


and im waiting for a game on 360 that can even support 256 players online.

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darkequitus2774d ago

Over 3 million unique users in the last 24 hrs on Reach

LoveMyKids2774d ago

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Halo franchise. The universe is extensive and the storytelling is fantastic, but the gameplay is also extremely linear and the graphics always seem behind the curve. Still, I've picked up every Halo game on launch day and played the hell out of it in the months to follow. For me, it's about the experience Bungie works so diligently to create, the epic nature of the story, and the hype and fan culture surrounding Halo games. Halo games are an event, and Halo: Reach has been the greatest thus far.

FragMnTagM2773d ago

Since when? If you mean objective wise, well then yes. As far as gameplay, heck no. You can attack from many different angles in many different ways with vehicles or on foot in huge expansive areas. Hardly linear.

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