30° Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Preview and Multiplayer Gameplay

With Tommaso Pugliese, we discover the characteristics of the new demo of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit shown during the Electronic Arts event that has preceded the opening of Tokyo Game Show 2010.

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Pandemic2739d ago

Multiplayer is looking pretty good, horrible driver though..

MGRogue20172739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Ahhh man.. It's already a must-buy for me.

I Played Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2 so much during my childhood, you see.. And seeing this footage brings back memories for me.. :)

Plus, It just looks so damn amazing looking with all the motion blur & shaky-cam.. Extremely polished looking.

Quagmire2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

This game may not look as good as GT5, but damn if it isnt more fun to play!