Gamespot: Little Big Planet 2 TGS 2010 Gameplay Movie 2

Check out more Little Big Planet 2 gameplay from Tokyo Game Show 2010!

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Bigpappy2679d ago

Simplifies the gameplay in a way that makes it move approachable than using the DS3. This might even attract some casuals in the way Mario did.

morganfell2679d ago

Agreed. Add to that the fact this game is so powerful. The developers remarked how the testers not only used the tools to create new games but one tester used the tools to create new development tools. All within the span of the game itself. Amazing.

LBP2 is essentially dev kit software for the PS3 and is going to lead to some remarkable full featured games of varying types...and all free.

PS3-2472679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

this the 1st time I seen you say something good about the Move. Buy a PS3 and test it. It's really fun.

ReservoirDog3162679d ago

Yeah this game's the reason I'm getting the Move. Not now but probably after this is out.

Electronicpart2679d ago

you should go and get it so you can get used to where the O X , Square and Circle are located .
BTW Sports Champions is fun

ReservoirDog3162679d ago

Haha, between birthdays and saving for Christmas, I can't afford it at the moment. But I will get it the first second I can.

raztad2679d ago

I dont quite understand how MOVE works in this game.

Is the sackgirl following the pointer automatically? is the nav controller being used?

ReservoirDog3162679d ago

Nav is being used I think. But you can point at the screen and manipulate the environment. The pink material I'm sure.

Adds to the gameplay.

morganfell2679d ago

They are using the Nav. If you have played with Ruse, using the Nav with the Move means you can move faster around the battlefield than any KB/M.

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MGRogue20172679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Wow.. It's got such a silky smooth frame rate.. I'm guessing 30-40fps.. maybe even closer to 60fps.

Media Molecule are putting those SPEs to good use more than ever before, I see.

Sweet. :P

Darkiewonder2679d ago

first game was locked at 30fps. and this game will too. Beta idk if it's lock because it's like 30-35fps with some occasional drops.

raztad2679d ago

Some credit is due to Santa Monica. They are helping MM with the hard stuff as MLAA, lightning and Depth of Field.

Close_Second2679d ago

...have been hanging out for this ever since it was announced. We picked up two Move controllers on release day so we're set for some family gaming heaven!

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Kappa Mikey2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

have any of you guys have been invited to join the US beta.
Wasn't it starting on the 14th??

morganfell2679d ago

We were told the first wave of the beta was restricted to hardcore level builders of LBP1.

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The story is too old to be commented.